Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi V1 Chapter 3 – The Reason for the Sudden Birth of a Superman [Part 2]

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Chapter 3 – The Reason for the Sudden Birth of a Superman [Part 2]

“Horun is one of the best doctors on this continent, in regards to healing she’s a natural genius. Since she treated you, she would have been able to heal even the deepest of injuries. They say that she could even bring you back from the gates of hell as long as there is still life in you.”

“That’s amazing. Thank you, Horun. Thank you for saving my life.”

Having medical skills on top of her beauty, she is most likely very popular, thought Kosuke while bowing his head.

“Treating injuries is the job of a doctor and you are my savior as well. Of course I would save you.”

Savior. That word was confusing Kosuke.

“I keep hearing you call me your savior. Why? I killed the dragon, but what does that have to do with Horun?”

“Because Horun was originally a sacrifice.”

“Sacrifice…For the dragon to eat?”

“Yes. That monster came here 30 years ago and demanded 2 sacrifices every year.”

*“That’s quite a common tale.”


Although Alice had agreed with Kosuke, they had totally different views on the matter.

Kosuke had meant that is was a common fairy tale plot while Alice had meant that it was something that happened often in the past.

The two continued to talk.

“Not everyone can become a sacrifice. The dragon only ate human girls with outstanding abilities. If the sacrifice didn’t meet the conditions the dragon would go on a rampage. It had already destroyed a total of 10 cities and villages combined.” (TL: Damn picky dragon)

“Was there nobody who could defeat it?”

In every fairy tale there was always a hero to save the day and kill the dragon.

“In the past there were many adventurers, brave knights, and heroic warriors that challenged the black dragon but all failed in the end. We slowly came to realize that we couldn’t beat the dragon and thus we accepted its demand. Eventually Horun’s turn came to be sacrificed.”

“Miss Alice, aren’t you a strong magician? Could you not do anything?”

In the fairy tales, magicians had always been the support for the heroes and brave warriors.

But reality it was different.

Alice hung her head. Horun tried encouraging her by putting her hand onto Alice’s shoulder.

“Alice tried her best. She used her magic to weaken the dragon but even when the dragon was weakened we still couldn’t beat it.”

“…Even though I was famous, I still couldn’t protect the person I hold dearest. I’m ashamed.”

The three of them went silent.

Horun’s hand was still on Alice’s shoulder, and the depressed Alice had placed her own hand on top of Horun’s.

In order to fix the gloomy atmosphere that he had caused with his indiscretion, Kosuke asked:

“Ah, uh-about what you said before, I ‘absorbed the power of the dragon’. What were you talking about?”
(TL: It literally says: “Ah,uh – We haven’t finish talking about the topic from before,[…]?” but I changed it a bit since I had the feeling that it would sound quite tactless.)(ED: You’re not wrong)

Alice looked up, grateful for Kosuke’s kindness and answered:

“After killing a dragon, one can absorb its power and become stronger.”

“Absorption refers to?”

“Is there no concept of absorption in your world?”

“In my world, absorption is a phenomenon like the stomach absorbing nutrients from food, or fabrics absorbing moisture.”

“It seems your world doesn’t have a similar concept to ours. ‘Absorption’ refers to the killing of a monster or beast and taking their power.”

‘Like receiving experience points in an RPG’, though Kosuke.

In other words, its just like getting a lot of experience at once to level up and gain strength quickly.

Originally he was in a certain death situation but thanks to that ‘absorption’ he was able to be saved in time by Horun.

[It’s really worth it to be summoned to another world, especially one that has an EXP system.]

Even though he was in such a situation, Kosuke couldn’t help but be excited.

Thanks to taking the dragon’s power and Horun’s help, he was still alive. Though incidentally absorption and EXP weren’t the same concept.

One couldn’t receive the same amount of power from a monster again.

When one beat a monster a couple of times, the absorption rate would decrease slowly until it no longer took power from the fallen monster.

“From what you two have told me I should be much stronger than before. I don’t really feel different…ah, I didn’t feel tired at all during the trip here, could that be what you meant? My body would normally have been exhausted with such exercise.”

Even if he wanted to deny it that he had become strong, facts slowly appeared in his head.

“It seems like you understand now. Are you interested in testing your strength?”

“Do you have a measuring device?”

Alice nodded to Horun’s question and stood up.

“[Gaileien] wanted to replace their measuring device for a new one, so they took into account the development costs of the new one and decided to sell the old one. If you only use it occasionally it should last for a while.”

Alice left the room and returned rather quickly. She had returned with a metal plate about as big as a newspaper folder into a quarter, and metal cards.

She placed the metal plate on the table.

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