Ryuugoroshi Ch18 is OUT!

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In less than 9 hours its translated, edited and released! Oh my, I’m amazing aren’t I? (Praise me please ;-;)

Well, this one was a bit shorter so I managed to get it done today!

Also, this chapter was filled with.. a bunch of weird names, terminologies and phrases that I did my best to translate and rephrase into “Simple English” for your reading pleasures.

And there’s a BIG surprise in this chapter too! And a few innuendos, weirdness, and a few more of my TL notes~

I’ll be sleeping now, g’nite~~~

Chapter 18


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  1. Kensei Seraph says:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Sleep well.


  2. menimine says:

    Thanks for the chappy
    Truly amazing ;’p


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