Chapter 5 – A Side Effect of the Dragonslayer Title Part 1

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A Side Effect of the Dragonslayer Title

It had been two days since he learned magic.

In this period, Kosuke also learned other magics.

His ability to memorize things was better now compared to the past, so he absorbed the information quickly.

Though he really only learned simple magic.

Alice had sent the letter to the Kosuberu family on a rainy day.

They should be sending an investigation team to the mountains within the next few days to search for the dragon’s corpse.

Kosuke’s current objective was to learn interpretation magic until he could use it with ease, as well as the other simple magics.

He was studying healing and basic household magics.

Alice and Horun oversaw his learning. In the beginning, he felt that the magic for making a fried egg was really boring, but he eventually recognized the importance of that magic and began learning earnestly.

The magic in question didn’t require any fire, one just needed to prepare a dish with eggs on it.

This was important for people who were adventuring or who were in trouble.

Horun was teaching him healing magic since it’s her forte.

Alice had decided to teach him the household magics mainly to have someone else split the workload with her.

The only way to learn all of this was to go slowly and methodically.

Alice had the impression that Kosuke had never cooked before, that’s why she had taught him the fried egg magic.  (ED: University life 101, eggs all day)

Kosuke actually had some knowledge of how to cook, he just needed a recipe to follow.

He could make satisfactory dishes at most.

The actual preparation for cooking wasn’t complicated.

Since the correction effect of his «Dragonslayer» title was in effect, as long as he practiced he would rapidly become better.

“This time I’ll teach you magic for washing cloth.”

“Oh, okay.”

Kosuke followed Alice to the courtyard.

Next to them was a basket with clothes and a washtub.

Kosuke noticed the lack of a cleaning agent.

Could it be they never developed one?

Or that they didn’t need it?

He still wasn’t clear about that.

Horun was sitting next to the window, listening to the sounds coming from outside while reading a book.

“First put the water into the washtub followed by the clothes.”

Kosuke put the clothes, socks and underwear into the basin.


“Is something wrong?”

“Why is your underwear mixed in? Please separate them!” (TL: Is that not something that a girl should say Kosuke?)(ED: U wot m8)

Clearly seeing the female underwear, Kosuke couldn’t help but blush in shame.

“No need to freak out, at my age there’s nothing to be shy about.”

“What are you talking about? You look like you’re 20 years old.”

“I’m 70 years old this year.” (TL: What!! O.O)(ED: …)

Kosuke stared at Alice.

Her skin’s natural elasticity and glossy sheen, body stature, and her hair, no matter how you sliced it she looked around 20 years old.

Even when she was being stared at from head to toe, she never went a shade of red.

It seems she really didn’t have a sense of shame anymore.

“It’s because I’m from a race that lives a long time.”

“That’s really something you’d only hear about in another world…ok, I understand your mentality on this matter. Even so, why is Horun’s underwear mixed in here with mine as well?”

“Mine? I didn’t know you were washing today. Besides, I don’t know how to wash the clothes myself so I don’t complain if someone else does it for me. However, having my underwear stared at is a bit…”

Horun’s cheeks became slightly crimson as she looked away.

“I’ll be careful,” answered Kosuke before he regained his composure and faced Alice.

“You ready then? All right, let’s continue. Chant the spell 『Squash squash get washed』, point your finger at the clothes and basin, and rotate the finger clockwise. It requires about 13 times the MP that Light magic does.” (TL: Will call illumination magic now Light magic)(ED: ohgod that chant)

“『Squash squash get washed』.” (ED: LOL)

Following Alice’s command, Kosuke used the washing magic.

The clothes in the basin floated into the air and stopped about 50 centimeters above the ground and began to spin.

The spinning direction changed from clockwise to counterclockwise, and the clothes were compressed into a ball.

In the eyes of Kosuke, this scene felt just like a magic version of a washing machine.

“If there’s any stubborn dirt or stains, just use soil release or decontamination magic.”

“How does that one go?”

“You just point straight at the laundry and cast 『Dirt be gone』. It requires about 8 times the MP of Light magic.”

Kosuke tried to use this magic.

A ray of smoke got mixed into the ball of water.

“Now we wait until it stops rotating. It takes about 30 minutes. The rotation speed will slowly decrease and the water will return into the basin.”

“So there’s 30 minutes of free time? What should I do? Also, do I need to stare at it while it’s rotating?”

“Don’t worry.”

“It still feels very troublesome. I thought that it would all get cleaned immediately.”

“That kind of magic does exist, but it doesn’t work well with lots of laundry.”

“So there really is a convenient magic like that.”

As Kosuke turned around and started to return to the house, he noticed a shadow belonging to a person hiding at the corner of the house.

The owner of the shadow stepped out into view.

He has short blue hair and black eyes, and his face gave off an honest air.

He was about 1.8m tall. (ED: such measurements from just a glance, Kosuke plz tell us his 3 sizes too)

He looked older than Kosuke, about the same age as Horun.

He wore iron armor on his upper body, black leather pants, and had a large battle axe on his back. (ED: Kosuke his shoes tho I need to know)

After the man saw Kosuke he was shocked.

“Elder sister brought a man home? And he looks like a young one no older than 15! I thought sister didn’t have any interest in younger men.”

“Quit the nonsense! 『Fire Ball』!”

Alice exposed her palm and shot out ten flames no larger than 1cm in size.

Kosuke had yet to see any magic used offensively since coming to this world, and the first instance of it was used as punishment.

“Hot, hot!”

The man was rolling on the ground, trying to avoid being burned.

“Miss Alice, do you know that man?”

“He is Yudi, though his name is actually Borudosu. Why did you come here?”

Alice crossed her arms and coldly stared at the man lying on the ground.

“I, I came to visit you, elder sister.”

The man’s face was warped in slight pain as he got up from the ground, clearly those burns hurt.

The cold gaze he was receiving gave no relief to those burns.

“Also, shouldn’t you have calmed down by now?”

“Calmed down? Why?”

“Because Horun…”

“What about me?”

Horun had come to the courtyard to heal the burns on Borudosu, but she couldn’t contain her curiosity at hearing her name spoken.

“Ah, long time no see. I was worried about elder sister since she got depressed when Horun was chosen as the sacrifice.”

Borudosu hadn’t realized who the girl in the courtyard was. (TL: Well it’s natural, right?)

“She is alive and well, why would I be depressed?”

“What are you spouting? Are you hallucinating out of loneliness?”

Borudosu seems really worried about his elder sister.

His eyes gave the feeling of pity and compassion. Horun felt like she was being played.

Alice looked at Borudosu with a twitching mouth.

“Didn’t she die? Then who is that  person standing next to you?”

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