Break for Tests

Sadly no translation this week since I have to many test this week and those are my weak subjects

Will come back translation after them


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5 Responses to Break for Tests

  1. Phoenix says:

    Thanks for the update! And don’t worry about translations, just take your time studying. We’ll just wait patiently and wish you the best of luck on your tests


  2. Firestorm says:

    Thanks for the info and good luck in your tests


  3. malvazar says:

    lol if it was me I would use translating as an excuse to procrastinate xD. But I found the maths and sciences easy and the other subjects pointless so that might have something to do with it… Anyway good luck with the tests!


  4. Moshmaru says:

    Go and kick those test, well good luck


  5. Hajiko says:

    well I already did them but I´m going to fear for my finals in a few weeks


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