Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi V1 Chapter 3 –The Reason for the Sudden Birth of a Superman [Part 1]

Hajiko:   Here is part 1 of the third chapter. In the last post I made a mistake with the name of the chapter since I forgot a part of it 😦 so I´m really sorry. Enjoy

Chapter 3 –The Reason for the Sudden Birth of a Superman  [Part 1]

The time was 7pm. The two had slept for about 5 hours and were woken by the attractive smell of food.

After they got enough sleep, their bodies changed priority from sleep to food.

“Are you awake? Come here and sit down, the food will be ready soon.”

Seeing Kosuke not understanding her she thought that the interpreting magic effect had ended and she cast it once again.

On the table there were three portions of bread and soup.

The sound of frying meat on a pan could be heard.

After smelling the meat Kosuke couldn’t help but gulp.

After Horun’s greeting he obediently sat in a chair.

Alice brought out the main dish which consisted of ham steak and cooked vegetables.

Before starting their meal, both Horun and Alice closed their eyes and performed the same action.

“Is that some religious rite? Do I also need to do that?”

After hearing Kosuke’s question, the two of them looked hesitant.

“What we did just now was express our thanks to the Gods of this world. This is something natural for us to do. Do you need to learn how to do it, Kosuke?

“If you want to blend in better you should probably learn it. Especially if there’s a situation where you’re in a hurry since everyone in this world does it. The movements are a bit different depending on the country, but you can learn their way when you get there. For now, stick to the way this country does it, okay?”

“My country had some that did something similar, it was done like this.”

Kosuke put his hands together, showing that he wants to start eating.

“Does Kosuke’s country also have similar rituals?”

“We show our gratitude not to god, but rather the food on the table. To all the plants and animals, and to the person who worked hard to gather everything. Other countries have rites where they give thanks to god before eating, but I don’t belong to any of those groups.”

Kosuke was talking about the Christian religion, but Kosuke´s family followed the Buddhist’s teachings.

Kosuke didn’t have a strong belief in it, but if a time ever came when he really needed it he would believe in it.

Pretty much the same level of belief as most people.

“Giving thanks to the food and ingredients? That’s quite interesting. Kosuke, for now just use the rite of your country and over time people will think it’s a unique rite of your hometown.”

“I understand.”

The three of them ended their dialogue and started to eat.

After not eating a proper meal for a while Kosuke was eating without restraint.

Horun was smiling and Alice could hear Kosuke saying in between gulps that the food was delicious.

After finally being able to eat a meal in a relaxing environment Horun had also eaten more than usual.

The food that Alice had prepared was quickly devoured by the two.

Seeing them satisfied by the food Alice was also happy.

After Kosuke placed his hands together to signify that we was full, Alice asked if that was also part of his rite. He nodded in confirmation.

As Horun and Alice put away the dishes, the three of them continued the talk from earlier.

Horun began with a submissive mood but Kosuke wasn’t as depressed as before.

The food and drink had put him in a good mood.

He was the kind of person that would change moods fast. His parents and friends also said he gave up too easily.

He felt at ease since he didn’t know about that last part.

“Continuing from earlier…if we keep thinking about what happened we’ll all just get headaches so we should quit while we’re ahead. The solution will probably become clear someday. Instead of worrying about what has happened, we should worry more about what will happen from now on. Since I know nothing about this world I imagine it will be very hard for me to live here.

Even on Earth each country had different values and common sense.

He’s in another world now…Kosuke couldn’t even imagine the difference.

Kosuke realized just how many problems he’s going to have after thinking about the future.

He can’t even protect himself in this world.

For now that doesn’t matter since Alice is giving him a free room to stay in.

But what will happen after he leaves? Can he survive?

Kosuke became uneasy.

“Even if I can’t send you back to you world I will make sure you can live in this one. You can trust me.”

“I won’t neglect the savior of Horun. If you have any questions feel free to ask.”

Kosuke bowed out of thanks to their goodwill.

“About the questions you have regarding this world…can we save them for later? I want to know what happened after you came to this world and before you met Horun. Can you tell me?

Since it wasn’t a big secret Kosuke nodded and told his story to them.

While reviewing what happened nothing became clear. It was still a mystery.

“After I regained my consciousness I had already landed, and that’s all.”

Horun continued with what she discovered after she found Kosuke so Alice roughly grasped what happened.

“So Kosuke crashed into the dragon’s weak spot…it’d be rather difficult to shatter one’s shoulder otherwise.”

“After receiving such a serious injury I actually survived…”

Learning he had been gravely injured, his face drained of color.

He’d never had such a serious injury his whole life. He couldn’t even imagine his state at that moment.

“You survived thanks for Horun’s healing and the power you absorbed from the dragon.”

These weren’t the only reasons, but nobody had realized it.

Alice continued to talk with Kosuke.

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