Chapter 5 – A Side Effect of the Dragonslayer Title Part 4

Hajiko: So here is part 4, uff I can only say it was quite hard with some sentences there and also with the weather while I translated it I often lost my motivation but fortunately it got colder at the end of the week so I could still get it done. So about this part I can only say his power is OP but he still lack technique. So enjoy.

Xant: Enjoy the op strength reveal chapter! Slapslapslap

“Then either I or Kosuke will stop you.”

“You have to stop me, ok?”

Borudosu emphasized that over and over to Alice.

“I don’t want my house destroyed, of course I’ll stop you.”


Borudosu looked up into the air.

This is probably the state one goes into when changing their title.

“The title «Berserker» sounds very terrifying. Is it really ok for him to equip that title?”

“Rest assured. You and I will certainly stop him. Did you finish switching yet? Battle start!”

As Alice announced that, she went back to Horun’s side.

She prepared some magic that could be released at any time and began to earnestly watch the battle.

She was serious and unwilling to miss a single move from Kosuke. This mock battle was under intense scrutiny.

“First, a few light blows.”

After saying that, Borudosu approached Kosuke from the front with a straight fist.

Although he had said light blows, these fists were much faster than a ruffian’s.


Kosuke cried out, barely able to dodge to his right.

Even though Borudosu’s movements could be easily read, fear is hard to overcome.

“Here comes the next punch.”

Seeing Kosuke dodge one attack after another, Borudosu increased the speed thinking it wouldn’t be a problem.

After he confirmed Kosuke had dodged his jab, he followed up with a straight right.

That punch grazed Kosuke’s cheek.

His fist grazed Kosuke’s ear, and in the instant that his attention was drawn to that side, Borudosu followed up with a kick from the lower left.

With a loud noise it impacted Kosuke.

“It hurts…wait what?”

Kosuke felt a light vibration but no pain.

Borudosu followed up with a low kick from his left leg.

This time it was dodged by jumping. Borudosu set his left foot down and used it as a pivot for a roundhouse kick. His low kick was a facade to hide his forward movement.

The kick was barely dodged by Kosuke as it brushed past his clothes.

Feints and endless attacks streamed from Borudosu.

The gap between hits and misses were miniscule. You couldn’t tell which attacks were feints and which weren’t.

Borudosu’s movements were extraordinary, the relentless assault either resulted in near hits or grazed Kosuke.

After a short period, Borudosu stopped fighting.

“Why do you only dodge? Can’t you counter?”

Borudosu stopped intentionally to incite an attack from Kosuke.

He also tried to provoke a reaction with a ‘Come on’ movement.

It may have been the provocation, it may have been because he saw a chance, but Kosuke finally threw out a punch.

In Borudosu’s eyes, the punch and preparation for it resulted in a failing grade.

He held out his right hand in order to block the first.

The sloppy punch impacted his outstretched hand.

Borudosu though for sure he could catch the fist, but he didn’t expect the impact to break through his defense.

His chest and right hand were hit directly. He was pushed by the impact and stumbled back a few steps.

He was somewhat surprised but still let out a small smile. He was admiring the power of a «Dragonslayer».

Borudosu’s attitude changed after receiving the punch.

He started releasing an aura out of his body.
(TL: Aura in this case something like Qi in chinese story, can also be the aura of a killer a bloody aura)

Although Kosuke was scared by the aura and shrunk back, Borudosu started his assault anew and ignored Kosuke’s reaction. Kosuke could barely endure it.

Borudosu’s eyes lacked rationality, only the thirst for battle emerged.

His aura also emitted an intent to kill.

Becoming the target of such bloodthirst was a first for Kosuke, he felt a strong chill hit him.

“His breathing changed! It’s like he has a cold aura around him!”

“Now it really starts, be careful!”

“Really starts?”

Alice wasn’t lying.

Borudosu’s movements did not show mercy.

Kosuke stared at Borudosu, his body was somehow able to resist Borudosu’s aura. The mental pressure on the other hand was too much for him.

But realizing his opponent didn’t have any intention to stop, Kosuke concentrated in order to observe Borudosu’s movements, making preparations to dodge.

Borudosu closed the distance between them in a speed that Horun couldn’t perceive. He used every part of his body to attack; his knees, elbows, shoulders, everything. No feints, every attack was thrown to defeat Kosuke.


“Woah, that was dangerous!”

Kosuke rapidly dodged.

Although at first he was grazed by the attacks, Kosuke slowly increased his successful dodge rate and Borudosu eventually became unable to hit him.

Just like how Borudosu had changed his attitude earlier, Kosuke was forced to do the same in the heat of battle.

Regarding physical ability, Kosuke is better than Borudosu.

As long as he was focusing on dodging, Borudosu’s movements were laid bare in front of him.

Kosuke couldn’t dodge by prediction due to his lack of experience.

Borudosu was becoming more violent due to his «Beserker» title, causing his attacks to become disorganized. Kosuke was taking advantage of his dynamic vision to dodge attacks with ease.

After 10 minutes, Kosuke could avoid any attack from Borudosu.

His movements reflected his growth. Earlier he was making big movements to dodge, but now he was doing the absolute minimum to avoid Borudosu.


“What is it?”

He still had the energy to answer Alice’s question.

“You can give him a good punch.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem, but…are you sure?”

“He has to lose consciousness otherwise he won’t stop in that state. Even if he gets some bruises, Horun can just heal him up. Don’t hesitate.”

“I’m not sure I can knock him out though.”

Kosuke knew his strength was great, but he didn’t know exactly how strong he was. He didn’t know if he had to hold back.”

“If you can’t do it, I will.”

Kosuke waited for an attack.

The opportunity came quickly, Borudosu’s movements were big and unwieldy and he lost his balance.


Kosuke took advantage of the time it took Borudosu to stand up and slapped at his stomach.

He used a slap since an inexperienced fighter could easily hurt their fist with a punch.

Borudosu’s body bent and flew 5 meters away, crashing to the ground.

Everyone was shocked speechless.

It was the first time any of them had seen a human fly like that.

“…This is…”

Borudosu seemed to be unconscious, he was laying on the ground and wasn’t moving.

“…is Borudosu alright?”

Kosuke said with a stiff expression while pointing at Borudosu.

Alice and Horun woke up upon hearing that.

Horun quickly went to Borudosu to check his wounds.

“Horun, how is he?”

“I can heal him, but the injury is more serious than we imagined.”

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