Chapter 5 A Side Effect of the Dragonslayer Title Part 2

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”Next to me?”

Borudosu looked toward the empty side, Alice pointed to Horun indicating him that he turned to the wrong side.

“Horun… you are Horun right? Horun Horun……”

Borudosu repeatedly said Horun´s name.

Soon, he got to a conclusion and got white ash in his face, he moved back a step from Horun side.

“G… G… G… G… G… G… Ghost!”

Alice merciless hit Borudosu´s head.

Alice strength is D, she is even stronger than a usual hooligan.

Borudosu´s endurance are at C, so he didn’t suffer any injury.

But instead Alice who hit him got hurt her hand.

After letting Horun treating the burn, Borudosu finally accepted the fact that she is still alive, and smiled to cover his embarrassment.

“Aye – sorry. sorry. Hahahaha, I didn’t thought that you were still alive! Hahahaha indeed gratifying!”

Perhaps his heart was still a bit shaken, his eyes were not focused.

“Noisy. What are you laughing for, if you have to say something then just say it!”

“Mu, I´m sorry, I mistakenly thought that you were dead!”

“I don’t mind it. Even I didn’t expect that I would survive.”

“That’s right, why are you still alive? Oh no, I´m not blaming you for surviving. Could it be that you managed to escape? But it didn’t seems like the Black Dragon came out to destroy.”

Borudosu hadn’t thought about the possibility that the Black Dragon is dead.

Which was the normal reaction.

“Even if I say it you may not believe it, the Black Dragon had been killed by that kid. According to his statement it was an accident.”

After being patted at his head by Alice, Kousuke bowed to the stunned Borudosu.

“Dragonslayer? Come again- this is a joke, right?”

As Alice expected, Borudosu didn’t believe it. His expression was as if saying, even if it there was a big chance, this boy who doesn’t even looks like 15 years old couldn’t have killed the dragon.

So not even the fact that Horun was still alive, but even Kousuke´s identity card as an evidence, were all brought out.

“Wow – there is really the Title “Dragonslayer” written on it. Even with this obvious evidence I still can’t believe it, this kind of situation is still the first time for me.”

Borudosu let out a silent laughter.

Probably it was because he was too shocked, and couldn’t express the normal reaction of being surprised.

“Even if you don’t believe it, fact is fact. I have already personally confirmed the corpse of the dragon.”

Alice´s testimony was the crucial blow, Borudosu accepted the fact of the birth of the Dragonslayer and the death of the Dragon.

“About the appearance of the Dragonslayer don’t leak it, ok? If it came out it will only be troublesome. Let everyone think that it died out of illness or age.”

“Although it is hard to believe that the dragon was killed, but it is also hard to believe that the Dragon died of illness or age.”

Borudosu has personally seen the Black Dragon.

The impression of that time, couldn’t let him believe that such a thing like death will also occur to that Black Dragon.

The strength of the Black Dragon was that strong that one could be only impressed.

In addition to Borudosu, there are many who are like him and wouldn’t believe that the Dragon is dead.

No matter how it died, most of the people can’t believe it which is normal.

After Alice urged Kousuke to introduce himself after she said that unbelievable thing.

“Hello, I´m Watase Kousuke. Right now I’m living with Miss Alice and Horun.”

“I´m Borudosu. I´m mo… mh… elder sister’s brother. Thank you for saving Horun.”

At the moment when he addressed Alice as his mother Borudosu was started at, and he quickly corrected himself.

Kousuke wanted to ask him why he changed it, but taking into account that the opposite might want to hid it he gave up that idea.

“Watase Kousuke in this area I haven’t heard of a name with that kind of pronunciation.”

“Ah, Watase is my surname, Kousuke is my name. You can call me Kousuke.”

“Ok, Kousuke. Is it ok addressing you like that? Incidentally I don’t have a surname. You don’t need to be courteous when you´re talking with me. A boy who still hasn’t grown mature shouldn’t act like an adult.”

“… At which age one does consider as an adult?”

Asked Kousuke since he was sure that Borudosu judged his age wrong.

“You don’t know? You consider as one when you’re 18 years old.”

“I certainly am not of age, but I´m 18 in one year.”

“Really? I thought that you’re about 13 years old.”

“The age you guessed, is even lower than what Miss Alice and Horun guessed.”

But actually guessing it wrong up to 5 years is still too low, Kousuke couldn’t help but to say it.

“It is because you look like a midget.”

“Compared to you, almost everyone is a midget.”

Although Kousuke´s height is lesser than the average, so the impression would be indeed a bit short, but taking Borudosu to compare is too unfair.

It just let one to think even shorter.

Alice’s height is a bit above average, nearly the same as Kousuke.

Horun is between the fourth to the shortest but she is only a bit shorter than Kousuke.

“Sorry, sorry. I´m only apologizing today.”

“You should blame yourself for having such a bigmouth.”

“That’s right.”

Borudosu let out a bitter smile after Alice said that, he stopped smiling, and revealed a puzzled expression.

“Anyway how did he killed that dragon?” Alice told him everything what happened after Kousuke came to this world.

After half of it was told, Kousuke noticed that the laundry finished washing, but Alice said they will continue after she is done, so he went to find Horun to chat in order to pass on time.

Horun these days seemed to be reading books about medicine and pharmacy.

Horun pointed out, that after her life was saved, she wanted to enjoy what interested her.

Just when Kousuke wanted to ask Horun a question about herbs, Alice and Borudosu´s conversation ended.

“This is really unbelievable.”

After finish listening to Alice, Borudosu made such a reaction. At the beginning he had a look of astonishment, and then it slowly turned into one of being loss.

“Not only being a Dragonslayer, but also from another world? Does it mean Mitalamu cares for you?” “Mitalamu?”

Kosuke asked Horun about that unknown word.

“She is the goddess of chances and inevitability.”

At this time, in Kousuke´s mind the a voice resounded 『The Goddess Mitalamu is watching over you』. “Whoa!”

Kousuke who was surprised by the sudden voice looked around, the remaining three asked curiously about what happened.

In the past, there were animes with similar themes, while Kousuke thought that he told what he heard to the trio.

“You probably got a new Title.”

“There is such a possibility. Take out your card and look.”

Kousuke obedient took out the card and the Title emerged on it.

Below the Title Dragonslayer is one line more.

In words which Kousuke can’t read 『The Goddess Mitalamu is watching over you』.”

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