Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi V1 Chapter 3 – The Reason for the Sudden Birth of a Superman [Part 6]

Hajiko: So here is the last part of Chapter 3 and the last part of the first Arc [Fallen into another World], the next Arc is named [Starting a life in another World] also the next chapter title is [Learning, exercise, continue  learning and practice] I also looked for how many pages the next chapter is going to have and it is 35 pages while chapter 3 only had 27 pages. So enjoy.

“Religious people can’t believe in something like that.”

“I can’t image a world without the existence of god.”

“I believe it’s because the two worlds are so different.”

Kosuke wanted to convince himself with that.

“Perhaps accepting that conclusion will make it easier on everyone.”

Other people are other people, but we are ourselves.

Thinking that way is good for both sides.

Thinking about a world without god is meaningless right now.

Because he exists in this world.

Thinking about this question, at best, would yield ideas for a drama or novel.

“Since this world has a god, I just need to go and ask them how to get home, don’t I?”

Thinking that he had a good idea, Kosuke smiled.

But Alice shook her head.

“I don’t know where to find God. We may be able to talk to him, but meeting him directly is not within our power. Even talking to him requires a person with a rare talent, and for now we won’t be able to find such a person. We can only listen to God’s words, but since we cannot do anything but listen there is no true way to communicate.”

“Are there buildings where dedicated believers gather?”

“There is, why?”

“If someone goes there, they should be able to talk to god, right?”

A God should take special care about his followers, so Kosuke asked about it.

“Those people want to pray to God, so God will not particularly care about them. In the eyes of God, the Church has less worth than a place which has caught his eye. Hearing an oracle can happen outside of a church, which proves that point.”

There apparently was a case where God approached a devout believer that was holding a cat he had been raising.

“Is that so? I thought I had a good idea.”

“To be honest with you, I already thought about doing something like that. Meeting God isn’t easy, and I decided not to tell you about that option since he may not know how to send you back. My apologies.”

This was probably because of the different values Alice and Kosuke had.

God, on Earth, has an omnipotent image to the inhabitants.

But unlike Earth, the God of this world is an important being to every human. There were also examples where he is proven to not be omnipotent.

“Let’s get back on topic now, shall we? Let’s focus on how to pass along the news that Horun is safe and the Dragon is dead. The most reliable way to relay this would be to personally visit your home, but I really don’t want to go there.”

“I’ll personally write a letter. All you have to do is send it with some of the scales we brought as evidence. People should believe it then.”

“Should we lie and say the dragon died due to disease or an accident? As long as we leave a little room for imagination, they should come to their own conclusion.”

“Won’t someone suspect that a Dragonslayer has appeared?”

“Probably, but even if there was someone who figured that out, the possibility is so low that they would doubt it themselves. The most likely conclusion will be that a High Elf killed it, or the dragon died of natural causes.”
(TL: Not sure with the High Elf since it also has other meanings 大精靈)

“If they end up with that answer, that will work perfectly for us. Here’s hoping.”
(TL: The chinese text says 萬歲萬歲萬萬歲了 which was used in medieval china to greet the emperor, but it can also stand for something one says when they won something)
(ED: Banzai was originally at the end. English equiv pl0x)

Killing a dragon is an impossible task.

That was one of the human sayings, but it was a shared thought among all the races that have been attacked by the dragon. They would rather believe it was killed by God or another Higher Being.

But one couldn’t rule out that a great diviner will foresee the existence of the Dragonslayer.

Even so, Alice wasn’t worried about Kosuke’s identity being leaked.

Even if the divinator knows about the existence of the Dragonslayer, he can’t see the identity.

Such an accurate divination is impossible among humans.

At best, they could detect in which country he is staying.

Even if someone asked Horun whether she saw the Dragonslayer, Horun just needed to insist that the Dragonslayer had already left before she arrived at the Black Dragon. With that, the other party couldn’t continue questioning her.

“Well, even so, I will need to go to the mountain tomorrow and confirm the position of the corpse. If needed, I will attack the belly with magic. After that’s dealt with, I’ll head to your home and give the Earl the dragon’s location. They should start investigating themselves.”

After the three of them decided what to do tomorrow, they chatted a bit to pass time.

The topic was about the world where Kosuke came from, the difference between the two world surprised Horun and Alice.

As the night progressed, Kosuke and Horun were sent to bed early by Alice.

Alice took some wine out of her collection, and toasted to Horun’s safety as well as the dragon’s death.

After drinking it, she joyfully went to bed.

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