Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi V1 Chapter 3 – The Reason for the Sudden Birth of a Superman [Part 4]

Hajiko: So here is part 4. Also about the Title of Kosuke I never thought that someone would guess it right, but I also never thought that there would be so many Ideas about his Title since I thought that it was simple to guess it partly right [Title of the Light Novel: Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi] . So there are still 2 parts left till Chapter 3 is translated I will try to do it as fast as possible but I will excuse myself if it tacks longer since my finals are coming.

“Your title is <Dragon Slayer 2>. Like I said earlier, there is a number because your title and talent are the same. The effect of <Dragon Slayer> raises your overall stats by one, the overall amount is determined by the number after it. Though, the effect of your title should include more, since increasing all stats by one is the effect of <Dragon Slayer 1>. If I were to give it my best guess, looking at how other titles interact with people…your stats weren’t the only things that have been affected. In other words, all of your actions will be influenced. Of course, this is just my guess, so take it with a grain of salt.”

This title was one of the reasons Kosuke managed to survive.
(TL: When he crashed against the dragon and nearly died)

After he absorbed the power of the dragon and got stronger, he obtained the title which further reinforced his body and his natural healing speed.

“That’s such a cheat.”

Although it was his own power, Kosuke still found it absurd.


“It means to break the rules.”

After hearing the description, Alice nodded.

“That’s right. If all of your actions are going to be affected, then it means your learning ability is also improved. Your growth may actually not have a limit. In the eyes of others, you would be very cunning. That title is very fitting for killing the strongest dragon.”

“Strongest Dragon?”

“Well…the Dragon which died by your hand was the highest class of the dragon species.”

“…Such a strong monster really died after being hit once in his weak point?”

Kosuke couldn’t help but be baffled. The highest class of a species, unable to overcome such a crippling weakness?
In his confusion, Kosuke forgot something important.

All living things have a weakness. Some of which cannot be overcome or compensated for.

Any biological life would fade and die if the brain or heart were destroyed.

The scale that Kosuke had crashed into just happened to be that weakness.

“That collision was rather powerful, after all. You almost lost your life just from the impact, it was most likely more powerful than you imagined. Couple that with the fact that you hit the dragon’s weak point…but in the end, we can’t verify it anymore. Well, that’s not entirely true. I could perform an autopsy to figure it out, but I don’t want to get near that beast.”

“Well, you were terrorized by it after all. Is there anything else to discuss?”

“Other than the cards, I can’t think of anything else that would need explaining.”

“Yes. Even if we forgot, we can always explain afterwards.”


Alice put the metal card on the plate.

The text on the plate slowly disappeared, and after about ten seconds the plate was blank again.

She picked up the card and gave it to Kosuke.

Text appeared on the card, but Kosuke could only recognize his own name.

“This card is kind of like an identity card, so be careful not to lose it. The information on it will only show under the consent of the owner, so it’s rather suitable to prove your identity.”

“I can only read my name. What else is written here?”

“The city and country which serve as your homeland. Your card shows Ricardo of Piriaru Kingdom.”

“Ricardo was chosen as his home town?”

“It’s probably because he’s currently here. It was most likely impossible to show his original residence.”

“Where is Ricardo?”

“From here? On foot it would take about 2 hours to walk there. I also live in Ricardo.”

Horun said while pointing in the direction of the city.

“The only things that will automatically appear on your card will be your name and homeland. The remaining data will only show if you want it to. Now, since the explaining is done with, time to figure out what Horun is going to do from here on out.”

Alice finished her conversation with Kosuke. He was internally thankful since he had a lot of information to go over.

“Would it be better if I leave?”

“No, it’s fine for you to stay and listen. I’m just worried you’ll be bored.”

Horun gave her permission easily. Kosuke decided to stay and listen.

“Horun, do you have any idea what you’ll do from now on?”

“I’ve given it some thought…if possible I would like to stay here for a while. If you could contact my family for me…I’m afraid going back now would cause a huge commotion.”

“It really would cause an uproar…”

One could easily imagine the result. Alice smiled through the oncoming headache.

“I hope you can relay my well-being to my family, as well as confirmation of the dragon’s death. Once everyone has accepted that the dragon is dead, I will return. If I go back to my family before that…my family will most likely suffer a lot. If people spread rumors about the Earl’s daughter running away, other nobles will seize the opportunity and we’ll have to deal with a lot of unnecessary problems.”


Even though Kosuke wanted to be just an observer, he couldn’t help but react.

“Yes, I’m the eldest daughter of the Earl, if we go by age.”
(ED: “by age” seems to refer to hereditary peerage. Since Horun was due to be sacrificed, she ‘surrendered’ her right to take on the title of Earl once her father passed, therefore the younger sibling will take on that mantle. She is still the oldest, but has given up her rights as ‘royalty’. Of course, if she has a male sibling then this is moot. I’m trying my best here.)

“This is the first time I’ve seen an aristocrat.”

Kosuke opened his eyes as if seeing something incredible.

He couldn’t help but be surprised, you wouldn’t even see someone with such a title on TV.

Kosuke had only seen a photo of royalty before, but this was the first time he had actually met one face-to-face.
(TL: well I would also be surprised or more shocked if the one that I traveled with is a noble)

“Kosuke, does your neighbourhood not have any aristocratic mansions?”

“We don’t have any aristocrats in our country. About 100 years ago there was the Wu family, which had a similar rank, but it has long since perished. Although there are gaps between the people, more or less everyone is equal.”

“So…you’re saying that your country doesn’t have any kings or nobility, only civilians? How is your country managed?”

“Our country has a emperor, which is similar to a king, but the emperor is only a symbol of our country and does not take part in national politics. The ones whom actually operate the country are a group of representatives elected by the citizens.”

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