Ryuugoroshi Ch21 is OUT! + Small rant

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Good evening readers!

Chapter 21 is released earlier for you guys! Why? Because you guys are awesome ❤

NOTE: I changed “Flow” –> “Nagare” and the cover for Vol 3 below as well. That be Nagare, your busty onee-san!

Also, I have encountered a few grievances in the past week so I prepared the rant below the cover illustration. Read it if you want, ignore it if you want! I just wanted to vent~


Ryuugoroshi Ch21


Vol3 cover

Rant rant rant~

So I’ve noticed quite a few people reviewing the novel in a negative light. That’s fine, your opinions are valid since nothing in this world is equally appreciated. In fact, I welcome criticisms as it gives me different perspectives that allows myself to review my understanding of the novels I’ve read.


  1. I do not appreciate blatant misinformation due to one’s own ignorance. To assume the authors’ intent…

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