Result of Poll

Hello Hajiko here,

I just saw the result of the poll and was somehow not surprised 😀

well since the vote came to the result of translating the whole chapter and relasing it than, I will do it like that but just to let you all know my speed of translation will drop quite a bit, since I want to concentrate on my finals which is about 3-4 weeks. Well, I will try to translate every week a bit, but I can’t promise it since I need to graduate from that school which I attend to get the Job I want  🙂

Greeting Hajiko

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4 Responses to Result of Poll

  1. muelproject says:

    good luck


  2. kawaiineko says:

    But doesnt the Poll say, that more than half the people want chapters to be splitted? I am on the Release the chapter when ready site, just wanted to pointiert that out


  3. lygarx says:

    That is not how it should be. A greater percentage wanted it split if they were added up. The only difference would be how to split it. Statistical analysis would require the whole chapter vote to be at least over 50 percent to warrant a release of a full chapter only. The poll should be yes or no to split it. The no vote is below 50 so it should be split. Everyone else decided yes but the other minor details made them split.


  4. lygarx says:

    How to split it would always be fairly divided evenly or around the same among with some differences. If it were a simple yes no poll, the decision basically requires that the yes vote be around 75 percent to pass otherwise it would be an automatic no


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