Ryuugoroshi Ch23 is OUT!! And a CHANGE!

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Fun fact! I’m sick and it sucks ;-;

Don’t care for the change? Fine, fine here’s your chapter you addicts! Enjoy~

Ryuugoroshi Ch 23

Anyways, I’m sorry for the suppperrr late release guys. Things are settled now and I can regularly update. In fact, I plan on doing something more regular so you guys aren’t constantly prowling the website =D

So this is what I have planned (pending):

  1. Release day will be once a week, that way I can just shove a huge bulk into your face!
  2. This lets me consolidate the chapters neatly and spot errors more accurately with thorough editing.
  3. Minimum chapter per week is 2 unless otherwise stated.
  4. The day I will release will be Sunday night, a bit before midnight.

I’ll trial this for a week or two and see how it goes~

Also, as for a secondary project, I became sort of enthralled with…

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