Chapter 6 – Journey of Trials Part 3

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After Kosuke bowed to them, he went into the city with Borudosu.

“This is St. Beira, which is also my base of operation. Although it cannot be compared to Ricardo in prosperity, but it has a relaxing atmosphere.”

“Does it has any specialties?”

“…there is none. However, cities with specialties are rare, so it’s ordinary.”

“That’s right.”

“Ok, where should we go first… right, let’s first go buy you a sword. This way.”

Under Borudosu´s leadership, Kosuke went to the weapon shop which Borudosu frequently visited.

Before they arrived at their destination, they meet several people who greeted Borudosu.

(TL: Well aren’t you famous)

On the sign which Kosuke couldn’t read, were the words weapon store written on it.

Perhaps they were at work, in the house next to the store one could hear the sound of beating metal.

At the Counter there was a girl who was about 20 years old was writing on paper, who looked up when the sound of customer coming in attracted her attention.

Her blond hair which was bound together in order to do things easier also swayed gently.

Recognizing that the customer is Borudosu the young woman/lady approached them with a bright smile.



“I haven’t seen you these days in the city, where did you go?”

“I went to the house of my elder sister.”

“I see. What do you need today? Does it has to do anything with the young boy behind you?”

“You’re right.”

Borudosu pushed Kosuke who was looking at the store curiously.

“This guy’s name is Watase Kosuke, he is just like my brother now. Today we are here to buy a sword for him. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t that sharp, I want one which is durable. Can you help to pick one which is acceptable in terms of the quality?”

Even if the blade is blunt, as long one put in enough strength one can also cut with it, with this kind of thought, Borudosu also chose durable weapons and not sharp ones.

“Uh. Pleased to meet you.”

“I´m Clarice.  Hello. Can you come over here please?”

Clarice waved to Kosuke.

Kosuke stepped forward obediently.

“Let me see your hand.”

“Both hands?”

“Please show me your dominant hand.”

Clarice carefully checked Kosuke´s outstretched hand.

After touching the palm, she poked his arm to feel his muscles with her index finger.

What can be checked by this action? Was what Kosuke thought.

While Clarice stared at Kosuke´s hand, she spoke:

“You started to use a sword not long ago, right?”

“Can it be seen?”

“Yes. Anyway, I´m also a blacksmith. Over the years I have already seen a lot adventurers, compared to their hands yours is quite tender. You can withdraw your hand now.”

Clarice brought from the store shelves three swords.

“According to your needs, the ones which suits Kosuke in size, will be those three. The prices are also cost-effective.”

“Which one is the heaviest?”

“It’s that one.”

Clarice immediately pointed at the right sword, to Borudosu´s question. Borudosu picked up that sword and handed it to Kosuke.

“Pull it out.”

Kosuke pulled the sword out of its sheath and took a stance.

He didn’t forget what he learned, he keep a very stable posture.

From Kosuke´s expression one could see that he was excited, from holding a sword for the first time.

“Is the weight ok?”

“No problem. It is ultra-light. I think.”

Having that powerful strength, a mere sword is nothing.

So Borudosu choose the heaviest one.

As if intending to strengthen the way of destructiveness.

“I just asked before, but is this kid really a beginner?”

“That’s right. It hasn’t even been a month since he started to practice sword arts. Today should be the first time he is holding a real sword.”

“Yes. Before I had used once a knife, but this is the first time holding a sword.”

(TL: Made a mistake in one of the past chapters since 劈柴刀= cutting knife/ firewood knife I translated it as axe but it seems like more like a knife)

“That’s a bit hard to believe. Such a beautiful posture, is not something an ordinary person can do.”

(TL: Well he is a Dragonslayer so not Ordinary.)

“It is because I learn quite fast.”

“That’s abnormal.”


Seeing Kosuke talking like it has nothing to do with himself, Clarice was puzzled.

“Is this the so-called genius?”


Because there is no way to explain her about the Dragonslayer, when she think it was a genius then it was so.

Anyway being a genius is not much different, thought Borudosu and Kosuke.

After paying the money, the sword became Kosuke’s.

Perhaps she was hoping that Kosuke will become a regular customer in the future, she also presented him a sword belt.

The increase in weight at his waist is not a burden for Kosuke, but it is still unfamiliar.

Although he already desired a sword in the past, but he still couldn’t believe himself that he can practice with a sword now.

“Ok, let´s go.”

“So fast? What about armor?”

“Later we still need to visit the guild and go back to the hotel. We can talk next time about the amour. I don’t have any money anymore.”

After the fight with the dogs Kosuke confirmed that there are no problems even if he doesn’t have any amour.

If one want to fight with higher level monsters, having no armor means
one’s safety is not guaranteed.

Apart from a particular place, one won’t meet a tough monster here.

Only if some unexpected situation occurs then it will be that.

Anyway this kind of situation don’t just occur any few days, so Borudosu decided that buying armor can wait.

“Since you said so, there is no need to worry. But don’t let him do something stupid. He should just be a newbie, right?”

000 (19)

Saying that is because Clarice didn’t knew about Kosuke, but seeing her being worried about the Dragonslayer, Borudosu was speechless.

“Don’t worry he is even stronger than me.”

“You really love to joke. No matter how I look I don’t believe that beansprout can beat you a berserker. In short we will talk about the armor next time. OK, then see you.”

(TL: well it wasn’t literary beansprout but more like small weak built boy, but I just couldn’t help but to write it like that -> D.Gray-man Allen Walker)

“Uh. Then good luck with your smiting.”

“Thank you for the sword belt.”

“You don’t need to thank me. We basically will always give it away for free for new customers.”

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