Chapter 5 – A Side Effect of the Dragonslayer Title Part 5

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After Horun´s affirmation, Alice relaxed her serious expression.

“What is the state of his injuries?”

“His ribs, sternum and spine cracked. His abdominal muscles are also injured. His Internal Organs are also injured, but the injury is not severe. To be safe we should prepare something easy to digestible for dinner for him.”

“It’s my fault that I order Kosuke to attack him.”

“… I’m the one who attacked him, I´m also at fault. This power is just too terrifying.”

Kosuke`s voice was trembling.

Kosuke’s heart was heavy as well his knees were trembling right now.

Although he didn’t had the intention to kill, but the fact that he nearly taken the life of someone made him fear it in his heart.

Kosuke himself was being hit by Borudosu several times, but was unharmed.

Who would have thought that there was an overwhelming gap of strength.

“If you can maintain that attitude, then there is no need to fear that in the future you would misuse your power for violence.”

Alice’s words also implied that she “hopes that he can do it”.

“… there is no need to mention using violence, I already hesitate if I should use this power or not.”

“A hesitating attitude will let you in an unexpected situation that you won’t be able to act against it. You need to get used to this power, will it be beneficial or harmful will depend on how you use it. Don’t use it for wrong things, don’t get controlled by your own desire, and don’t let your power get over your head. You just need to follow those points, then it should be able to peacefully coexist with you, ok?”

“Just like weapons? Weapons have no feelings, good or evil it depends on how it is used. In the past I have heard such a phrase.”

“That’s just like that. I will continue to guide you on how to use your power. How you use it, you need to think about it yourself Kosuke.”

Alice picked up Borudosu which received treatment and moved into the house.

Seeing the small framed Alice carrying the big built Borudosu looked strange, but her strength was at D, so even carrying Borudosu wasn’t hard for her.

An hour later, Borudosu woke up.

Thanks to Horun´s treatment, his stomach only hurts now but it´s not that bad.

With an unsightly face he had a pondering expression, he thought for a while but still didn’t know why, then he looked up looking at Kosuke and Alice.

“In the end who stopped me?”

He asked Kosuke and Alice.

“Do you not remember?”

“As soon as I go berserk I lose my memory of it. So who stopped me?”

“I was the one that did it. I heavily hit your stomach.”

“Ah, so that’s why my stomach hurts.”

Borudosu suddenly nodded and rubbed his stomach.

“I’m sorry.”

“There is no need to apologize. I was already prepared to be hurt.”

Replied Borudosu smiling while waving lightly his hand to Kosuke.

“I also need to apologize.”

“Elder Sister too…?”

Seeing Alice apologizing, Borudosu was shocked.

“Your stomach is hurting is because I told Kosuke that there is no need to hold back and attack. I didn’t thought that his power was that strong. Fortunately, we let you use that title to strengthen your body.”

“Even elder sister has a bitter face while apologizing, then the injury which I got were that serious?”

Borudosu asked Horun who saved him.

“Your ribs and spine are cracked, your abdominal muscle and internal organs are injured. If we allow your body naturally recover, it would take 3 weeks till you can eat normally. After suffering such a serious injury, most people would already have died.”

After learning how serious the injuries which he suffered were, Borudosu couldn’t laugh anymore.

And he could understand why those two seriously apologize.

Borudosu´s constitution after strengthen are C+ at strength and C at endurance.

Even if it was for work, it was rare that he would get hurt while in the state of having that title active.

“A Dragonslayer really can’t be taken lightly.”

“How do you feel after actually fighting one?”

Borudosu tapped his forehead with his finger trying to remember.

“In my impression it was unbalanced. While his fighting style was a mess, but his power was terrifying. So even if he can´t predict the attacks of his opponent´s movement, he can still dodge with his eyes. Being tricked by feints is because he still lacks combat experience. As soon as he learns how to fight, I think he will be at between the top warriors in a blink of an eye.”

“That’s because his basic qualities are good. Borudosu, you should teach him how to fight.”

“I’m good with it, but I can´t stay too long, ok? If I don’t complete my requests, I will become poor….”

(TL: Chinese translation says that he would die of being too poor)

“It won’t take you much time. When he learned magic, he absorbed it quickly. You only need to teach him the basics, there is no need to worry about it later.”

“Anyway he just needs to find a way to land a punch then it is enough. Wait a moment I will need to first teach him how to hold a sword.”

Borudosu believes, that if a physical attack is used at a lower grade monster, Kosuke has the ability to one-shot kill it.

After determining that the talk of those two ended, Kosuke asked a question which was on his mind.

“What was that change with you while the battle?”

“You mean that? That is caused by the talent Fury. The effect is enhancing the strength and endurance by one rank and indiscriminating attacking. After suffering a certain degree of attack one will return to normal.”

“But Alice said that I needed to knock you unconscious, in order to stop it, right?”

“That’s because of the title. The title Berserker will enhance the effect of Fury. Strength and Endurance will also go up a Rank. In contrast, only suffering a bit of damage will not return one to normal.”

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