Chapter 6 – Journey of Trials Part 1

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The next day, Kosuke continued to learn magic, knowledge, and the ways of combat from the trio (Horun, Alice, and Borudosu). This lasted for about a week.

In that week, Kosuke learned the basics of this world which he needs to survive.

Since his ability is strong, coupled with his desire to learn, Kosuke absorbed it like a sponge and memorized all the knowledge he was taught.

Whether it was an attack magic, or one designed for everyday life, it was all learned by Kosuke.

His existing knowledge is also enough to solve problems which he will encounter.

There really isn’t a need to talk about fighting.

His strength can’t be compared to a fledgling adventurer.

According to Borudosu, even if he encountered 30 bandits, Kosuke should be able to beat them while talking and laughing.

Putting it bluntly, Kosuke’s strength is greater than Borudosu.

As Borudosu recalled how much time he spent training in the past, and how all of that could not compare to the strength of Kosuke’s title, he shed a tear.

In fact, Kosuke had gotten used to exchanging blows with Borudosu.

This new, matured Kosuke was just preparing to go on an adventure.

He decided to go to a city and make his living there for a month in order to check the results of his learning.

It was Alice’s order, and she thought that him staying in her small place and learning everything had no meaning to it, so he should experience some things firsthand.

Kosuke also thought that what she said makes sense, so he agreed to it.

He was already curious about the cities in this world.

Of course he still harbored a bit of worry in his heart, but he wasn’t going to allow that to have him be under the care of Alice forever.

From a certain point of view, letting Kosuke live alone is too dangerous. Alice thus arranged Borudosu to live with him.

Alice heard that Borudosu needed to return to the city soon, so she came up with the idea that she should send Kosuke out with him to experience the world.

“Kosuke, are you ready?”

“Even if you ask that, I only need to carry the bag which was prepared and packed by those two.”

Kosuke answered while carrying a loaded backpack.

“That’s true.”

Borudosu smiled wryly.

Kosuke went from his temporary room to the living room.

Alice approached him with a few bags.

“In this bags there’s enough for living expenses for a month, and in this bag is money to buy a sword. If you can earn the same amount as this first bag in a month, then no matter where you are you should be able to support yourself. The money for the sword, see it as my farewell present. Don’t use it for anything else. Be careful not to lose it, ok?”


Kosuke placed the bags safely into his backpack.

This money was lent to him.

Even though Alice wanted it paid back after a month, she wasn’t forcing him to or taking any interest.

Her intention is that Kosuke will see that as a goal in that month and make an effort to achieve it.

This amount of money is like a drop in the ocean for Alice, and the sword could have been given unconditionally. However, she lent this to Kosuke to set a goal for him.

“After that, you can live in the city if you want, but remember to come back and visit us. Do you understand?”

“Understood. Even so, I still think I would like to continue living here. That’s something that won’t change.”

In the eyes of Kosuke, this place is like his home(town).

Perhaps it’s because after coming to this world, this was the only place he could belong.

Naturally, he was also reluctant to give up cohabitation under the same roof as two beautiful women.

“There nothing wrong with it. When you want to come back I won’t turn you away.”

“I will look forward to the stories of your adventure when you come back. You have to be careful about your safety, and make sure you enjoy the world. You can’t follow strangers either, ok? And make sure to not waste money.”

Perhaps it was because she saw Kosuke as her younger brother, Horun was like a guardian and came off as overprotective.

Kosuke was confused by her reaction, but he was still grateful.

“Mh. Anyway I don’t have any clear objectives for this trip, so I can relax and enjoy myself.”

Under the watch of Alice and Horun, Kosuke, who was full of expectation and restlessness, embarked with Borudosu on their journey.

Their destination was the city St. Beira, which was about 3 days away by foot.

Although Kosuke just needed to grab Borudosu and use flying magic and it would take a short time, they decided to move on foot in order to experience how to travel and learn some camping skills.

Although Kosuke had camped and travelled to Alice’s house, he didn’t think it was enough or proper experience.

Even after the two figures disappeared into the forest, Alice and Horun still stared in that direction.

“I don’t know what kind of experience will await him in the city.”

“Presumably all kinds of things. I hope that he won’t suffer or get into a difficult situation.”

“Suffering may also be good for him. Learning early that the world is cruel is not a bad thing.”

What both of them said were because they care about Kosuke.

Those words were mixed with tenderness and affection.

“As long he doesn’t get into some big mess, I can always help him.”

Hearing Alice, Horun showed a faint smile “Oya?”

“Are you worried about him?”

“I don’t know why, but I can’t just ignore him.”

Alice herself was also puzzled by that.

“Don’t think about it too much.”

After muttering so, Alice and Horun went into the house.


The day after the departure.

Because of the help from someone with experience last night, Kosuke had a relaxed night.

He even had the energy to enjoy the night sky, and observe the stars.

However, something happened which forced the relaxed Kosuke tense up.

Kosuke has noticed a monster.

“It seems like there’s something here.”

“What is it, Kosuke?”

When the grass moved, Kosuke confirmed that something was abnormal.

“It seems that something moved over there…?”

“Where? Ah, it seems something is really there.”

Borudosu gazed at the point 20 meters away where Kosuke pointed at, and also noticed something abnormal.

Then something suddenly stood up in the grass and revealed itself. It looked like a monkey.

“That’s a Lutz Monkey.”


“Yes a Monster-Monkey. They are more violent than monkeys and are strong. Mostly considered low-ranked. They normally act in groups, but this one is probably alone because it wants to establish its own group or was driven off because it’s too old.”

Due to being taught at a high level by Alice since a young age, Borudosu’s knowledge of monsters was vast.

Intelligence D is not just for show.

Because Borudosu lacked interest in history and literature, Alice mainly taught him survival skills and practical things. He had very little academic knowledge.

Kosuke has yet to learn how to deal with monsters.

“It should have not noticed us by now. Pretending that we haven’t seen it yet is fine, so do you want to try challenging it Kosuke? Accumulating experience early on is good.”

“Challenge? You want me to fight it?”

Kosuke lifted the wooden stick which was made by Borudosu.

The stick could easily be used to chase off dogs, but would it hold up against a monster?

“That stick will do fine. Just hitting it once should be enough. Figuring out your strength against monsters early on is a good idea, though I guess you can beat it with one hit regardless. Using magic is forbidden, by the way.”

“Mh…beating it with one hit, you mean kill it, right?”

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