Going on a Trip

I´m on a trip from 10th Aug. – 16th Aug. so there will be no translation and I wanted to translate the first part of the next chapter but it was to hot this week so I just couldn’t concentrate on translating so please forgive me. Well with chapter 5 the 2 Arc is completed and the 3 Arc [Going to the City] starts with the chapter Title [Journey of Trials].  But well after looking a few times I cant really say if those are really Arcs or chapters since those Arcs are quite short compared to other series well nervermind.

So that was all from me.


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  1. gguk says:

    souvenir please 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for all your hard work and I hope that your trip is fun!!!


  3. Hajiko says:

    No the edit is taking time


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