Chapter 4 Learning, exercise, continue Learning and Practise

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  1. Learning, exercise, continue Learning and Practice

“We will start with the lesson.”

After eating breakfast, watching Alice flying away, Horun immediately proposed it to Kosuke who was next to her.

Even if it was said like a proposal, it was more like pressured.

Kosuke thought silently, if Horun was willing to wear glasses and a pointer and dressed up like a teacher, then he would be more motivated to learn.

(TL: Kosuke you already have a beautiful Girl teaching you what do you need more -.- )

“Which kind of lesson?”

“I want to teach you the knowledge about our world. If you don’t even have the basic knowledge, then it will be easy to get into trouble.”

“Yes, then I will troubling you.”

After ordering Kosuke to sit down, Horun went to Alice study and picked up materials.

Horun prior already received permission from Alice to use the study and the placement of the materials were also told to her.

After taking the needed materials Horun came back to Kosuke and sat down next to him.

“First we will use the map of this continent to show you our location.”

Seeing Kosuke nodding, Horun spread out the piece of paper (map) at a place where both of them could look at it.

This map which the two are looking at now is from the “Sei fuxi ke” continent in which they live in, it was made by a magician which drew it while flying over the continent in the past, it was drawn accurate and detailed.

The sharp of the continent Sai fuxi ke was like a poker card, but only with the upper part being relatively bulge.

Horun’s slender finger pointed at the southwest of the continent.

“We are here now. Like we said yesterday, the forest which is nearby to Ricardo belongs to the territory of the Pili Ye Lu Kingdom. Ricardo is also not a very special city. From the population and area, it is ranked sixth in the country, but next to that there are no other features.”

“How many people live here?”

“If we count in all the villages which are nearby than …. It should be around 700.000. If it’s the capital then including the surrounding areas then it should be about 2 million. I heard that they recently went over 3 million.”

Pili ye lu Kingdom’s entire population is about 30 million.

In this world including human and nonhuman countries together there are 50 countries, all together there is a population of 1.5 billion.

“The capital has only that much people?”

“Only? Looking at the capital 2 million is really under the standard.”

“Our country’s center has about 7 Million people.”

Kosuke tried to recall the number of population of the 23 areas of Tokyo and said it.

“So you live in a big country, huh.”

“The area is not really big. There are many mountain terrains, so the population is focused at that place. It’s about like that.”

Horun was curious about how would they supply food and crops to the population in such a terrain.

They talked up to how to make red bean soup, when they noticed that they drifted away from the main topic.

“Lets leave this topic up to the next time.”

“Thats right, if we don’t stop we will go off topic to far. But I’m really happy to know there’s rice and miso in this world. Being able to eat familiar food is great.”

Although he didn’t know when he will have the opportunity to eat it, but Kosuke was really looking forward to it.

“I also only have heard of it. And it is not in this continent.”

“Just knowing that they exist in this world is good news. I hope that I can eat my fill someday.”

“I also want to taste fried rice and sushi. Uh, till where did we left off from before?”

“Our Location.”

Horun clapped her hands and pointed at the capital of the Pili Ye Lu Kingdom.

She said the approximate location of each main city, but also the time which is needed to get there by foot, carriage, and a flying vehicle.

As the name suggest the flying vehicle is a vehicle which is flying.

From the appearance it looks like a flying carriage.

(TL: Chinese raws says bus but chose carriage since it would make more sense for a medieval world.)

The fuel is magic which were collected from magicians.

Because the fare is expensive generally only the rich used them.

Unless one is in hurry, otherwise it is rarely used by the general public.

Only royalty or the family of a Duke will have a private Vehicle.

Such a situation is the same as in the other countries, only the top of the pyramid has a private vehicle.

“Next is the location of the continent.”

Horun sorted the five maps by their relative location of the continent.

“In the Middle is Kaer Huode, in the east is Sai Fuxi Ke. In the southwest of Kaer Huode is the Island Lielie. Located in the east of the Island and south of Kaer Huode is Aisen Biya. In the North of Kaer Huode is Henie Xinge.”

Among the continents Kaer Huode is the largest while Henie Xinge is the smallest if one don’t include Lielie Island.

If one have to ask which continents are the most unique, then it would be Henie Xinge and Aisen Biya.

Henie Xinge’s northwest part was covered by ice all year, while the other places has harsh winter.

Aisen Biya´s southwestern part of the continent is a desert which is about a quarter of the continent, but it has at the same time the largest forest and lakes in the world.

“We are now in Sai Fuxie Ke. This is also the most of the human race lives.”

“Human Race? Does that mean that other Races also exist?”

“Yes, that’s right. There are Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, fairies, Beastmen, Demons, and Mingzu. Next to them there are some minor tribes.”

“Goblins are also fairies? I thought that they belonged to the categories of monsters. And in my world monsters are the sinister beings.”

(TL: Mingzu something similar to Zombie, Ghoul, etc.)

In Games and Mangas Goblins are always the villains, but Kosuke didn’t knew if that was the same in this world.

“Are Goblin in your world Monsters? Here by us Goblins are the same as us Humans and are be considered as race. Although there are Goblins which are monsters, but it is only after they lost their senses and then be known as monsters. Not just Goblin, if other races became like that they would also be treated as monsters. As for the demons, although there are some wicked members, but it doesn’t mean that the whole race is evil. Also Demons are a magic race.”

Although Demons were that proud that it was already disgusting, but they don’t have the desire for world domination.

“I see. But what is Mingzu I can’t imagine it?”

“Mingzu is also called the dead race, its referring to people who resurrected after dead.”

“The Living Dead?”

Kosuke was imagine corpses and skeletons living together as a picture, but that wasn’t the case.

“One cannot say in front of the Mingzu that they are The Living Dead. The Living Dead is a kind of Monster, so for the Mingzu it is a great insult. So you need to look out for what you are saying, otherwise they will attack without warning.”

Horun put straight her index finger, and looked serious.

Kosuke nodded to show that he understood it.

“I will keep it in mind. In this life I still have not fought anyone.”

”Keeping that in mind won’t hurt you. In fact, they are just like us, as long you respect them they will respect you, so it doesn’t matter if you become very nervous.”

“Is there still something which one has to look out about the races?”

The demon race always carries a Soul Gem is which personalized and exclusive to them, it is not allowed to touch them.

Beastmen and per talent transformed Beastmen cannot be confused with each other and so on, Horun pointed out what one needed to pay attention to the race specific matters.

A Soul Gem is a treasure which is born with the demon, it is not only a part of them, it is also their strength and weakness.

Beastmens are  humans with beast faces, transformed has only the ears and tail growing through their talent, but the faces won’t have many changes, in order to completely change they have to use their talent.

The people of the Mingzu race always use perfume to cover their body odor, so they are easy to recognize.

After finishing talking about that, the topic about races came to an end.

“The next thing we are going to talk about is money.”

Horun put the money which she lent from Alice on the table.

The coins which were put out on the table were four square formed coins of the same size.

From left to right were the gold and silver ones which Kosuke see.

But the one at the most right he couldn’t recognize.

Horun points at the rightmost money.

“This is one Erte. It´s the most worthless one called stone coin.

20 Erte is equal to one copper Coin.

20 copper coins can be changed to one silver coin and 30 silver coins can be exchanged for one gold coin and 10 gold coins can be exchanged for one Flash-Coin.

Because Alice does not have a Flash-Coin so she can’t show it to you.

The outward of a Flash-Coin looks like a mix of green and is a bit larger than the other coins.

The most commonly used ones for daily life are Stone, Copper and Silver Coins.

Gold Coins are mostly used for big purchases.

Generally civilians have almost no chance to see a Flash-Coin, one can say only if one is in a certain situation like one wants to open a shop then it is the only chance to use it.”

Some of the civilians property are in the worth of a Flash-Coin, but these persons often chose to have them in expensive antiques or precious gems, or save up the money to the worth of a Flash-Coin and only very few people have a Flash-Coin.

“Is the material of the Stone Coin, stone?”

Kosuke picked up the Stone Coin looked, and it felt like stone.

Horun nodded.

Stone money, pronounced as [s ekik a].

In Kosuke’s brain/head, [s ekik a] has been translated into the Kanji for Stone Coins.

“Stone is none of the materials. Also it is mixed with a special ore.”

In addition there is a small amount of a synthetic metal added, but that was beyond Horun´s knowledge.

It was added to determine if the money is genuine or false.

This kind of metal was designed to react to magic to show if it is genuine or false, the Coins beside the Stone Coin also have that added.

But in order to prevent forgery, the excitement of that is only known to those who are involved in the production.

So that Horun doesn’t know that, no wonder.

The Coins which is most common on the marked are Silver and Gold Coins.

Because, compared to the same amount of Gold and Silver, it has more value.

So many people tried to forge the Coins.

“How much would a meal for one person probably cost?”

Because he was not able to grasp the value of a Flash-Coin, in order to catch the concept, Kosuke asked that question.

“That… if you are not wasteful about 10 Erte.”

“In a four family daily meal cost would be 6 copper coins, one month 9 silver coins. How much is the living expense of a four family house for a month? About the general average income.”

“Uh… about 20 Silver with taxes or so? I guess.”

Horun personally only have a little chance to use money, so she doesn’t know the concept of general revenue.

Because normally she doesn’t have to pay for the bills, since the servants would take care of the payment, so she doesn’t know about it is taken for granted.

“… A Flash-Coin can cover the living expense for 1 year and 3 months? Than that is really much money.”

After calculating it fast Kosuke nodded.

“You can arithmetic. And so fast.”

“Is that really praise worthy?”

That being said, Kosuke was also surprised how fast his brain was able to do that.

Thinking that it could also be an effect of the title, he couldn’t help but to feel admiration.

“In your world, can everyone do arithmetic like you just now?”

“In my country it’s basically like that. It depends on the individual levels, usually when on is 10 years old one can do that. The country arranged that one form 7 to 16 years on have to attend school. After that if one wants to continue it is their own freedom. But the majority will choose to continue.”

“Your country is great that they promote learning.”

“It… can be said like that. However, what they teach in school is not always useful. At school you learn things which you don’t know when it will become useful and after graduation the knowledge is often not useful, I heard that is also very common.”

Taking Kosuke as example, math, science and other subjects are also only learnt for the exams only.

“… Yesterday, after I listened to you, I felt that you lived in a very peaceful and prosperous country. That the country also teach knowledge which is not necessary for life, one can feel that your country wants to cultivate the variety of the citizen. In our case, at the age of 12, one is already considered as a member of the labor force. In order to promote the national development, people have been sent early into the labor force rather than to education.”

Seeing Horun’s expression, Kosuke deeply felt that his faraway home is actually a good place.

When living in Japan everything was taken for granted, so we are fortunate.

Even if one was talking in the classroom that there is a war in a foreign country, one doesn’t feel anything.

But after coming here, not to mention how easy living is, Kosuke can understand lightly how the quiet daily life is, enough to let the people here feel envious.

Since moving from one town to another, there are always a possibility that they are going to be attacked by monsters or thieves, unlike in Japan which is not troubled by that, can make others envy which is quite normal.

“Now that’s all about the Currency. Next, I will teach you how to greet then we will take a break. Greeting is not hard, you will remember it soon.”

After Horun said that, she stood up since she intended to demonstrate it.

“If you run into acquaintances or just passing someone, you just have to say your greeting. Formal greeting is done this, you put one hand at your abdomen and bow. If it’s a person with nobility or even a higher status, you have to put your right hand before your heart and then bow.”

Horun´s demonstration let Kosuke be perplexed.

Perhaps it was because of the childhood education of her family, Horun´s movement looked elegant, and that’s amazing.

“Does that kind of movement have a meaning?”

“Putting your right hand before you heart does have a meaning. But I don’t know if putting your hand before your abdomen has a meaning. For most of the living creatures, the heart is the key of their life.

So putting your hand before your heart means [you have my heart], [without you I can’t live].”

“It feels like it is used for proposing.”

“That’s right, it seems like there are some who use it for proposing. It’s almost noon, we can still talk about a certain topic that you might want to ask about?”

Kosuke thought for a moment, then he felt that he has a question about the religion.

Even on earth where the existence of God is not sure, religion is that prevalent.

Than in this world where God exist, doesn’t the religion has a very large influence?

“I’m curious how religion is in this world?”

“what do you mean that?”

Asked Horun which didn´t understand Kosuke´s question.

“Religion is quite popular in my world, so that they can even interfere with state affairs. There are also some which will attack people with other faiths. In our world in which God exist is already like that, so your world must be even more extreme?”

“Hm, do you mean the religion holds a very powerful influence?”

Horun wondered, since she was unable to understand Kosuke´s meaning.

Seeing Horun´s reaction, Kosuke tilt his head to the side.

Could it be that this world is not like that?

“You have a concept of faith to your God, right? Since I had seen that you pray to God before having a meal.”

“Yes there is faith. But it does not reject others or interfere in state affairs.”

From Horun´s attitude, showed that the existence of the religion of the earth and here is not the same.

Unlike on Earth, the church in this world doesn’t have the power to represent God.

The people are just worshiping the God only.

The Gods doesn’t have interest in the people worshiping them, nor will help them.

Even with the custom of going to church, one will not receive  blessing or forgiveness of God.

On Earth, religion is a powerful tool for those who can take advantage of it.

But the religion in this world doesn’t have this benefit.

The people of authority won’t have interest in an objective which won’t benefit them, so the church and those with power won’t cooperate.

To Kosuke´s surprise, even though God exist it doesn’t cause some additional effects.

Because people knows that even if they have faith it doesn’t have any benefit.

While they show gratitude to the Gods which maintaining the world, but they won’t always show high degree of respect.

The Gods won’t ask for the people to believe in them.

In this kind of environment, the power of the church is naturally not great.

The Church is just a place to show the gratitude of the people to God.

The other uses are for holding weddings, ceremonies, and as an orphanage.

Although if people have a small problem they can also come for counseling or confessions, however this is only an individual activity of the priests and nuns, which has nothing to do with the duties of the church.

At the time of marriage, the church is asking the Gods of this world to witness the vow of the couple; at the time of a funeral, the church is sending the deceased back to the side of God.

The main source of income comes from the ceremony fees of the church, and the donation of the believers to the priests and nuns.

The identity of the priests and nuns are not the servants of God, but more like hosts who organize the various activities at the church.

But they all have gratitude to the Gods, this is without doubt.

After today’s Tuition ended, Horun went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Kosuke also came to help put.

The lunch was the same breakfast, it was only reheating the soup, then taking the bread, cheese and fruits to the table.

Horun can only simply coordinate it.

Knowing that Alice already prepared things in advantage, because she still could not feel assured letting her cook alone.

Alice knows Horun´s culinary degree, because she is her cooking teacher.

Before meeting Alice, Horun didn’t know how to cook, because there was naturally someone who would make food for her.

After Alice found out about that she thought that one still need to know how to prepare a little, so she slowly taught her how to make some simple dishes.

Horun herself did have a sense for taste and wasn’t clumsy, so she slowly managed that.

“I´m full.”

Kosuke put together his hands, Horun cleaned up the plates from the table.

After putting the dirty plates into the water, Kosuke was responsible to clean them, while Horun dried them and put them back.

After the Lunch was cleared up and they rested slightly, Horun told Kosuke Alice’s instructions.

The instruction was chopping wood.

“Chopping wood?”

“You didn’t chopped wood before?”

Because in Kosukes world there is no need for such a thing like firewood, Horun asked if he needed an explanation.

“Oh, so I should chop the wood for the stove to use?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Kosuke only showed a dissatisfied expression, because he thought that Alice is someone who is having the concept that someone who doesn’t work don’t eat.

But that was wrong.

Alice hoped that he can actually feel the change in his physical abilities, that’s why she did that.

As long one move his body one can easily feel how much he was strengthened.

And at the same time the firewood is chopped.

That was Alice`s plan.

Kosuke followed Horun out of the back door of the kitchen, went to a small warehouse.

Where a big knife, saw and logs leaning against the wall.

The length of the wood was about one meter, the circumference was about 50 centimeters big.

Also several times bigger that Kosuke´s arm.

Perhaps the reason why the knife, saws and wood were covered in a thin layer of dust, was because it was neglected for a long time.

“Alice said that the length of the wood should not be longer than 30 centimeters. Each piece of wood should have about an eighth of the original size. There is no need to hurry, you can do it slowly.”

“Understood. It’s alright when I put the chopped firewood in this warehouse.”

“Yes. I will return to the house now. Ah, the interpretations magic effect is going to end soon, do you have something you have to ask?”

Horun who was going the house turned around and asked.

Kosuke thought for a moment and shook his head.

“Ok”, said Horun and returned to the house.

“First I should cut the wood. If I cut it into 4 pieces, then each part will not be longer than 30 centimeter.”

Kosuke took one piece of wood out of the warehouse.

Just with that he felt that his strength really increased.

Since lifting the wood was done completely effortless.

“…since it is that easy, there should be no problem taking more in one go.”

Taking 4 pieces of wood together let one had it hard to move ones hands and foots, but there was still capacity to cope.

Looking around there was no workbench nearby to use, for convenience, Kosuke put down 3 pieces of wood on the ground, then put the other piece on them.

After sawing for 15 minutes.


Kosuke wiped his sweat less forehead, and exchanged his saw for an knife.

“At first I should chop a notch out first, then chop it apart, right?”

The scene which he has seen before in TV emerged in his mind clearly.

The things which he has seen and heard before, can be recalled quite fast now, this is probably also an effect of the Title Dragonslayer.

Using the knife to cut a gap at the edge of the wood, then chop it down.

The wood was split into two pieces in one go.

As if he was using quite a strength with the knife, it only stopped after reaching the ground.

That the knife stopped has nothing to do with the ground, but it was thanks to Kosuke’s self-control.

If he didn’t stopped, even the ground would have been split in half.

“… I can´t feel the resistance of the ground.”

Kosuke was scared by his own strength. And had cold sweat run down his back.

“This is also the result of the increase of “stats”? If I used it without thought then it would been quite bad.”

Alice achieved her purpose, Kosuke could feel the strengthening of his abilities.

Kosuke while muttered to remind himself to relax while hacking firewood, after he cut five pieces he stopped. He noticed that even if he doesn’t chop a notch into the wood, he can still split it directly.


This one was cut a bit off.

“How about this way?”

After Kosuke amended the movement of the knife, he chopped again.

This time he chopped the wood into two pieces which varied from each other.

“Hm? Should it been done like this?”

After the second adjustment Kosuke chopped again.

After finally seeing a result with which he could be satisfied, Kosuke couldn’t help but to put his fist up.

After having the first successful feeling, the next pieces were all chopped into the right size.

After the first 4 pieces of wood which he took out were chopped after the instruction, Kosuke suddenly had a playful thought.

Maybe he can now cut the wood in the air after he thrown it.


Kosuke thrown the wood in the air, and hacked while it fell down.

The result was a failure.

He gripped it wrong, so it got struck in the wood.

And it left a vertical cut marks in the wood.

He pulled it out and tried it again.

This time he successfully split it into two.

But the position of the cut was still off.

“Certainly it is not easy. I can’t learn that from that series and that manga.”

Kosuke refused to give up and continued to try, after an hour, his success rate was raised up to 100%.

So it provoked himself to challenge even harder moves which came to his mind.

After 4 hour went by, thinking that it should been done Horun came out to take a look, what she saw was Kosuke who thrown the wood into air and cut it into four pieces, while having fun.


“Mh? Is something? Horun?”


Because the interpretation magic went off, Kosuke couldn’t understand what Horun said.

But from her reaction he could see that she was surprised.

He told her with hand signs about the language barrier, Horun calmed down, and asked him to return into the house.

Kosuke determined thought Horun’s expression that he already cut enough firewood, which he can call it a day and return into the house.

After the two of them picked up the firewood and cleaned up, they returned to the house and waited for Alice return.

One could see that the house has go through a certain degree of cleaning.

While Kosuke was busy chopping firewood, Horun wasn’t lazy and cleaned the house.

But it wasn’t completely tidy. Because like with cooking, in the past there was always someone responsible for cleaning Horun`s room.

At most Horun just put back the mess back to their original place, and then sweep the floor.

As for the things which she didn’t know where to put where put into a corner of the room so that it won’t obstruct her.

When Alice returned home it was already past 5 in the afternoon. Just for the trip she already needed nearly 9 hours.

When she came back, she used transmission magic, but when she departed she almost used up her magic, so she had to use magic supplement medicine to restore her magic.

After finding out that the interpretation magic wore off she re-casted it, which let her magic reserve went out.

Then Alice lie worn out on the table.

“I’m so exhausted. I haven’t used that much magic for a long time.”

“Thanks for your hard work. Did you found the corpse of the dragon?”

“Hm. It certainly died. After seeing that dreadful monster died in such a stupid way, my depression in my heart is finally swept away, such a great thing.”

Alice laughed delightedly. It seemed like that she really hated that dragon.

“I will visit the Kosuberu family tomorrow. And today you can write the letter.”

“Understood.” “Kosuke, how far did you progress with the firewood?”

“The wood which was next to the wall were all chopped into firewood.”

“Is that so? No, do you believe that your own physical abilities were strengthened?”

“At the beginning I was surprised, but there was certain confirmation. My physical abilities were strengthen a lot, compared to my previous self it is like I am another person.”

“I think so, too.” “When I went out to see the situation, he was performing a trick where he threw the wood into the air and quartered it. It was the first time I saw someone chopping firewood like that.”


“I was just practicing it out of curiosity, as result I understood the trick. I was also surprised. The blessing which the Title of Dragonslayer is really exaggerated.”

If one didn’t need to cut it into the same size, then even cutting it into six parts in the air wouldn’t be impossible.

Once one learned that trick, that work even became interesting.

“Indeed. Even if the numeric value is the same, if it lacks the revision of the movement, one wouldn’t know how long one need to exercise. However, in a situation like yours, then you should be able to learn magic quite quickly.”

“You’re willing to teach me magic? That’s great!”

This is the most exciting moment for Kosuke after coming to this world.

He danced with joy, so that he almost got dizzy.

Because most of the people would like to learn magic a indescribable kind of power.

In stories the miracles which magicians called forth are always exciting.

Kosuke also was someone who belonged to that kind of person which is fantasizing about magic.

“I think always relying on me for the interpreting magic is not very convenient, right? So I have to teach you how to use it. After we had dinner, I will start teach you from the basics. Interpreting magic is not a very difficult magic to learn, it shouldn’t take long time to learn it.”

“I´m troubling you then to teach me!”

Is there a need to be that happy for that?

At the same time, I thought that.

Later Alice said she want to take a nap, sitting on a rocking chair and closed her eyes.

After using up her magic, she should be dead tired.

Before long she began snoring lightly.

“Horun how great is your knowledge of magic?”

“Me? Beside the magic in which I´m specialized not so great…”

Horun can only use healing and the minority of auxiliary magic.

From the auxiliary, she learned how to enchant her strength, in order to suppress patients when they go mad of pain or to help stabilize the patient’s body.

This is a magic which can be applied for treatment.

She has never come into contact with attack magic.

Usually there was always a guard by her to protect her, so naturally there was no need to learn it.

“On the way here, the light which you called out was also magic, right?”

“Yes, that was light magic.”

“When I saw it for the first time I was really surprised. At that time I still thought that I was on Earth, so I really thought that there is really a magician on Earth living somewhere in a place unknown to everyone.”

“That magic is something that everyone can use, so it is nothing surprising.”

“In the eyes of a person who comes from a world without magic, if suddenly a light lit up, it would be hard not being surprised.”


Form the inhabitants of Earth it is granted that there is no magic, likewise, for the inhabitants of this world magic is something common as breathing.

Just like the life on Earth is normally for Kosuke, Horun doesn’t think that magic is something special.

So she doesn’t understand why Kosuke is making such a fuss about that.

After one hour Alice woke up, and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Kosuke and Horun also helped. But they could only help with cutting and cleaning the vegetable.

After entering the stage of cooking both of them were sent back to the table.

Because Alice only wanted to make something simple to fill their stomachs, so it was not necessary for so many helpers.

After the dinner was eaten and cleaned up, Alice prepared tea and began with Kosuke’s magic lesson.

“Magic is like a speaking your wishes to the world and having the world helping you to achieve it kind of technique. The things which can be done with magic is too numerous to mention. The phenomenon which is caused by magic is a kind of miracle. From the perspective of the world, magic is an unnatural strength. So while using magic one must follow up to a certain degree of procedure. When the magic is recognized as a natural phenomenon, no matter how powerful everyone can use magic, without paying any prices. The so called procedure, it can be making a petition to the world, or some kind of action, or use a magic circle, it can also be a long ceremony which include every action named before.”

These concepts were just like how one imagined magic on Earth, noticed Kosuke who had a common thought, it’s seems like the imagination of earthlings cannot be underestimated.

Maybe a long time before in the past earthlings really could use magic – such a speculation flashed in his mind.

“Following those procedures, presenting offerings, then petitioning to the world. I want to trigger that phenomenon is that ok, or so.  If the world think that the procedure is done correctly, the offering are ample, then it will agree to the phenomenon which you want to cause, and the magic will activate. The procedure of using magic is just like that. The so-called offerings is magic-power (MP). Up to the situation there is also minerals or some kind of herbs needed. Do you have any questions?”

Kosuke repeated the information which he just received.

“So the one who is activating the magic are not ourselves but the world?”

“That’s right. We are only asking the world to fulfill our wish and to perform that phenomenon. In addition, a talent is similar to magic effects but is activated by the user themselves. Also the medium which both of them consume is not the same. Magic consume magic-power (MP), a talent stamina.”

“Then the effect of Dragonslayer title, won’t it just continuously consume my stamina?”

“No, it is not like that. The ability which has permanent effects has basically up to nearly no consumption. For example, my Magic Fusion and Horun’s Heal consume stamina. Since it is always actively consume of stamina is normal, so there is no problem with the exhaustion of your stamina. The monstrous effect of it is that the strength going up a lv, if the talent is growing, then the effect can become even stronger. That way we can we can lower the consumption of stamina and becoming stronger. But it is counted as a special case.”

“I see.”

“Do you have other questions?”

“In order to use magic one only need to use magic power and not making a mistake with the procedure, does it not matter to anyone who doesn’t have talent? If we put aside the talent, then everyone no matter who use magic there won’t be a great difference? People with different magic power using the same magic will have the same effect?”

Alice nodded to Kosuke’s question.

“Your thought is right. It is independent to the amount of magic power, affecting it is only the type and frequency of the usage of the magic. The peoples which have less magic power even if they learned how to use magic can’t use magic which needs more magic power (than they have), no matter how desperate they are. But there are still people which refuse to give up, after repeated experiments one found how to break that limit. The method is storing up one magic power in a magic tool and release it when one need it for the magic. Another method is assembling many peoples and launch a complex magic ritual. Magic tools are generally, relics of the past, for secret technique of a group of the demon race. If one has no ability, then it is impossible to get any of them.”

If one want a relic then one need to find it in a ruin, or buy it for a high price.

Those secret technique won’t be taught to outsiders.

If one knows those secrets one’s life would be in danger.

“Where does the magic power which was offered to the world goes?”

Asking this question is only out of curiosity, even if one didn’t knew it one can still use magic.

“Those magic powers are all used for correcting strange phenomena. Although we can’t feel it, but that is what God said.”

But the correction can completely stop the strange phenomena from happening, only reduce the frequency of occurrence.

“Are there any other questions?” asked Alice, Kousuke shook his head.

“Then I will continue with it. Magic is divided into formless and formed magic in those two types, generally the one used is the formed magic. The magics which are published are also formed magic. Do you still remember that magic is a phenomenon? The so-called formed magic, is letting people believe that those phenomena are normal, letting the activation of magic becoming easier. For formed magic one need only petition the world, making moves, using a magic wand one can easily activate it. Because it is easy, so one can´t expect some great effects. Incidentally, there are different formed magic of various races elves, beastmen, those magics all have different techniques, but in the essence they are all the same.  Only the way of usage is different.”

After talking till now Alice drank a slip and took a breath, then she continued to explain.

“Formless Magic is often used for enormous magics. For the procedure there is only the ceremony. Formless magic effect has a gigantic phenomenon, so it is not the same as formed magic and can’t be hidden from the world.  So it is necessary to take time to use it. In addition, when there is a development of a new magic, even if it is a simple magic, at the start it will be classified as formless magic. When it is publicized, and the magic went thought the certification, it will be recorded into the magic book as formed magic. That is about all the basic knowledge.”

After the procedure is registered into the magic book, it is a certificated magic.

The magic book is in itself a magic tool, so it has such an effect.

“Can one skip the procedure, without a petition, action or magic wand and use magic?”

Kosuke remembered techniques out of mangas and novels which he had read.

“Impossible. Such a research is already going on since the ancient times, but not one person has found the answer.”

“Is it that there was a grain of hope or was unproductive from the start till the end?”

“The latter.”

Alice didn’t hesitate to answer.

It was also granted that there is no result.

As Alice previously said, a magic phenomenon is caused by the world.

A living creature can only petition the world.

Using magic while skipping the procedure, is like a living creature doing the same as what the world does with their own power.

If it is a success, then it would mean that the world and living creatures are equivalent which would be a strange equation.

Such a thing would be more serious than the presence of magic.

Even hoping to activate magic that way is only to solve a trivial matter, but if one does not follow the procedure, it won’t be effective.

For example, one can create a breeze with magic.

But as long as there is fan at hand, everyone can easily create a breeze.

Even if it is such an easy act, if one wants to activate magic, one needs to follow the procedure.

In the past researcher thought, such a simple thing, even if one skip the procedure one should be able to activate the magic and conducted experiments.

They thought that it would only take a month of research, but it lasted for forty years and it is still not over.

Later the researcher died, and the research stopped because there wasn’t an accomplishment.

Since then, there was no one who would command researchers to research a method to skip the procedure.

Also there was now almost no one who would select that as a research topic.

At most there are some confident researcher which appeared and tried to challenge it, as result they always receive a crushing defeat.

“In the past those researcher wasted that much time and didn’t get a result, do you still think there’s a way to skip the procedure?”


Kosuke nodded meaning that he understood that.

Alice also nodded.

“What remain is what one must be careful about when one use magic, that will be all for today. To use magic one need measure the usage of magic power. To use magic, one must release enough magic power. That’s the key. It´s sounds like it is something naturally, but the most of the people can’t do it.”

“Is it not just simple following the procedure and one is able to use it?”

“As for the meaning of using the magic power, the user must be able to release their magic power on their own. Reducing their own magic power, doesn’t mean that the world is sucking it from the user? From the position of the world, even if the magic doesn’t activate their will be no loss. Wanting the world to activate the magic and wanting it to draw out the magic power on their own, do you think it would bother to do something like that?”

The so-called phenomenon, is like poisoning.

It is not like the world like to trigger that phenomenon.

The reason why God don’t prohibit the humans to use magic, perhaps is because magic is already too close to the human lifestyle, so that it is impossible to stop them.

“I see.”

“Returning to the topic, why is the necessary amount of magic power which is offered the focus? It´s goes without saying, that with not enough magic power one cannot use magic. And the already offered magic power will be wasted. On the other hand, if the offered magic power is more than the required amount, then the magic will still activate. But the effect will still not change. In this case, the amount of magic power which was offered to much is also wasted. The amount of magic power which is offered should be about the needed amount. You need to keep that in mind.”


“According to your ability to learn, as long as you exercise enough there won’t be a problem. Next, is the actual practice.”

“I’m looking forward for it since a while!”

The thought on finally using magic, Kosuke got excited again.

“But that is just magic, is there anything that is worth to look forward?”

“It seems like he has some expectation toward magic.”

Replied Horun who looked away from her book.

“Expectation… I really don’t understand.”

For Alice magic is just the norm.

So there is no wonder that she didn’t understand him, when Kosuke found out that what shouldn’t exist appeared before him, and even have the chance to learn it so he was actually very excited.

“Forget it. Then just let’s practice.”

“I’m looking forward to learn from you. I want to learn the magic for flying (in the sky).”

Kosuke looked with sparkling eyes at Alice.

Actually the number of people dream of being able to soar into the sky, is not small.

Kosuke is one of them, he is really looking forward to fulfill that dream.

“To challenge flying from the start is to difficult, you will first learn the basics. First to warm up we use simple magic. 『Oh Light, appear please!』”

Yelled Alice while swinging her arms, then countless light particles appeared before Alice.

It was the same magic which Horun used when they were staying in the field overnight.

“Just like me one chanting the spell and offering you magic power. You try it.”

Kosuke who couldn’t wait to try was stunned.

“… How do I offer magic power?”

“You don’t know?”

Alice was stumped.

Suddenly wanting her to explain it, she didn’t know how to explain it.

For the inhabitants of this world, offering magic power is naturally like breathing.

After being born one can already do that. So being asked how to offer it confused her.

“Hm… it is a little difficult to explain it with words. How should I say it, it feels like… like pushing something out of your body?”

Alice looked troubled to Horun.

“Even if you look at me, I don’t know what to do. I´m not an expert in that area, I just use it for convenience only, as for what kind of mechanisms is needed to activate that, I haven’t even thought about that.”

“Most people won’t think about that. I didn’t expect to run so soon into a problem, I didn’t expect to get stuck so fast.”

Before when they investigated Kosuke with the metal plate they identified that Kosuke had magic power.

So they both naturally thought that he can use magic.

Alice and Horun both didn’t expect, that they would be already be frustrated at this stage.

“In the end, you should try to read out the spell first?”

“『Oh Light, appear please』?”

Kosuke imitated Alice movement swinging his arm, there was no response as result.

Alice and Horun exposed an expression as they had headache.

Kosuke thought that he can’t use magic, and he became depressed.

“I can only rely on myself and attempt it multiple times.”

“Come on. We will also help you thinking about a way to help you.”

000 (17)

Kosuke nodded and assented, and quietly repeated the spell.

He tried a variety of methods, like continuous chanting and concentration his strength in his hands, but sadly there was no response.

He tilt his head to the side and pondered about where he it went wrong.

That day, Kosuke repeated that and spent a lot of time, till he went to bed.

The next day, as soon Kosuke got time he would try to chant the spell, but the result was the same.

And the result of the next day was also the same.

Alice and Horun also sometimes tried to encourage, comfort, criticize, scold or threat, but did their best to help him.

Although when Alice criticized others while pointing their nose and told him where he did wrong, Horun also entered those scene and scolded, but Kosuke thought that those reactions were only acting.

That day evening, Kosuke was happy about his success, but woke up though that surprise and found out that it was only a dream, and he felt depressed again.

Such an embarrassing dream let him suffer twice as much.

“What should we do?”

“Yes, what.”

They both looked at Kosuke who feebly laid on the table while discussing.

Form the way he looked if one would describe it with a manga, it would be like when hot air is coming out of his head.

“His magic power is between humans first class. This is the truth, the question is why he can’t use it. Looking in the books also can’t find a similar case. I thought that the title Dragonslayer has a correction effect, did I judge wrong? But when you chopped the firewood it did activate.”

“If we look at that this way…”

Alice thought for a moment and then said:

“Perhaps it would be better if he give up learning magic is better. Anyway, even if he doesn’t have magic, he is still incredibly strong.”

“But he was so looking forward to it, if it is possible, then I want to help him to learn it. He has magic power, and didn’t mispronounced the spell. Activating the magic needs to offer magic power, he can’t use it, which means the world didn’t receive the magic power…”

Horun reconfirmed one after another of the steps which are necessary to use magic. Then she found out a possibility.

“Could it be…?”

“Do you have an idea?”

Horun was not certain but said out what she found out.

“I thought that, he did not petition to the world.”

“But didn’t I said at the start. That magic is a technique where one has to petition to the world.”

“This place is for Kosuke a foreign world, the world in his heart could it be his own world? So even if he petition, the world he is thinking of is another world, and not this one.”

“Mh… This conclusion does made sense. Ok, I will tell him that, and tell him to try again.”

Alice knocked Kosuke`s head while calling him to wake up.

Perhaps though there was no progress with the practicing of magic he lost his patience, Kosuke´s movement were slow.

“Horun thought about a very persuasive hypothesis. If her hypothesis is right, then magic should not be very hard for you. Listen carefully.”

“I will listen.”

“You are right now here. Do you understand that?”

Alice tapped with her index finger on the table. Kosuke nodded.

“So, your world is this one now. Not the one where you lived before, it is this land right now. So when you pray then you need to pray to this world so it would only make sense, right? Listen carefully. You’re living on this land now. You need to thanks this world, and pray to this world. You only need to do that then you can use magic.”

As if being awoken from a dream, Kosuke just noticed that the home in his heart was the Earth.

Even though after coming to this world has already been over a week, also he is a little bit accustomed to the life here now, but in his heart he still set on earth.

Kosuke concentrated, on one side he wants to speak with this world, he prepared to chant.

At the same time, he felt that something in his body wriggling, then he let out what he could let out altogether.

“『Oh Light, appear please』.”

The magic phenomena which Horun and Alice used before, also appeared before Kosuke.

“Success! I did it!”


Kosuke and Horun where jumping hand in hand in joy.

Alice mumbled, “Finally succeeded”, and then sat down on a chair.

“Ok, ok, how long do you want to be happy, come sit down.”

“How can I not be happy! I finally, finally learned magic!”


Alice literally poured a pot of water at Kosuke and forced him to sit down on the chair.

“First of all I will say congratulation.”

Then she reached out to stop Kosuke who was smiling brilliantly, continued with.

“But you released too much magic power.”

“Because I don’t know how much I needed to release, so I released as much as I could.”

“Even so, releasing 90% in one go is too much.”

(TL: Kosuke you have overdone it -.-’ )

“Basically how much should be released?”

“Well… with your magic power, then not even one percent of your magic power. You just need that little bit to use it.”

“Really, is that enough?”

Anyways, one percent is quite exaggeration, Kosuke was surprised.

“I said before that it is easy magic. Even a three years old child can use it. Because it is easy the needed amount of magic power is small. Today you will continue practicing Light magic. Actually I wanted to teach you another magic, but with your magic power right now it will be hard.”

“Right, will I recover my whole magic power if I sleep overnight?”

“Sleeping for one night will only recover about half of your magic power.”

After Kosuke said that he understood that he started practicing the magic again.

He reduced the amount, and only released a bit of magic power.

But it may be that he released too less, the light did not appear.

He slightly lift the amount of magic power and tried it again, this time he succeeded.

“It seems like I’m still useless.”

Then he casted the spell five times, only drawing out the needed magic power.

Later Kosuke tried out a variety of usage, such as changing the spell and seeing what kind of effect it has, and so a day had passed.


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