December Update — Monkoto’s Translations

Hiyo~ I’m not dead, just a lot busier than I expected. I’m 120% completely recovered! Thank you everyone for the support you showed! The next chapter is actually already translated, but I had zero time to actually edit it into somewhat acceptable English. I’m a bit of a stickler putting up unedited stuff, regardless of […]

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Ryuugoroshi Ch27 is OUT!!

Monkoto's Translations


This one drove me a bit insane. Even though it was the shortest chapter yet there was so much dialogue and the way those certain characters spoke constantly shifted so I had to streamline it a bit to make them consistent. Let me know if you guys like or hate how I translated their speeches~

ALSO! Should I write up a glossary? There are a lot of characters, places and terms that’s becoming a bit difficult to recall for you guys right? Let me know if that sounds like a good idea for you all~


Ryuugoroshi Ch27


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Ryuugoroshi Ch26 is OUT!! + Me blabbing

Monkoto's Translations


I’m not dead guys! HONEST! Normally, I would put up the link before ranting but this is something I would like you all to read.

Good news: I’ll be picking up Manuke FPS (If no upset crops up, like someone else taking it), however, I will not be doing so immediately. As I stated a long, long time ago, I intend to finish RnS as it is my first primary translation work. Also, I’m still hospitalized so it’s a bit difficult to do both.

Bad news: Originally, I should have been discharged around mid-November. Unfortunately, I may be stuck here for a bit longer, but it shouldn’t extend into December. Therefore, my translation speed will be ‘meh’, around one chapter a week, if lucky two.

The following is a rant so you can read or ignore, up to you!


Ryuugoroshi Ch 26 (2 more chapters and it’s halfway done!)

Rant: I…

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Ryuugoroshi Ch25 is OUT!! And an announcement!!

Monkoto's Translations


It’s unedited so beware~ Enjoy!

Chapter 25

Good news! So “My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess” is being done over at and after discussing things with the current TL, we agreed with me being the editor and TL checker =D

Currently, it looks like it’ll be one chapter every week or every other week depending on his schedule so it’s nothing super difficult to maintain. It’ll have ZERO impact on my speed so no worries about it slowing my current work!

Speaking of my current work, I want to pick up another web novel to translate and after browsing through many dropped projects I whittled it down to:

I’m a NEET but When I Went to Hello Work I Got Taken to Another World (WN)


Manuke FPS

For both cases the status of the translator is unknown and were MIA for a prolonged…

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Ryuugoroshi Ch24 is OUT!!

Monkoto's Translations


I managed to get this done in the small times I had.

Recovery is going really well, I should be out before the end of the year, with the fastest being the end of this month. I can also use my laptop as much as I want after dinner during weekdays! As long as I can wake up for breakfast and morning conditioning regularly~ (Still though, it’s only around 5-6hrs max each night, I’m still restricted during the weekends)

I’ll do another post in the near future for an announcement, no worries, good news only!

Without further ado ENJOY!


Chapter 24

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