Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi V1 Chapter 2 – My Friend Is A Witch [Part 3]

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Chapter 2 – My Friend Is A Witch [Part 3]

“You, come in as well. We’ll talk inside.”

“Kosuke doesn’t understand our language.”

“Is that so? Then how did you two decide to come here together?”

“With hand gestures.”

“To be able to travel here using only that kind of method, not bad.”

“It was a bit challenging, but he’s not a bad child.”

“Child, huh? Well at best he is about fourteen years old, so I guess to you who’s only nineteen he would be like a child.”

Kosuke looked like an average seventeen year old teen in the eyes of a Japanese person, but to Horun he looked much younger.

It’s this way for most of the Japanese, they look younger than they actually are to most Europeans and Americans.

However, standing in the front of the door was not an option so they accepted the invitation and went inside the house.

“The house got quite dirty…”

That was the first sentence Horun said after stepping into the house.

What she said was the truth. However the house wasn’t covered in trash, rather there were things chaotically scattered everywhere.

Kosuke was shocked as he walked in since he thought a burglar had hit the place recently.

When Horun had visited 15 days ago the house was still clean. It wasn’t like Alice didn’t know how to clean.

She had built up a lot of frustration and anger due to not being able to protect Horun and this mess was the aftermath of her venting it all. She had just left it laying around.

“…it’s ok.”

“Wait a moment. I will clean it up.”

“No, that’s unnecessary. I’ll have it all cleaned up upon Borudosu’s return.”

“We will probably be staying here for a while, so let me help.”

“Is…that so? Then I’ll accept.”

The three of them avoided the things scattered around and went to the living room.

After Alice had taken out the tea and snacks, Horun and Kosuke were relieved to eat warm food. They didn’t have any cookware while travelling.

Warmth spread inside of them, ‘This is what civilized people should eat.’ thought Kosuke.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

“Before explaining everything, can you use interpreter magic? If I remember right you can use it, correct?”

“Ah, yes we should definitely do that.”

Alice stood up and walked over to Kosuke.

Stretching out her index finger to Kosuke’s forehead, she began to use magic.

Horun held Kosuke’s hand when he appeared to be feeling unsure and smiled to calm him down.

Kosuke uneasiness was swept away by Horun’s smile and he sat there obediently. A warm feeling suddenly flowed inside of his head.

“So that should do it. Can you understand what I’m saying?”

“I understand…I understand what you are saying!”

Horun smiled at Kosuke who was jumping around and saying “I can understand you!”.

Alice who couldn’t stand it hit him on his head.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because of your jumping the dust is flying around now. What will you do if the dust gets in the tea?”

“I’m sorry.”

Kosuke was frightened by Alice’s sharp eyes and immediately apologized.

“Just this extent is enough to scare you…are you really the Dragonslayer?”

“The Black Dragon is definitely dead and Kosuke was next to it. Also, not only was the Dragon injured but Kosuke as well. The best evidence is that I and the country are still safe. On top of that, here are some scales.”

Horun put the scales on the table.

“Those are the scales of that monster?”


“Can I touch it?”

“Feel free. Originally I wanted to present them to you.”

Alice picked out one of the scales.

It was a black scale about 10 cm long, 6cm wide, and 3cm thick.

After checking that the color and sharpness matched the scales of the dragon in her memories, she tapped on it to check the hardness and then she used fire which came from her fingertip to try and burn it.

Seeing that the scale didn’t react in any way, Alice threw it onto the table.

“It seems like it really is a scale from that terrible monster. If it wasn’t dead, you wouldn’t have so many of these scales. Your name was Kosuke, right? Can you tell me how you killed the dragon?”

“I don’t know how to explain it since I don’t know what happened. So that black thing which was lying next to me was a dragon?”

Kosuke who was ignorant about the situation could only answer like that.

Upon hearing that Horun and Alice looked at each other.

The Black Dragon is a famous existence for the residents of this country.

Even if one hadn’t seen it personally, one would have heard about its appearance.

That was the one and only Black scaled Dragon in the world, how is it possible that someone doesn’t know about it?

“It seems like we came to a conclusion prematurely. We should start from scratch since we can communicate properly now. You said your name was Kosuke, right?”

Kosuke nodded.

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