Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi V1 Chapter 3 – The Reason for the Sudden Birth of a Superman [Part 3]

Hajiko: Sorry took longer than expected I had many things to do last week as well as the accidents which happened. So finally we know what the strength of Kosuke is as well as some other information. So in the next part we will find out his Title but I think the most of you already have a premonition of what it will be but it will probably not 100% right. As well I will try to translate the next part in this week like promised. So enough from me Enjoy

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“Place your hand on the plate.”

“… something’s happening?”

After Kosuke put his hand on the plate, a surge of heat flowed from the tips of his fingers to his wrist.

After removing his hand from the plate, some letters surfaced.

But of course, Kosuke didn’t know the meaning of those letters.

Horun and Alice glanced from his sides at the plate, and both of their faces showed an astonished expression.

“…even though I had already guessed as much, seeing it is still a shock.”

“…being able to kill a dragon is really incredible.”

The two of them were surprised and perplexed at the same time.

This also proved how astounding the data on the plate was.

“Can you explain it to me? I don’t understand it.”

Kosuke asked them timidly.

“No problem. Then shall we start from here.”

Alice pointed at the plate as she spoke to Kousuke.

First the data is divided into five main parts: Strength, Endurance, Perception, Intelligence, and Spirit.

Strength, Endurance, and Perception are pretty self explanatory, while Intelligence represents wisdom and knowledge, and Spirit represents magical resistance and affinity.

There are also some subsections like Stamina, Magic and Agility. Those three are also pretty easy to understand.

Their values weren’t represented with numbers but rather in ranks. These 15 ranks ranged from A+ to E-.

According to Alice, E is common, D is excellent, C is first-rate, B is to be feared, and A is worthy of worship. (TL: Or in other words: God)

Kosuke’s stats were: Strength B+, Endurance B, Understanding B, Intelligence C+, and Spirit C-.

“Not even one A.”

Kosuke thought those stats were rather underwhelming and just spoke his mind. Hearing that, Alice and Horun both showed a disapproving expression.

“Ah…you can only say that because you don’t understand.”

“If you had an A somewhere, our reaction would have been much different. We would have suspected this machine was defective.”

“Is that so?”

Seeing the reaction of those two, Kosuke was confused at the difference in how these stats were treated.

“A normal adult male who doesn’t serve the army would have something like: Strength E+, Endurance E+, Perception E, Intelligence E, and Spirit E. Knowing that, can you still take your stats so lightly? By the way, the dragon which you killed had its ranks averaged at B+. Such power is already that of a lesser God. That monster had the power to destroy a whole country. Your average is at B which is enough to destroy a whole town. Of course, that’s just from looking at this data.”

“…isn’t my power kind of ridiculously high?”

“Yes, it really is. In the history of humankind, the strongest hero, Marcus Tesco Rato, had only an overall rank of C!”

“Correct, he had an average of C. You’re already the strongest human on the planet.”

“This power I was granted is just too much…it doesn’t feel real for me.”

Kosuke disliked the power he received. Even though he has never been in a fight, he was given power beyond any human before him. Faced with this situation, he could only smile bitterly.

“You’re not to be blamed for this. You came from a world that lacked the concept of <Absorption>. You’ll understand it sooner or later. I think we should talk about talent next. Even though you don’t have a talent, you have a title which is practically the same thing as a talent.”

“I’m curious about the title  as well, but could you explain the talent thing first?”

“Talent refers to the special abilities of an individual. Horun and I have innate talents, while yours came about from some unknown source.”

“There is a saying that a talent is really a gift from God. My talent is <Heal 3> while Alice’s is <Magic Fusion 2>. One can receive such a talent from birth, or from some rare source.” “What to those numerals mean?”

“The numbers represent the size of the effect and its potency. It goes from 1 to 3, and the higher the number is, the stronger the effect is. The numbers can be increased, but I’m not sure how to do that yet. I heard that if you practice enough, you can improve your talent.”

“Does everyone in this world have a talent?”

“No, more like one in every ten people has a talent.”

Kosuke nodded, it seems a talent isn’t rare to have.

But someone who has a talent isn’t always aware that a talent is slumbering within them.

If one narrowed it down to those who know about their talent, it would be about 1 out of 100.

“Now to explain the title. A title might be given to you by God, or it could be received by achieving something. Even from how the people around you perceive you.”

“An example would be the title <Giant Killer>. The hero Marcus Tesco Rato achieved that title from slaying a giant.”

Alice nodded in agreement and added onto the explanation:

“A talent has an impact on one’s quality and ability. Now, a person can have an infinite amount of titles, but can only choose one to be in effect. Choosing is pretty simplistic, you just concentrate on the name of the title and it will come into effect. You can change your title once a day, keep that in mind. My title is <Genius Witch> which raises my magical abilities, while Horun’s title is <Leilier’s Favored>.”

It seems the effects of Horun’s title are medical and healing related.

“Leilier is?”

“The Goddess of Medicine.”

“Really? Then what is my title?”

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