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Monkoto's Translations

Hi everyone, it’s Monk again!

I added a “Current Progress” in so you can see how far into the translation I am. I’ll have it updated every 24-36 hours (Banzai~ Ch9 is 90% translated already)

Also, to those that privately messaged me about adding the illustrations, besides the cover for the purpose of informing I would like to avoid putting them in the chapter releases.

The reasons:

  1. The Web Novel and the Light Novel have some story and character design differences. Syncing the illustrations to the Web Novel is a bit awkward due to that.
  2. The LN is an official publication, in other words it’s copyrighted so without receiving written permission from the individual or group that currently own the rights I will not willingly post up the illustrations.
  3. I will petition for permission only if the demand for it is great, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

I apologize in…

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