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Good afternoon to all who may be concerned,

I would like to state that this is not Monk, but a good friend of his. Monk has been overworked recently and collapsed due to exhaustion while driving. This lead to him smashing into a parked truck and was hospitalized on August 5th. He’s been in a coma until August 27th and was recently allowed to have visitors outside of his immediate family. He wishes to convey his apologies to you, his readers, about his sudden absence and asked me to give you all a message:

Hiyo everyone!

So.. shit really hit the fans for me XD

I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel any pain during the accident, but I have to say the rehabilitation crew are unparalleled in causing me pain. So, my bad guys.. I definitely should have been more careful with my own body, but the little (but loud)…

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