Chapter 6 – Journey of Trials Part 5

Hajiko: So here is the 5th part of this chapter. And I´m sorry it took that long for that, it was because I lost my motivation (still not really back :[ ) because after work I don’t have the motivation to do anything anymore. So enough complaints from me. Also if someone is interested on working on/ taking over this LN please contact me. This part was edited by me.

So Enjoy.


Viare whose mouth was blocked didn’t understand why she was treated like that.

She just wanted to tell him his Title which she saw.

From her past work experience, each guest were happy when she did that, therefore she hasn’t been reprimanded.

For Viare, a resounding Title is a honor, not something which need to be kept secret.

This was the first time she had met someone who doesn’t want his Title be exposed.

“Why”, this word constantly resounded in her mind. Borudosu´s graze where fixed onto Viares eyes, after judging that she didn’t lie he released her.

“Did something happened?”

The staff who was taking care of the documents on the other table inquired.

The other Adventurers also casted their attention to them.

“Nothing, it’s just that this girl was clumsy, so I was shocked.”

“Is that so?”

After saying that she left again.

The other Adventures also looked away.

This was a precious moment which was caused by the confusion.

“Could it be that it nearly came out?”

After understanding the situation Kosuke asked Borudosu.

“Ehm, it seems that this little girl has a talent which let her see the Title of others.”

“Then it’s completely known.”

Anxiety flared up in Kosuke, hiding the Title shouldn’t be that hard.

“It’s faster than I thought. Who knew that in right after arriving in this town we will met someone like that. Later we need to talk with her so that she will keep it a secret.”

Being stared at by Borudosu, Viare let out a soft groan.

Hearing the word Negotiation sounded like a threat to her.

“Let’s talk about this later. We should first finish the registration procedure.”

“I can’t write, so can I trouble you to do it?”

“Yes, that’s OK. Uhm… can you tell me your Name please!”  

Thinking that a slight mistake may cost her life, Viare talked formally.

She asked something, Kosuke answered.

Hearing a question which doesn´t need to be answered, then Borudosu will immediately interrupt it.

Every time Borudosu interrupted, Viare´s body shuddered fearing she did something wrong.

If she met some sadistic people they would be quite happy.

After the filing of information was finished, Viare printed the mark which means that one has joined the Association on the card and returned it to Kosuke, then she let out a month full of air.

As if she had finished a big project.

“Next, next I will explain how to accept requests.”

“Ah, this can be omitted. I have already explained that to him. You can explain him the part of transferring the request and the rewards.”

“Understood. Then I will explain what is transferring a request. Sometimes one will receive a request which is beyond one’s capacity or is judged as undesirable and is not in the personal areas of expertise. When such a situation arise you need to report it to the guild, we will handle the task of transferring the request. After transferring, one doesn’t have the right to receive a reward anymore.  And one must report everything which you found out about that request. Depending on the situation, sometimes you need to pay a penalty.”

“Do you have any questions about that?”, inquired Viare, after confirming Kosuke´s nodded she continued to explain.

“Next I will explain the rewards. The reward will always be written on the commission. On the Commission the fee of five percent is already deducted. So please don’t come to us yelling if the amount which is written and the amount the requester told you is not the same. But if the difference is more that five percent, than please come to us. In addition, for requests which the guild approached you we won’t charge a single fee. This is also a matter of course.”

(TL: Well 5% is not much, compared to a certain Pokemon Game with about 90% -.-’)

Viare talked up to where her notes were.

“The client will sometimes not tell everything to the Guild, which indicates that the other side is in an awkward situation, so you need to be careful.  Sometimes it can be because they can not pay the right sum of reward, the reward indicates if someone will take the request. If you think it is suspicious you can directly refuse to do it.”

Borudosu supplemented to what Viare said.

“That´s right. If one take a request, adventurer need to take responsibility for it, no matter what happens the Guild will not intervene. Be sure to pay attention to it. With this the Description is over.”

Viare let out an expression like she finally finished something.

“Was this it?”

“That´s right. Next we just need to seal up this girls mouth.”

“Ah! I forgot that…”

Viare was completely concentrated on the job that she forgot the danger.

Then she slowly slide from her chair, with a teary expression.

“When will your work end?”

“In about an hour my work will end.”

“Then we will meet in an hour in the Ouliyasi Cafe. Do you know that place?”

“I´m a regular there.”

Seeing her appearance Kosuke felt sympathy, but in order to safeguard himself she need to keep the secret.

He decided as long as she keep it a secret, he will invite her to eat something.

After they where done will the registration the two of them spent their time outside(streets).

While at it they needed to sell the drops of the Killing Dog.

The one who was in charge of negotiation was Borudosu.

Since Kosuke never had the experience of selling, so Borudosu demonstrated it to him.

On one side there is the merchant who is trying to buy at a low price, on the other side is Borudosu who is trying to sell it at the market price, the result of it was a victory for Borudosu.

As long as one have a good relationship with the merchant, they can avoid the trouble of negotiations, after Borudosu gave the money to Kosuke he told him that.  

Even though it’s still 30 minutes till the agreed time, they decided to go to the cafe, because they had nothing to do.

Kosuke asked Borudosu to read the menu for him he ordered a tangerine custard pie, since Borudosu didn’t like sweets he ordered a ham sandwich and coffee.

Before the dishes arrived Kosuke asked Borudosu to read the menu again in order to learn the words.

After he memorized the most of the menu, the waiter came with the dishes.

On a plump pie there was the sweet custard cream and marmalade as orange slices.

After picking it up to bit it, a liqueur aroma went into his nostrils.

After eating and drinking his fill Kosuke found Viare walking in, so he rose his hand.


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