Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi V1 Chapter 2 – My Friend Is A Witch [Part 4]

Hajiko: Here is the last part of chapter 2. Since I still have 3/4 of the exam to take till end March I will try to release one part per week when will depend on when I wrote the last exam of that week. Ah right since Chapter 3 is also quite long I will divide it into 6 parts and the chapter title will be: The sudden birth of a superman.

Hajiko edit: Sorry small mistake with the next title it is: The Reason for the Sudden Birth of a Superman


Xant: I have been swamped with work and pain. Stomach pains like no other brought on by cola balls. Big things on the horizon though. Big things

Xant: We will only be using honorifics such as ‘san’, ‘dono’, ‘sensei’, etc where it is necessary or required for a scene to make sense. Personally, I don’t think they belong in a translated novel since English uses totally different words to express the same idea. Granted, Japanese is more flexible regarding such addressing terms (ex: sensei vs shisou can’t be expressed the same way in English) but even so I will do my best to make sure this novel is still endearing and a pleasurable read. Case in point is Miss Alice vs Alice-san, where Miss Alice sounds extremely natural.

Chapter 2 – My Friend Is A Witch [Part 4]

“My name is Eliciel, my friends call me Alice. You can call me by whichever name you want.”

This was the first time Alice let someone call her by her nickname after their first meeting. She didn’t know why she allowed it this time either.

“Then let me call you Miss Alice.”

Alice nodded.

“My name is Horun. Horun Kosuberu Sutorachi. Finally I can introduce myself formally.”

“I’m Watase Kosuke. Watase is my surname and Kosuke is my name. Thank you for your help on our journey.”

“No, you don’t need to thank me. Rather I should be thanking you. But anyways, if your surname is in front of your name could you possibly be from the Niexinge continent? There are some countries on that continent where the people have their surname in front of their name just like you.” (TN: will change the name after I found what the name is in the japanese version.)

“My native country is a place called Japan.”

After hearing the name of the continent, Kosuke was sure that he came to another world.

He already had an inkling of doubt that he was still on Earth, but hearing this confirmed his worries and he became frustrated.

Horun and Alice had never heard of a country named Japan before.

“What kind of country is that? Can you tell me about it, perhaps I will remember something.”

Although Kosuke had already came to a conclusion, perhaps there was someone like him in the past who came to this world so he told them about Japan.

…But even after Kosuke told them about Japan, neither could think about any country which suited that description.

“Vertically shaped island that experiences four seasons, next to it is the mainland, it boasts high security, and it has a high standing in the world. If we are talking about an island country, my first thought was the Lielie Island, but that country is not known by that name.”

“Could Japan be a name that only the inhabitants call the island?”

“Even if it was like that, there isn’t another country that fits the conditions. Maybe…”

Alice suddenly came up with an idea.

To test her hypothesis she asked Kosuke a question.

“Sai Fuxi Ke, Kaer Huode, Aisen Biya and Henie Xinge.  Do you remember something?”


“A Leilu, Pula Le, Tie Lisidun. How about that?”

Horun couldn’t help but to be astonished.

The 3 names which Alice had just spoken were the higher Gods of this world.

Even a child should have heard of those names in their bedtime stories.

It’s impossible for someone to be unaware of those names.

From Kosuke’s answer, she became sure of something.

“It seems like Kosuke is a ‘World-Traveler’”

Feeling unfamiliar with this word, Horun tilted her head while Kosuke could roughly understand what it meant.

Alice remembered a book she had read in the past, and she explained it to Kosuke.

“A ‘World-Traveler’ refers to a person that came from another world. The legends say that there have been two of them in the past. They had knowledge and skills unknown to us which brought either prosper or chaos. So with this in mind, it’s natural that we didn’t understand Kosuke before since he was using a language which isn’t in our world. That also explains why he didn’t know the names of the continents or the Gods since they are words from our world.”

“Those two people that you mentioned, did they return to their original world?”

“It seems that they spent the rest of their lives here in this world.”

“…Is there no way back?” (TN: Poor Kosuke)

“Unfortunately that’s not something I would know.”

Alice had an apologetic expression while looking at Kosuke.

“Since this world has magic, could there possibly be something like Return magic?”

“Even with the vast knowledge of magic that I have, I sadly have never heard of magic that can send a person into another world…”

“Alice is a famous magic user, known in the whole continent. If she doesn’t know about it, there is probably no magic which can send you back.”

“Uh…could there possibly be another way?”

Kosuke had a helpless expression on his face while he lowered his head to the two women.

“I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do.”

“I’m sorry.” Kosuke gave up and became dejected.

If he had cried now, Alice would have understood.

But Kosuke didn’t shed a tear. It didn’t mean that Kosuke had a strong mentality.

He really was feeling depressed, but what the two women hadn’t known was that he was actually okay with being stuck in this world and unable to return to Japan.

He was able to hold his tears in due to this.

Alice actually did have an idea on how to return Kosuke, but the success rate of this method was so low that it would probably be a waste of time.

The method she thought of was asking God for help.

Unlike on Earth, God certainly existed in this world.

Alice’s method was personally asking the Gods to send him back.

The problem was that she didn’t know where to find the Gods, or if they could even send Kosuke back.

She thought about telling him this method, but she imagined him exhausting himself to find the Gods and failing to return…remaining silent seemed like the better option.

This also was out of goodwill.

“Sleeping outside should have exhausted you two, so take a break okay? After you’ve rested enough we’ll take our time and think about things.”

Continuing this now wouldn’t get them very far, so Alice made that proposal and Horun nodded her head in agreement.

“Can you take Kosuke to the guest room? I’ll heat up the bath water.”

“Thank you.”

After Horun thanked her, she led Kosuke to one of the rooms.

Kosuke laid down on the bed and began to think about what he should do, but laying on a comfortable bed for the first time in a while made him lose consciousness quickly.

… Kosuke had a dream.

The same one as before.

He found himself in the hospital again.

Talking with that familiar girl.

Unlike his previous dream, the girl spoke with a less painful expression this time.

She would sometimes smile happily…that kind of dream.

… After finish her bath, Horun came to look for him.

She silently opened the door and saw him sleeping peacefully, so she closed the door just as quietly as she had opened it.

Horun went straight to her room after that.

Not even a minute passed before she fell asleep due to the accumulated fatigue.

Even though Alice stayed quiet as to not disturb the sleep of Horun and Kosuke, she was immersed in joy knowing Horun was still alive.

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