Chapter 6 – Journey of Trials Part 4

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Clarice said with an energetic voice “Thanks for your business” to the two.

The two who left the weapon store went to their destination, the guild from which every adventurer would depart from.

Borudosu described how it is organized while they were walking, which wasn’t much different as what Kosuke thought.

For Adventurer, the guild is a place where they can get jobs and information’s.

For others, the guild is a place where they can get their problems solved.

Although there is no restriction about requests for adventurers, however if one doesn’t have the strength to solve it, they will stop them from it.

Sometimes the guild will entrust the request to one who is suited for it.

If such a situation arise the guild will take the initiative to raise the reward.

If one doesn’t have the considerable strength and reputation, the guild will not give out such a request to them.

A large cafe appeared before the two when they were moving. This was the goal from Borudosu, the Adventurer Guild.

This store was originally opened as a Bar, but because the previous owner loathed drunkards, he changed the business.

After Kosuke who was nervous and Borudosu entered the Adventurer Guild, they attracted the attention of everyone but soon they looked away.

Kosuke stepped back because of the pressure which came from their stares.

“Why did everyone turned to look at us?”

“It is because I’m quite famous here. Seeing you at the side of me they felt curious, but after finding out that there is nothing about you to boast, they immediately looked away. I guess that should be it.”

Borudosu guessed completely right.

If the newcomer is someone strong, then their jobs will be reduced.

In other words, it will affect their revenue.

After checking if Kosuke is worth to form a party with, they judged that there is no worth to work with him.

(TL: If they knew about his POWER xD)

Kosukes quality and appearance, didn’t fit together.

No one had the vision to see Kosuke´s true strength, which leaded to that result.

Borudosu brought Kosuke who was nodding to the registration counter.

At the counter there was a 25-year-old woman and a 15 years old girl.

Both of them wore the guild uniform but the girl looked like a newcomer.

The adult female staff had shoulder long dark green hair, black eyes and under it a mole, she is a beauty.

The girl had short cut blond hair, orange-yellow big eyes which are cute.

But Kousuke felt that there was something which destroyed the cuteness of that girl.

The Girl widened her eyes after seeing Kosuke watching her.

Kosuke was puzzled, not understanding why she had such a response.

Therefore, after carefully looking at the face of the girl, Kosuke discovered that the eye color from both eyes aren’t the same.

But having different eyes color´s in a different world could be no big deal, so he didn’t pursue that.

“Welcome back, Mister Borudosu.”

The Adult female bowed.

“Hello. Can you register that boy?”

“Naturally, than please fill out this paper…”


Before the responsible staff finished talking, she was interrupted by the girl.

Borudosu hadn’t seen that girl before, so he guessed that she should be a new staff member.

“What is?”

“Can you leave the work for registration to me?”

“Yes you can, but why so suddenly? Seeing that you’re especially motivated? Forget it. Don’t make a mistake. Sorry for the delay. Because it goes like that, now it will be taken over by her. Since she is still new, she might not be comprehensive enough. If there was something which offered you, please search for me or another staff member.”

“Saying not comprehensive enough and offering, I feel quite worried.”

After listening to Kosuke the staff member smiled first and then accessed:

“Because she is quite a ditz/klutz.”

Seeing that after she came here working she frequently made mistake.

But she shouldn’t be a bad person.

Although the adult staff member said ditz/klutz, but one can not hear out a harsh meaning.

“You still know how it is done?”

“Although I’m not confidence, but I have a memo, so there is no problem.”

The Girl took out a Memo out of her chest pocket.

“Don’t think that if you have a Memo there won’t be a mistake. Normally you need to memorize the method. But as long as it won’t be delayed, I need to look away from it. Since you wanted to take care of it, I will let you take care of it.”


After she stared at the girl she bowed to Kosuke and Borudosu and moved back to her place to handle other works.

“Then I Viare will take care of the registration, ouch.”

She bit her tongue.

Will it really be OK?

Kosuke and Borudosu had a hint of anxiety.

Viare opened teary eyed her memo, confirming the steps.

“Then please fill out your Information on this paper.”

After receiving the paper and charcoal Kosuke who wanted to write with japanese stopped.

“I can’t read and write this language.”


Viare let out a surprised expression.

Kosuke was confused, not knowing why she is making a fuss about it.

Borudosu also knows that not knowing how to read and write is nothing rare, so he didn’t understand why Viare was so surprised.

“Is there a need to be such surprised? Can it be that not knowing how to read and write is a strange thing?”

If that was the case, Alice and Horun would have taught him how to read and write.

Kosuke looked at Borudosu for advice, he shook his head.

“N, no, but I didn’t expect that you couldn’t read and write.”

“That is strange. You shouldn’t know me right? This should be the first time we meet.”

“Thats right, but my Talent told me that you’re a the Dragon–.”

“Thats enough. We know it already.”

Borudosu reacted fast and used his hand to block Viare´s mouth.

If Alice was present she would have praised his decision.

After that Kosuke asked Borudosu about this, he realized that he had such a foreboding, and could react in such a timely manner.

“Keep this matter confidential, ok?”

Borudosu exposed an expression as if he had met a strong monster.

That expression terrified Viare, and she nodded to that with tears in her eyes.

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