Hello everyone, I’m Xant. You may know me from Lazy9 and Kansutoppu.

After some talking with Hajiko, I’m now doing the editing for some of his work.

Glad to meet all of you, let’s try to get along.

I was supposed to edit and make a note on his last chapter post, but I decided to make my own to not only get my name out there to you guys, but also to let everyone know that the chapter will be edited within a couple days. There is a lot of text to sift through.

I should be editing his future chapters for Ryuugoroshi no Sugosu Hibi, so look forward to it!


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6 Responses to Announcement~

  1. Kensei Seraph says:

    I’ve found your editing on Kansutoppu to be pretty good.


  2. xantbos says:

    Thanks for that! Glad to see a face I know


  3. Kensei Seraph says:

    Oh I’m sure Life will stop by at some point. 😛


  4. Irina_Akashira says:

    Certainly, I’ve listened your name from Lazy9

    Thank you very much for your fututre work

    Pd: Some idea about the future release Frequency?


  5. Irina_Akashira says:

    I just realized

    You are the same XANTBOS that the Lazy9’s blog right? In this case sorry for my previous message, my mistake


  6. xantbos says:

    Haha no problem. Hope you enjoy this series as well 🙂


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