About me

Hello I´m Hajiko

about what I will do here is translating chinese to english (mostly chinese version of  Japanese Light Novels) .  And my translation speed is not that fast since I´m just a beginner also though that fact the translation could be not that great.

P.S.: No suggestion of Novels which already got licensed or got an DMCA notice from its publisher,  please.

P.P.S.: only suggest a Novel which you know the link to the Chinese Raw


10 Responses to About me

  1. Victor DoUrden says:

    thanks for what you do translate


  2. Thanks for your work


  3. mateenarif says:

    Are you still translating strike the blood. Please translate it.


  4. Hajiko says:

    sry but it was already licensed by yen press


  5. mateenarif says:

    Can you do itsuka tenma no kuro usagi translation. Please if possible.


  6. Hajiko says:

    If you look at Baka Tsuki then you will see “This project has been removed in response to a DMCA notice from its publisher, Kadokawa.” And I dont want anything to do with that


  7. mateenarif says:

    Sorry for saying this but it is only dmca not licensed,I can’t say that others ar translating because you don’t want this mess but still in secret with translation progress and after that post for downloading for one week and then remove. I have a request that if you can’t do that, can you translate campione vol 19 and others are saying that vol 29 is the last so can you translate it with above mentioned way ( I know it is dmca) but its last two volumes so that why I am asking,I hope you do translate. If you can’t do that then its okay. I am putting some request if in future you consider for project so please try to take a look at them and if possible try to translate them.Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai,Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!,hagure yuusha no Aesthetica,boku wa tomdahi ga sukunai (last vol),Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de,Zero no tsukuima. Some animes which were good adapted from novels I don’t they are much popular but still I’m putting in request which are Akikan, katanagatri and Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls. I Know the list list is bigger and If you can ask somebody then it will be good but Thanks. Please consider these series.


  8. Hajiko says:

    I can see that you truly wish to read those novels so I´m suggesting that you make a Novel Pickup Request on the Novelupdates Forum.
    That way there is a bigger chance that there is a translator which will Pick those Novels up.

    As for me If you know a site which has the chinese translation of those novels I can at least check them out and if I like them I will perhaps try to translate them.


  9. mateenarif says:

    Thanks for the advice and I’ll try to check out chinese translation for them and then ask you.


  10. Hajiko says:

    before I forget if you create a Novel Pickup Request at Novelupdates follow those rules (tagging) (Request rule)


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