Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi V1 Chapter 2 – My Friend Is A Witch [Part 2]

Hajiko: Here is the second part of chapter 2. After some checking I will change the name of the witch Erisu to Alice. Also I have to drop my translation speed since I´m in my exam time again -.-‘ but I will try to translate when I have time between the exams. So then enjoy

Xant: Every person I work with seems to suddenly need to slow down. Am I a curse? ;-;

Chapter 2 – My Friend Is A Witch [Part 2]

Seeing Horun sleep while sitting, Kosuke thought she would have a rough time getting proper rest. He moved her head silently to his lap.
(TN: Lap pillow reverse^^)

“She should be able to sleep more comfortably now. I thought she was pretty tough, but it seems like she was just pushing herself. I owe her a lot for her kindness. This lap pillow I’m giving her doesn’t make us even, but I think it’s the thought that counts.”

Kosuke muttered silently, fearing that he would wake her up.

Kosuke lied down flat on the ground and looked at the sky though the gaps between the branches. Although Kosuke had never seen such a beautiful night sky, he unfortunately wasn’t in the mood to appreciate this splendid view.
000 (15)
“But really, where am I? While I can’t exclude the possibility that this is another world, there couldn’t be such a coincidence, right? I can only hope that this is an unknown place on Earth and I somehow ended up here. Although I wouldn’t enjoy that either, it’s better than being transported into another world.”
(TN: Sorry Kosuke but you are in another world.)

Kosuke let out a long sigh.

“It seems this girl has a problem, otherwise we probably would have gone into the village for lodging…where would someone who can’t enter a village go instead? I’m afraid it’ll be somewhere dangerous. But right now I can only rely on this girl in front of me. She doesn’t seem like a person with bad intentions, and travelling with her isn’t unpleasant either.”

Then Kosuke let out another sigh.

“And it seems my body got a bit strange since coming here. There is no way I have this much strength or stamina. Walking continuously for several hours is possible, but how come I don’t even feel the slightest bit tired? Can anyone explain why my body is like this?”

Kosuke felt depressed.

But naturally no one responded. He didn’t expect an answer anyway.

After Kosuke released his pent up stress he fell asleep and his breathing levelled out.

While asleep, Kosuke’s closed eye shed a tear.

The intense anxiety and confusion had him unconsciously shedding a tear.

Horun woke up about 2 hours after the fire went out. The temperature had dropped considerably.

Immediately after Horun woke up she noticed that she was on Kosuke’s lap.

“Did he…cry?”

Her original intention was to thank Kosuke, but looking at his face she discovered tears.

“Do you also have some problems?” muttered Horun while stroking his head.

The two were completely defenseless right now, any monster that approached would have a meal out of them. But none came at them.

It was not like they feared the fire, the reason was a object that they carried.

Those monsters didn’t have the courage to go near a place which had the smell of a dragon.

Only humans are unable distinguish dangerous creatures through smell, but fortunately this area didn’t have bandits.

So the souvenir also became a talisman which protected those two.

On the fourth day after descending from the mountain, they had reached the house of the witch Alice by noon.

Although Kosuke looked quite dirty, he showed no sign of fatigue.

On the other hand, Horun was in an extremely exhausted state.

In order to avoid other people, they didn’t use the road but walked through the forest.

Plus the shoes that she wore were not suited for walking but were rather fancy shoes.

Even though Kosuke proposed that he would carry her with a gesture, since they weren’t able to communicate with each other Horun never nodded.

In actuality, Horun never accepted it because it would be too embarrassing for her and she didn’t want to show the younger boy her worthless side.

Horun knocked on the door, but nobody responded.

She didn’t give up and continued to knock several times. One could suddenly hear someone moving in the house.

Shortly after that, loud footsteps came from behind the door.

“That’s annoying! Who is it?”

From the open door, a woman of about 25 years old came out.

Her black hair was messy and uncombed, her eyes which were usually full of intellect were rather bland right now, and at a glance it seems her clothes were just thrown on.

Her rough attitude made her appear unapproachable, but she had beautiful facial features. If she worked a bit on her appearance and attitude, she would transform into a stunner.

After hearing the footsteps, Horun had immediately stepped back.

“We haven’t seen each other for 15 days, Alice.”

Alice looked stunned at the smiling Horun, but her attitude instantly disappeared and her face relaxed.

“… Horun? How come…why are you here?”

“Where else would I go besides here?”

“You escaped?”

“My life was saved.”

Listening to Horun, Alice had a confused expression.

“Your life was saved? Well whatever, it’s great that you’re safe and sound! Now that I take a closer look at you, you seem to be in bad shape. Come in!”

“Thank you. I knew Alice wouldn’t drive me away, Kosuke.”

Horun turned around at the confused Kosuke who wasn’t able to understand anything which was said just now, and he walked forward.

After seeing Horun waving, Alice just noticed Kosuke’s existence.

“Who is that?”

“My savior.”

Hearing this from Horun, Alice woke up immediately. She couldn’t help but stare at him.

Being looked at like he was being observed, Kosuke felt uncomfortable.

He could feel a fearsome aura from her.

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