Ryuugoroshi Ch26 is OUT!! + Me blabbing

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I’m not dead guys! HONEST! Normally, I would put up the link before ranting but this is something I would like you all to read.

Good news: I’ll be picking up Manuke FPS (If no upset crops up, like someone else taking it), however, I will not be doing so immediately. As I stated a long, long time ago, I intend to finish RnS as it is my first primary translation work. Also, I’m still hospitalized so it’s a bit difficult to do both.

Bad news: Originally, I should have been discharged around mid-November. Unfortunately, I may be stuck here for a bit longer, but it shouldn’t extend into December. Therefore, my translation speed will be ‘meh’, around one chapter a week, if lucky two.

The following is a rant so you can read or ignore, up to you!


Ryuugoroshi Ch 26 (2 more chapters and it’s halfway done!)

Rant: I…

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