Chapter 5 – A Side Effect of the Dragonslayer Title Part 6

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“Your title is really difficult.”

Borudosu nodded in approval to Kousuke.

He also thinks that his talent and title are not easy to use.

“So I usually use the title Survivor. Survivor can enhance strength and accelerate the speed of healing one’s wound. It was quite troublesome to get that title. But I’m still suffering from that blow.”

A title can be changed, but a talent cannot.

The Talent Fury will grow even more difficult, but one can learn how to control it.

So the training which Borudosu does is still lacking.

“So there are titles and talents which brings negative effects to the holders.”

“The number of them are not that big.”

After they were done talking Kosuke and Borudosu went outside, while Alice and Horun stayed in the house and passed the time.

Borudosu used an ax to cut nearby branches, then he removed the twigs and trimmed them to about the same length of a sword, he gave it to Kosuke.

Then after Alice gave the order, he began to teach the grip posture first and some sword postures, and told Kosuke to train with it.

While Borudosu watched his exercises, and also correcting where he did wrong.

Before using an ax, the weapon Borudosu used was a sword, so teaching the basics of it isn’t hard for him.

As long as Kosuke learns the sword postures, Borudosu will teach him the next steps.

Before the sun went down, Kosuke learned all the sword postures which were taught by Borudosu correctly.

And Borudosu couldn’t find an error to correct.

After that one only need to practice the posture, seeing that Kosuke´s learning ability is that strong, Borudosu was both surprised and dumbfounded, that he wore a hollow laughter.

No matter what is taught he will learn it quickly, which made Kosuke happy.

While a uncomfortable feeling disappear with every repetition of the sword movement, as if he obtained it gradually by revision, filled with a sense that is similar to as if one can solve every riddle easily such sense of accomplishment, or a sense of fulfillment.

“Today we will stop here. If we continue I will lose my confidence.”

“I´m also scared by my learning ability. The blessing of a Dragonslayer is really is a cheat.”

This is because Kosuke knows that without that the title’s support, he couldn’t learn so fast, and his endurance couldn’t cope up with it, so he knows clearly how exaggerated that effect is.

“That´s right.”

After Kosuke put the stick which should be used tomorrow against the wall he went to wash his hands.

Then he brought the collected dry clothes back to the house and asked Alice for the Anti-Wrinkle magic.

Kosuke is wearing right now are the old clothes from Borudosu.

Borudosu wanted to throw away those old clothes which he couldn’t wear anymore, but Alice kept them all.

Seeing his own old clothes from a decade ago being brought out, Borudosu felt nostalgic.

After the folded cloths were cleared up, Alice started to cook dinner.

Because of Borudosu, she planned to make some dishes which are easy to digest.

After dinner, they quietly spent their peaceful night.

When Borudosu was resting in his bedroom, someone knocked at his door. 

The one who opened the door was Horun.

“How do you feel?”

“Ah, Horun? I’m already feeling better.”

“Just to be sure, I will check you again.”

Even if Borudosu felt that there was no serious problem, but he still obediently accepted the checkup, maybe by relying on the diagnosis of a doctor he can find out something abnormal which he couldn’t find himself.

After all he is making money with manual labor, so he’ll need to take care of his body.

Horun moved to a convenient location to examine him, he lifted up his shirt.

After confirming his body with magic that everything is normal, Horun told Borudosu the result.

“Thank you.”

“This is my job.”

After Borudosu set his cloths, he said:

“It´s great that you’re alright. I thought that we could never see each other again.”

“I´m also really happy to be alive. This is all thanks to Kosuke.”

“Your savior who broke your fate of dying? Maybe he is your fated one. Will you not consider to marry him?”

“Ah? I didn’t thought you were a romanticist?”

Being told by Horun or perhaps suddenly feeling embarrassed, Borudosu hide his expression as if he never said anything.

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about. My fated one huh… for me he is my savior.”

Recalling what happened in the last week, Horun knows that she has feeling of thanks and love for Kosuke, but it is not a romantically love.

Seeing the happy Kosuke she feels warm, and she also thinks that his smile is cute.

But that is not the feeling between man and woman, more like family or motherly love.

“I don’t have romantic feeling for him, but I don’t mean that I hate him.”

“After a hero rescue there is a mutual goodwill and then they will fall in love, this kind of situation is common.”

“How should I say it, before we arrived here Kosuke did not only showed his strength, but also his weak side and his behavior appropriate for his age. I’ve seen it all. So I think he is really cute. If I had a younger brother, then when we get along, then it should feel like this, I think.”

“Younger brother? Perhaps you think about him being family too much.”


If in the future Kosuke shows his reliable side, Horun´s feeling might change into love.

Borudosu silently thought about it.

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