Chapter 5 – A Side Effect of the Dragonslayer Title Part 3

Hajiko: Here is the third part of this chapter also in this part we will now why or  a possibility why his second Title is 『The Goddess Mitalamu is watching over you』well beside that there is nothing to say but Enjoy.

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“Indeed, there is one more.”

“You got another one.”

“So you really received a blessing.”

“The reason why I was brought to this world…does it have something to do with this Goddess?”

This was how receiving a title felt like. Kosuke was amazed by the progression of events and was wondering if he was summoned by Mitalamu.

In fact, he had heard the same voice resounding in his head when he collided with the dragon, but since he was unconscious at the time he wouldn’t remember.

Alice shook her head and denied Kosuke’s question.

“Mitalamu is only a middle-class Goddess, so she doesn’t have the ability to interfere with other worlds. By the way, even high-class Gods do not have that kind of ability. The only possibility would be the God of the World. However, beyond his creation of this world, I haven’t heard of anything else that he’s done. You came here by sheer chance, therefore Mitalamu will pay special attention to you. Perhaps you caused something outside of her control and caught her interest.”

“I feel like a circus animal. Anyhow, what kind of effect does this title have?”

“For that, we need to take out the measuring device to check it.”

Kosuke requested that the laundry be finished before they check his title.

He couldn’t just let the laundry just sit there and ignore it.

The next step would be to dehydrate it. After taking the laundry from the tub and placing it into the basket, one needed to cast the magic.

The weather was nice today so only half of the water was taken out by magic. Hanging the clothes to let them air dry would get the rest.

The degree of dehydration was determined by the amount of time the magic was active.

A complete dry took about 10 seconds, half dry took 5 seconds.

Since there was also anti-wrinkle magic, there was no need for concern on that front.

Sadly there was no magic to hang the laundry, so the four of them quickly hung up the clothes and went into the house.

Kosuke looked at the hanging clothes being embraced by the sunlight with a satisfied expression on his face, and walked into the house.

After checking with the device, they discovered that the title didn’t give any special powers or attributes.

It seems like it’s only a notice that the Gods are watching him.

“Having said that, you can enter the domain of God now.”

“The domain of Gods is a place that forbids humans, isn’t it?”

“Mm. That’s right. Only a few who have a title with the name of a God are allowed to enter. In that domain, there are previous herbs, minerals, and rare creatures. If you can bring them back, you’ll be able to live a pretty luxurious life. Although getting to the domain is a tall order.”

“The domains of God can only be found in places that are extremely hard to reach.”

Borudosu knows the location of 4 domains, but they are all located in dangerous places.

The nearest one was at a place called the Pillar of the Abyss, located in the eastern part of the continent.

It’s called that due to the bottomless abyss of darkness. It looks like it was created by a huge pillar stabbing into the ground.

One can collect rare insects, minerals, and moss there.

All of the items from that place are priceless due to the special location.

“There is also nobody would would willingly go there. Even in the Adventurer’s Guild there are only a few requests regarding that.”

“That’s because it wouldn’t be useful to request it. Nobody would take it. Those kinds of requests are for adventurers with excess ability.”

Adventurers with enough strength can enter the domain, but they number very few. Therefore any request regarding the domain of God have a severe lack of qualified adventurers.

In addition to those, there are also domains of the Evil God.

In those domains, there are sealed Gods who could cause irreparable harm to the world and also have a lack of valuable objects. It’s really not a place people go out of their way to visit.

After the washing with magic and discussion about the domains of God, the four of them decided to have an early lunch.

Today it was Kosuke’s turn to make lunch.

With experience from his world, he knows he only has to follow his memory step by step to make food. There was no need to fear failure.

After checking his available ingredients he decided to make croquette.

Since there was still some bread and soup left over he decided to serve those as well.

Kosuke had also learned how to cut ingredients with magic, so it was easier to make the food.

Taking advantage of the time Kosuke needed to cook, Borudosu reported the information he had gathered to Alice and Horun.

For example; A martial arts tournament was to be held in half a year, the north was still at war, there were rumors of high quality weaponry in an underground maze, and a criminal organization somewhere had been eliminated. Borudosu had all kinds of news and it was all taken in by Kosuke.

Kosuke placed the meals on the table and the trio stopped chatting. After praying they took their forks.

“I haven’t seen such a dish before,” said Borudosu while piercing a croquette with his fork.

“This should be a dish from Kosuke’s world. What’s the name of it?”


“As long as it’s tasty, anything is ok-…mh, it is really delicious.”

Borudosu started shoveling his portion away while Kosuke, Alice, and Horun discussed how to make the croquettes.

After the chatted up to how tempura was made, Horun stopped him in fear that the dishes would go cold.

As they wrapped up lunch and the dishes were cleaned up, the four of them started to chat.

“Kosuke and Borudosu should have a mock battle later.”

“No problem.”


Borudosu nodded while Kosuke looked confused.

“Wh…why must we suddenly have a mock battle?”

“Because I want to see the fighting ability of a «Dragonslayer».”

“I haven’t even had experience in fighting, let alone a brawl with others!”

Couple with Borudosu’s clear physical advantage, Kosuke’s knees went weak.

“Since that’s the case, you should take this chance to get some experience. Our world is much more perilous compared to yours. At least with some practice under your belt you won’t panic when you finally face trouble.”

This world even has dragons, and other monsters that pose a threat to the lives and property of humans.

Kosuke could not argue that this place was not nearly as safe as Earth.

It seems like it’s inevitable that he would need to learn self-defense tactics, but being asked to suddenly fight was a little much for him.

“I didn’t mean that you had to kill each other. An unarmed battle is more than enough. I’ll stop it before something happens, you don’t need to worry about being hurt too much.”

Seeing Kosuke faltering, Alice tried to encourage him.

Horun was also supportive of the mock battle, she even volunteered to do the post-battle healing.

Since it’s being done as a precaution, Kosuke gave up and accepted seeing no other way out of it.

Even so, his expression was hazy.

Once again, they went to the courtyard but away from the laundry, to prevent it from getting dirty again.

Kosuke imitated Borudosu who was warming up.

Judging that they had done enough warm up stretches, Alice stood between the two of them.

“We’ll start in a moment.”

Hearing Alice voice, they turned around and faced each other.

“Before we start, Borudosu.”


“You should first switch your title to «Berserker».”

From hearing that title, one could feel chills.

What was with that?

Kosuke let out a confused expression.

“That’s not really…switching to that title is not a good idea.”

Perhaps he wasn’t in agreement, but Borudosu had quite a resistant attitude to the idea.

“What are you saying? Your opponent’s title is «Dragonslayer». If you don’t strengthen your defense, then you will be hurt when it could have been avoided.”

“But if I switch to that title I will definitely go out of control.”

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