Chapter 6 – Journey of Trials Part 2

Hajiko: Here is the next part since it seems like Xant is a bit busy with RL, this part was pushed quite back. This part was edited by me and a certain reader. So Enjoy.

“Thats right, but you don’t need to think too much about it. If the monster is alive it will harm humanity.”

“Even so, my heart is still against it.”

“In order to get over that feeling, you need to get rid of the monkey.”

Borudosu pushed Kosuke, picked up a stone, and threw it at the Lutz Monkey.

The stone tore past the Lutz Monkey.

The monkey finally noticed the two of them, and approached with a ferocious aura.

The Lutz Monkey is covered in bright brown fur, only the head and tail are black. It has sharp fangs and a bigger body than normal monkeys, it’s a dangerous looking appearance.

“The strong rule the weak”, this is the rule of the jungle. This monkey represented that, so its features were justified.

Against stronger enemies one must not try to avoid fighting, but to challenge it with your comrades.

In a situation of battle, only after being forced into a corner this will happen.

In this case, for example, Lutz Monkey could choose escaping, since there is no need to fight.

The reason why it chose to fight the stronger Kosuke, is because Kosuke looked weaker than him.

Even if the opponent is stronger, if he can’t utilize his strength then even the weaker one has a chance to beat him.

The Lutz Monkey know that by instinct. Kosuke and the Lutz Monkeys was set,  the problem was only Kosuke´s soft attitude.

Insisting that Kosuke should fight, Borudosu must also bear responsibility – saying it like that is not right.

After all, he only know Kosuke for a while and knowing his personality in this situation is difficult.

The Lutz Monkey fighting spirit was high.

While Kosuke´s fighting spirit wouldn’t lit.

Kosuke lifted the stick to attack the Lutz Monkey.

The stick hit accurately the Lutz Monkey, thought the stick Kosuke felt the breaking of the collarbone thought the meat.

The stick couldn’t withstand] the impact and broke into two, while the Lutz Monkey died blood soaked.  

The blood sprayed at Kosuke cheeks and hands.


Kosuke looked at the motionless Lutz Monkey, and then looked away.

The smell of blood came to his nose, then he suddenly had a feeling of nausea.

Kosuke put his hand before his mouth, fought against the feeling to vomit because of nausea and in order to endure it,  as he muttered sorry.

The reason he feel guilty, is perhaps because the Lutz Monkey originally didn’t do anything to provoke him, there was no need to kill it, just because of that mischievous mentality a life was taken.

In the eyes of Borudosu and the people of this world, such a mentality is no different as hypocrisy, but for Kosuke who grow up in a japanese family it feels like he had done something bad.

Borudosu didn´t understood Kosuke´s mood.

In this world no one would feel bad about killing a monster.

Just like how Kosuke can kill mosquitoes without problems.

Because Monster’s have parts with can be sold for money, so compared to pest it still has a more valuable presence, even so, this world people will still kill.

Since if they show mercy, the one who will be unlucky will be her/himself, so there is no need for hesitation.

“Finished with one blow, just like I thought.”


Kosuke replied to Borudosu with an obviously depressed voice.

“Your mood is really bad.”

“Killing a living being above a certain size with a playful attitude, in the hometown of my world this kind of act will be punished, so I have a feeling like I did something bad.”

“You need to get used to this feeling by yourself.”

“Wanting me to get used to killing? I don’t want to.”

“Getting used to killing is not the only thing, those kind of monster tend to cause harm to human. So there is no need to feel guilt, you also need to get used to this. Betting a monster will be praised, therefore no one will punish you.”

“If.. it was an ugly monster, then maybe I wouldn’t feel cranky.”  

Kosuke tried to find an excuse for himself.

“There are those very ugly monsters, but I still can only advise you to get used to it quickly.”

“… when in Rome do as the Romans do. I will give my best.”

After all, both sides have different moral value, if he continue to insist on his own common sense and not adjust, then by living here will only let him be perceived as a freak.

Although Kosuke hope´s that he can return to his world one day, but he doesn’t want to have a painful life before he returns.

So he wants to change his concept/way of thought.

“What does it means?”

“It´s a saying, which means if one follows the local custom, live will be more enjoyable.”

“I see.”

Borudosu who had the impression of hearing a similar proverbial tried hard to remember it, then Kosuke asked how to take care of/dispose the Lutz Monkey.

“What deal with? This guy doesn’t have anything which can be skinned off, ok?”

“I dont mean it like that, I mean leaving it here just like that and not care for it is that ok? Won’t it cause trouble for other who will pass here?”

“So its this question. Letting it like that is also ok. Anyway later there will be wolves, wild dogs or other carnivorous beast  coming and drag off it. If you want you can drag it off to the side of the road.”

Wanting is only wanting, but Kosuke don’t want to touch it and decided to let it on the road.

After they departed from there, Kosuke was curious about “skinning off” what Borudosu said.

“What you said before about skinning off does some monster have body parts which have value?”

“Yes, often there are requests which asks for people to get a certain part of a monster.”

Kosuke remembered a hunting MMORPG game.

Kosuke never played a game where he must go online, but he normally also has interest in video games,  so he occasionally get information about this kind of games.

(I have never thought that I would actually hunt in real life. Life is really constantly changing.)

(TL: Thought of our MC)

Kosuke shook his head, due to an incredible life experience and laughed.

“What is? Having such a hollow laugh.”

“It´s nothing.”

The two of them continued their journey.

Before they arrived at St. Beira, the two of them again encountered a monster.

This time they encountered a Killing Dog a dog kind of monster, under the fluffy fur there were several horns hidden.

And they meet four at once.

(TN: someone a better Idea for the monster name 伐犬)

This time Kosuke also fought them alone. Borudosu said it is a good opportunity to experience combat with enemies.

The use of magic is still prohibited.

As weapon just like the previously broken stick, was a twig which was broke off by Borudosu used as stick.

Kosuke obeyed Borudosu´s suggestions and ended the battle safely.

On his body weren’t any wounds.

Though he was rammed three times, but with his strong body, it doesn’t even itch.

After the battle, Borudosu told him several points which he should change.

That if under the same circumstances, most of the people would have already needed to go to the doctor for sewing a few stitches, Kosuke again understood how extraordinary his body was.

Although he still felt guilty, but compared to when he killed the Lutz Monkey it wasn´t much.

After having the experience of killing, one can feel that the shock for the heart became smaller.  

Thinking that if he continue to kill he will get used to it, Kosuke had mixed feeling about that.

This battle also had an unexpected income.

The horns of the Killing Dog doesn’t have a high value, but it still has a commercial value.

The 13 Horn´s which was torn off where putted into Kosuke´s bag.

This small money is not even enough for Borudosu to fill his stomach.

Incidentally, this is enough for one person’s food cost for two days.

Beside the two battles, the journey was peaceful, the two of them arrived early in St. Beira.

This is because the two of them were energetic, so their travel speed didn’t drop. St. Beira´s main road was paved with stones, the rest of the ground was mud, the buildings were made of red bricks and wood as base, the view was western styled.

The Population was about 50 thousand.

This was not like the cities which Kosuke knew, around it there were 3 meters high stone walls which surrendered the city, in order to protect from monster attacks.

The biggest house in this city was western downtown.

This city’s aristocracy lived there.

At the entrance of the city where guards.

Seeing Borudosu, the guards went ahead and greeted him like meeting an old friend.

The eyes of the guard fell on Kosuke, Borudosu explained that he was his friend.

The guard accepted that simple explanation, and showed a welcoming smile to Kosuke.

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