Not Dropped

First Ryuugoroshi no Sugosu Hibi is NOT dropped.

Second Xant needed a bit more time since he worked first on Black Knight CH 8

but he should be already be working on the first and second part

I apologize for taking that long.


Edit: Took down my Translation of Strike the Blood

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4 Responses to Not Dropped

  1. Sorry.. I thought it was dropped since there was no news about it. *dogeza*


  2. Firestorm says:

    So is nobody translating Strike the Blood then? Can’t find a translation anywhere which sucks…


  3. Hajiko says:

    Well thats no Wonder since Yen Press/On Licensed it the first volume should be relased at the 22th of September


  4. that’s good to hear and keep up the good work.


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