Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi V1 Chapter 3 – The Reason for the Sudden Birth of a Superman [Part 5]

Hajiko: So here is part 5 well in the last part I said that I wanted to translate part 5 and 6 as fast as possible but I never thought that the first half of the 5th part was that hard (I´m not that good with some words since they are never used in normal conservation, so I don’t know them) well enough from my problems enjoy

Xant: Body y u do dis, stahp illin ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Subnote from Xant: Please don’t argue religion, this chapter is kind of loaded >_>

“It sounds like Qiuhan City.” (Temporary name)

Horun remembered about a continent next to Kaer Huode.

Quihan was suppressed by another country in the past, but then they stood up for themselves and gained independence.
(TL: like America)

After eliminating the interference of nobility, they represented themselves with a public representative.

The only way it differs from Japan would be eligibility for voting. You needed to own a store of a minimum size to be able to vote, it didn’t matter how old you were.

“Horun, when you were chosen as sacrifice, couldn’t you use your rights to save you?”

“If I did that, at worst I would have been stripped of my title.”

“Why? Aren’t aristocrats of a higher rank? Doesn’t that grant you some privileges?”

“Sacrificing one for the good of the many. That’s the basic idea of nobility. If one person’s life can save the whole country, shutting off your emotions and sacrificing yourself is the way to go. Even I’m afraid of death, but I accepted that I had been chosen as the sacrifice.”
(TL: Noblesse Oblige, well from the most stories I have read there aren’t that much which follow that )

“I can understand how those values work, but I could never agree to it.”

Kosuke understood Horun’s explanation, but even if his life could save thousands, he wouldn’t be able to sacrifice himself.

“Such a noble sentiment…civilians like us can’t do something like that. To just throw your life away after being told to, it’s the same as being crazy.”

After saying that, Alice looked at Horun. Horun had a wry smile on her face.

Horun came to understand that she held different views and values from Kosuke and Alice.

Being able to understand that, Horun is a black sheep within nobility.

“My values don’t perfectly align with the rest of the aristocracy. When I was  2 years old, it had already been decided I was to be the sacrifice. I only received the most basic education and was able to live my life rather freely. If I had been educated and bred to be a proper, distinguished member of the nobility, I think I would have been happy. Happy to have the chance to voluntarily sacrifice my life for my country. If someone had come to rescue me, I would have angrily rejected their kindness. Nobles are funny in that sense, though. They act for their own selfish interests unless the country is in danger, even though they say the well being of their country is the most important thing to them.”

“This world is really hard to understand.”

Kosuke recalled what he knew about nobility on Earth, but he only really knew what was needed to pass tests. He was never taught things like this, so he couldn’t comprehend or compare.

“You don’t need to force yourself to understand it. Moving on, you want me to tell your family that you’re safe?”


“I can do that, but the question is how to contact them. I don’t want to visit your home, but just a letter would be seen as a sick prank.”

“Right, and please make sure you keep Kosuke’s title confidential. The <Dragon Slayer> title is kind of a big deal.”

Horun is very clear about this topic, since the uproar from my title would cause more commotion than her being alive.

“If the nobles found out about the appearance of the <Dragon Slayer>, they would rush to be the first to exploit it. Kosuke shouldn’t know how to deal with them, so he would be pushed around. Kosuke, are you able to handle nobles?”

“If you’re asking if I can hold a conversation with nobility, no I can’t. The only way I can think of to cope with them would be saying [I want to slaughter you], but that’s a little terrifying.”

That being said, slaughter is easier said than done.

If it’s just destruction of property, then it’s easy. But harming or killing innocent bystanders is something beyond Kosuke.

Using threats isn’t an option for the nobles either.

Kosuke, at this moment, had the power to destroy the streets of a city. In the future, after learning magic and proper fighting methods, destroying a city isn’t impossible.

If any noble dared to annoy Kosuke or damage his territory, then they would be bound to suffer losses.

Unless they’re stupid to the point of it being incurable, they should understand that much.

Even though Kosuke may become a wanted target, if he stayed in the countryside of another Continent he would probably be left alone.

“Doing that is possible, but you need to make sure it’s believable. Otherwise you’ll end up putting yourself into a precarious position. At worst, you’ll have the whole country as your enemy. Make sure you’re mentally prepared for that possibility.”

“I just have to avoid coming into contact with nobility.”

“That’s right. Also, there are some shops which tend to have contact with aristocrats, so you need to be careful.”

“I understand. Anyway, I know that the title <Dragon Slayer> is something special, but is the presence of a <Dragon Slayer> also special?”

“Ah, if we include you, then there have only been three.”

Alice briefly explained about the other two Slayers.

The first <Dragon Slayer> appeared 5000 years ago, while the second appeared 2200 years ago.

The dragons slain by them had an average rank of B-, which meant they were lesser dragons.

They both gained the title of <Dragon Slayer> due to the sacrifices of their comrades.
(TL: It means that they fought together with their comrades but they died in the fight while he killed the dragon)

Therefore, this was the first time that someone had killed an upper class dragon, on top of doing so single-handedly, in their history.

If the aristocrats came to know that, who knows what they would do to get Kosuke.

“Having records from over 5000 years ago is quite remarkable.”

If one converted it to Japanese history, it would have been during the Jomon period.

Kosuke was very surprised by this, since places on Earth with a long history and rich culture such as Egypt and China, and of course Japan, had very few records from that long ago.

“Records from that long ago should not be remembered.”

Kosuke had been admiring the existence of such records until Horun denied it. Kosuke’s expression rapidly turned to astonishment.

“…If there are no records, how do you know the legends of your <Dragon Slayer>s?”

“Even without records, as long one asks God, one will know it. The things which happened back then are still in the memory of God. In fact, there is a book which tells us our history as God told us. Everything I explained to you was from that book.”
(ED: Bibles are real here .-.)

Hearing that unexpected line, Kosuke stopped what he was doing.

The truth that God existed shocked him.

“…God is real? You’re not joking, right?”

“Of course it’s true. Why is that surprising? Could it be that there is not God in your world?”

“We have myths and legends about them, but there isn’t any evidence that they exist. Let alone holding a conversation with one. If you went around promoting that God existed, you were considered a little wrong in the head.”

“If there is no God, then how was your world created?”

“Some say by accident, some say miracles. There is also a reasonable argument that explains how everything was created without God.”
(ED: He’s referencing the Big Bang theory at the end)

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