Hi everyone,

While at break I went online I got a sad information which can be read here with the chinese translation site´s down I wont be able to translate anymore. If there is someone who is interested in this series and want to translate this series for the Japanese Version please contact me.


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9 Responses to Announcement

  1. No!!!! 😭

    To think it actually happened 😩

    Thanks for all the work until now.

    This is why centralization of information is a bad practice. A single party’s decision can cause so much damage. So I say, BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP, and more BACKUP. Redundancy is king!


  2. This news made me die a little on the inside.


  3. orihalium says:

    but does a google archive still exist for these sites or are they gone too?


  4. Hajiko says:

    sadly there is no such a thing for it


  5. MMZX says:

    That sucks…… really really sucks…. Thanks for all the work you’ve done.


  6. vtkun says:

    saved this site in bookmark, to read after i finished the other things i was reading, but when i got the time i discover that there will be no more translations T-T is this some kind of karma ? did i make something wrong last year ?


  7. chocodon13 says:

    Aww.. It’s been late, but, I don’t want to end it like this.. May I know the raw source of this LN?


  8. chocodon13 says:

    Japanese raw is fine with me, or rather, I can’t read chinese..


  9. Hajiko says:

    Here WebnovelLink if you want to read the light novel please contact me viva mail (look under Contact)


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