Chapter 5 A Side Effect of the Dragonslayer Title

TL: Hajiko

Editor: Xant , KL

It had been two days since he learned magic.

In this period, Kosuke also learned other magics.

His ability to memorize things was better now compared to the past, so he absorbed the information quickly.

Though he really only learned simple magic.

Alice had sent the letter to the Kosuberu family on a rainy day.

They should be sending an investigation team to the mountains within the next few days to search for the dragon’s corpse.

Kosuke’s current objective was to learn interpretation magic until he could use it with ease, as well as the other simple magics.

He was studying healing and basic household magics.

Alice and Horun oversaw his learning. In the beginning, he felt that the magic for making a fried egg was really boring, but he eventually recognized the importance of that magic and began learning earnestly.

The magic in question didn’t require any fire, one just needed to prepare a dish with eggs on it.

This was important for people who were adventuring or who were in trouble.

Horun was teaching him healing magic since it’s her forte.

Alice had decided to teach him the household magics mainly to have someone else split the workload with her.

The only way to learn all of this was to go slowly and methodically.

Alice had the impression that Kosuke had never cooked before, that’s why she had taught him the fried egg magic.  (ED: University life 101, eggs all day)

Kosuke actually had some knowledge of how to cook, he just needed a recipe to follow.

He could make satisfactory dishes at most.

The actual preparation for cooking wasn’t complicated.

Since the correction effect of his «Dragonslayer» title was in effect, as long as he practiced he would rapidly become better.

“This time I’ll teach you magic for washing cloth.”

“Oh, okay.”

Kosuke followed Alice to the courtyard.

Next to them was a basket with clothes and a washtub.

Kosuke noticed the lack of a cleaning agent.

Could it be they never developed one?

Or that they didn’t need it?

He still wasn’t clear about that.

Horun was sitting next to the window, listening to the sounds coming from outside while reading a book.

“First put the water into the washtub followed by the clothes.”

Kosuke put the clothes, socks and underwear into the basin.


“Is something wrong?”

“Why is your underwear mixed in? Please separate them!” (TL: Is that not something that a girl should say Kosuke?)(ED: U wot m8)

Clearly seeing the female underwear, Kosuke couldn’t help but blush in shame.

“No need to freak out, at my age there’s nothing to be shy about.”

“What are you talking about? You look like you’re 20 years old.”

“I’m 70 years old this year.” (TL: What!! O.O)(ED: …)

Kosuke stared at Alice.

Her skin’s natural elasticity and glossy sheen, body stature, and her hair, no matter how you sliced it she looked around 20 years old.

Even when she was being stared at from head to toe, she never went a shade of red.

It seems she really didn’t have a sense of shame anymore.

“It’s because I’m from a race that lives a long time.”

“That’s really something you’d only hear about in another world…ok, I understand your mentality on this matter. Even so, why is Horun’s underwear mixed in here with mine as well?”

“Mine? I didn’t know you were washing today. Besides, I don’t know how to wash the clothes myself so I don’t complain if someone else does it for me. However, having my underwear stared at is a bit…”

Horun’s cheeks became slightly crimson as she looked away.

“I’ll be careful,” answered Kosuke before he regained his composure and faced Alice.

“You ready then? All right, let’s continue. Chant the spell 『Squash squash get washed』, point your finger at the clothes and basin, and rotate the finger clockwise. It requires about 13 times the MP that Light magic does.” (TL: Will call illumination magic now Light magic)(ED: ohgod that chant)

“『Squash squash get washed』.” (ED: LOL)

Following Alice’s command, Kosuke used the washing magic.

The clothes in the basin floated into the air and stopped about 50 centimeters above the ground and began to spin.

The spinning direction changed from clockwise to counterclockwise, and the clothes were compressed into a ball.

In the eyes of Kosuke, this scene felt just like a magic version of a washing machine.

“If there’s any stubborn dirt or stains, just use soil release or decontamination magic.”

“How does that one go?”

“You just point straight at the laundry and cast 『Dirt be gone』. It requires about 8 times the MP of Light magic.”

Kosuke tried to use this magic.

A ray of smoke got mixed into the ball of water.

“Now we wait until it stops rotating. It takes about 30 minutes. The rotation speed will slowly decrease and the water will return into the basin.”

“So there’s 30 minutes of free time? What should I do? Also, do I need to stare at it while it’s rotating?”

“Don’t worry.”

“It still feels very troublesome. I thought that it would all get cleaned immediately.”

“That kind of magic does exist, but it doesn’t work well with lots of laundry.”

“So there really is a convenient magic like that.”

As Kosuke turned around and started to return to the house, he noticed a shadow belonging to a person hiding at the corner of the house.

The owner of the shadow stepped out into view.

He has short blue hair and black eyes, and his face gave off an honest air.

He was about 1.8m tall. (ED: such measurements from just a glance, Kosuke plz tell us his 3 sizes too)

He looked older than Kosuke, about the same age as Horun.

He wore iron armor on his upper body, black leather pants, and had a large battle axe on his back. (ED: Kosuke his shoes tho I need to know)

After the man saw Kosuke he was shocked.

“Elder sister brought a man home? And he looks like a young one no older than 15! I thought sister didn’t have any interest in younger men.”

“Quit the nonsense! 『Fire Ball』!”

Alice exposed her palm and shot out ten flames no larger than 1cm in size.

Kosuke had yet to see any magic used offensively since coming to this world, and the first instance of it was used as punishment.

“Hot, hot!”

The man was rolling on the ground, trying to avoid being burned.

“Miss Alice, do you know that man?”

“He is Yudi, though his name is actually Borudosu. Why did you come here?”

Alice crossed her arms and coldly stared at the man lying on the ground.

“I, I came to visit you, elder sister.”

The man’s face was warped in slight pain as he got up from the ground, clearly those burns hurt.

The cold gaze he was receiving gave no relief to those burns.

“Also, shouldn’t you have calmed down by now?”

“Calmed down? Why?”

“Because Horun…”

“What about me?”

Horun had come to the courtyard to heal the burns on Borudosu, but she couldn’t contain her curiosity at hearing her name spoken.

“Ah, long time no see. I was worried about elder sister since she got depressed when Horun was chosen as the sacrifice.”

Borudosu hadn’t realized who the girl in the courtyard was. (TL: Well it’s natural, right?)

“She is alive and well, why would I be depressed?”

“What are you spouting? Are you hallucinating out of loneliness?”

Borudosu seems really worried about his elder sister.

His eyes gave the feeling of pity and compassion. Horun felt like she was being played.

Alice looked at Borudosu with a twitching mouth.

“Didn’t she die? Then who is that  person standing next to you?”

”Next to me?”

Borudosu looked toward the empty side, Alice pointed to Horun indicating him that he turned to the wrong side.

“Horun… you are Horun right? Horun Horun……”

Borudosu repeatedly said Horun´s name.

Soon, he got to a conclusion and got white ash in his face, he moved back a step from Horun side.

“G… G… G… G… G… G… Ghost!”

Alice merciless hit Borudosu´s head.

Alice strength is D, she is even stronger than a usual hooligan.

Borudosu´s endurance are at C, so he didn’t suffer any injury.

But instead Alice who hit him got hurt her hand.

After letting Horun treating the burn, Borudosu finally accepted the fact that she is still alive, and smiled to cover his embarrassment.

“Aye – sorry. sorry. Hahahaha, I didn’t thought that you were still alive! Hahahaha indeed gratifying!”

Perhaps his heart was still a bit shaken, his eyes were not focused.

“Noisy. What are you laughing for, if you have to say something then just say it!”

“Mu, I´m sorry, I mistakenly thought that you were dead!”

“I don’t mind it. Even I didn’t expect that I would survive.”

“That’s right, why are you still alive? Oh no, I´m not blaming you for surviving. Could it be that you managed to escape? But it didn’t seems like the Black Dragon came out to destroy.”

Borudosu hadn’t thought about the possibility that the Black Dragon is dead.

Which was the normal reaction.

“Even if I say it you may not believe it, the Black Dragon had been killed by that kid. According to his statement it was an accident.”

After being patted at his head by Alice, Kousuke bowed to the stunned Borudosu.

“Dragonslayer? Come again- this is a joke, right?”

As Alice expected, Borudosu didn’t believe it. His expression was as if saying, even if it there was a big chance, this boy who doesn’t even looks like 15 years old couldn’t have killed the dragon.

So not even the fact that Horun was still alive, but even Kousuke´s identity card as an evidence, were all brought out.

“Wow – there is really the Title “Dragonslayer” written on it. Even with this obvious evidence I still can’t believe it, this kind of situation is still the first time for me.”

Borudosu let out a silent laughter.

Probably it was because he was too shocked, and couldn’t express the normal reaction of being surprised.

“Even if you don’t believe it, fact is fact. I have already personally confirmed the corpse of the dragon.”

Alice´s testimony was the crucial blow, Borudosu accepted the fact of the birth of the Dragonslayer and the death of the Dragon.

“About the appearance of the Dragonslayer don’t leak it, ok? If it came out it will only be troublesome. Let everyone think that it died out of illness or age.”

“Although it is hard to believe that the dragon was killed, but it is also hard to believe that the Dragon died of illness or age.”

Borudosu has personally seen the Black Dragon.

The impression of that time, couldn’t let him believe that such a thing like death will also occur to that Black Dragon.

The strength of the Black Dragon was that strong that one could be only impressed.

In addition to Borudosu, there are many who are like him and wouldn’t believe that the Dragon is dead.

No matter how it died, most of the people can’t believe it which is normal.

After Alice urged Kousuke to introduce himself after she said that unbelievable thing.

“Hello, I´m Watase Kousuke. Right now I’m living with Miss Alice and Horun.”

“I´m Borudosu. I´m mo… mh… elder sister’s brother. Thank you for saving Horun.”

At the moment when he addressed Alice as his mother Borudosu was started at, and he quickly corrected himself.

Kousuke wanted to ask him why he changed it, but taking into account that the opposite might want to hid it he gave up that idea.

“Watase Kousuke in this area I haven’t heard of a name with that kind of pronunciation.”

“Ah, Watase is my surname, Kousuke is my name. You can call me Kousuke.”

“Ok, Kousuke. Is it ok addressing you like that? Incidentally I don’t have a surname. You don’t need to be courteous when you´re talking with me. A boy who still hasn’t grown mature shouldn’t act like an adult.”

“… At which age one does consider as an adult?”

Asked Kousuke since he was sure that Borudosu judged his age wrong.

“You don’t know? You consider as one when you’re 18 years old.”

“I certainly am not of age, but I´m 18 in one year.”

“Really? I thought that you’re about 13 years old.”

“The age you guessed, is even lower than what Miss Alice and Horun guessed.”

But actually guessing it wrong up to 5 years is still too low, Kousuke couldn’t help but to say it.

“It is because you look like a midget.”

“Compared to you, almost everyone is a midget.”

Although Kousuke´s height is lesser than the average, so the impression would be indeed a bit short, but taking Borudosu to compare is too unfair.

It just let one to think even shorter.

Alice’s height is a bit above average, nearly the same as Kousuke.

Horun is between the fourth to the shortest but she is only a bit shorter than Kousuke.

“Sorry, sorry. I´m only apologizing today.”

“You should blame yourself for having such a bigmouth.”

“That’s right.”

Borudosu let out a bitter smile after Alice said that, he stopped smiling, and revealed a puzzled expression.

“Anyway how did he killed that dragon?” Alice told him everything what happened after Kousuke came to this world.

After half of it was told, Kousuke noticed that the laundry finished washing, but Alice said they will continue after she is done, so he went to find Horun to chat in order to pass on time.

Horun these days seemed to be reading books about medicine and pharmacy.

Horun pointed out, that after her life was saved, she wanted to enjoy what interested her.

Just when Kousuke wanted to ask Horun a question about herbs, Alice and Borudosu´s conversation ended.

“This is really unbelievable.”

After finish listening to Alice, Borudosu made such a reaction. At the beginning he had a look of astonishment, and then it slowly turned into one of being loss.

“Not only being a Dragonslayer, but also from another world? Does it mean Mitalamu cares for you?” “Mitalamu?”

Kosuke asked Horun about that unknown word.

“She is the goddess of chances and inevitability.”

At this time, in Kousuke´s mind the a voice resounded 『The Goddess Mitalamu is watching over you』. “Whoa!”

Kousuke who was surprised by the sudden voice looked around, the remaining three asked curiously about what happened.

In the past, there were animes with similar themes, while Kousuke thought that he told what he heard to the trio.

“You probably got a new Title.”

“There is such a possibility. Take out your card and look.”

Kousuke obedient took out the card and the Title emerged on it.

Below the Title Dragonslayer is one line more.

In words which Kousuke can’t read 『The Goddess Mitalamu is watching over you』.”

“Indeed, there is one more.”

“You got another one.”

“So you really received a blessing.”

“The reason why I was brought to this world…does it have something to do with this Goddess?”

This was how receiving a title felt like. Kosuke was amazed by the progression of events and was wondering if he was summoned by Mitalamu.

In fact, he had heard the same voice resounding in his head when he collided with the dragon, but since he was unconscious at the time he wouldn’t remember.

Alice shook her head and denied Kosuke’s question.

“Mitalamu is only a middle-class Goddess, so she doesn’t have the ability to interfere with other worlds. By the way, even high-class Gods do not have that kind of ability. The only possibility would be the God of the World. However, beyond his creation of this world, I haven’t heard of anything else that he’s done. You came here by sheer chance, therefore Mitalamu will pay special attention to you. Perhaps you caused something outside of her control and caught her interest.”

“I feel like a circus animal. Anyhow, what kind of effect does this title have?”

“For that, we need to take out the measuring device to check it.”

Kosuke requested that the laundry be finished before they check his title.

He couldn’t just let the laundry just sit there and ignore it.

The next step would be to dehydrate it. After taking the laundry from the tub and placing it into the basket, one needed to cast the magic.

The weather was nice today so only half of the water was taken out by magic. Hanging the clothes to let them air dry would get the rest.

The degree of dehydration was determined by the amount of time the magic was active.

A complete dry took about 10 seconds, half dry took 5 seconds.

Since there was also anti-wrinkle magic, there was no need for concern on that front.

Sadly there was no magic to hang the laundry, so the four of them quickly hung up the clothes and went into the house.

Kosuke looked at the hanging clothes being embraced by the sunlight with a satisfied expression on his face, and walked into the house.

After checking with the device, they discovered that the title didn’t give any special powers or attributes.

It seems like it’s only a notice that the Gods are watching him.

“Having said that, you can enter the domain of God now.”

“The domain of Gods is a place that forbids humans, isn’t it?”

“Mm. That’s right. Only a few who have a title with the name of a God are allowed to enter. In that domain, there are previous herbs, minerals, and rare creatures. If you can bring them back, you’ll be able to live a pretty luxurious life. Although getting to the domain is a tall order.”

“The domains of God can only be found in places that are extremely hard to reach.”

Borudosu knows the location of 4 domains, but they are all located in dangerous places.

The nearest one was at a place called the Pillar of the Abyss, located in the eastern part of the continent.

It’s called that due to the bottomless abyss of darkness. It looks like it was created by a huge pillar stabbing into the ground.

One can collect rare insects, minerals, and moss there.

All of the items from that place are priceless due to the special location.

“There is also nobody would would willingly go there. Even in the Adventurer’s Guild there are only a few requests regarding that.”

“That’s because it wouldn’t be useful to request it. Nobody would take it. Those kinds of requests are for adventurers with excess ability.”

Adventurers with enough strength can enter the domain, but they number very few. Therefore any request regarding the domain of God have a severe lack of qualified adventurers.

In addition to those, there are also domains of the Evil God.

In those domains, there are sealed Gods who could cause irreparable harm to the world and also have a lack of valuable objects. It’s really not a place people go out of their way to visit.

After the washing with magic and discussion about the domains of God, the four of them decided to have an early lunch.

Today it was Kosuke’s turn to make lunch.

With experience from his world, he knows he only has to follow his memory step by step to make food. There was no need to fear failure.

After checking his available ingredients he decided to make croquette.

Since there was still some bread and soup left over he decided to serve those as well.

Kosuke had also learned how to cut ingredients with magic, so it was easier to make the food.

Taking advantage of the time Kosuke needed to cook, Borudosu reported the information he had gathered to Alice and Horun.

For example; A martial arts tournament was to be held in half a year, the north was still at war, there were rumors of high quality weaponry in an underground maze, and a criminal organization somewhere had been eliminated. Borudosu had all kinds of news and it was all taken in by Kosuke.

Kosuke placed the meals on the table and the trio stopped chatting. After praying they took their forks.

“I haven’t seen such a dish before,” said Borudosu while piercing a croquette with his fork.

“This should be a dish from Kosuke’s world. What’s the name of it?”


“As long as it’s tasty, anything is ok-…mh, it is really delicious.”

Borudosu started shoveling his portion away while Kosuke, Alice, and Horun discussed how to make the croquettes.

After the chatted up to how tempura was made, Horun stopped him in fear that the dishes would go cold.

As they wrapped up lunch and the dishes were cleaned up, the four of them started to chat.

“Kosuke and Borudosu should have a mock battle later.”

“No problem.”


Borudosu nodded while Kosuke looked confused.

“Wh…why must we suddenly have a mock battle?”

“Because I want to see the fighting ability of a «Dragonslayer».”

“I haven’t even had experience in fighting, let alone a brawl with others!”

Couple with Borudosu’s clear physical advantage, Kosuke’s knees went weak.

“Since that’s the case, you should take this chance to get some experience. Our world is much more perilous compared to yours. At least with some practice under your belt you won’t panic when you finally face trouble.”

This world even has dragons, and other monsters that pose a threat to the lives and property of humans.

Kosuke could not argue that this place was not nearly as safe as Earth.

It seems like it’s inevitable that he would need to learn self-defense tactics, but being asked to suddenly fight was a little much for him.

“I didn’t mean that you had to kill each other. An unarmed battle is more than enough. I’ll stop it before something happens, you don’t need to worry about being hurt too much.”

Seeing Kosuke faltering, Alice tried to encourage him.

Horun was also supportive of the mock battle, she even volunteered to do the post-battle healing.

Since it’s being done as a precaution, Kosuke gave up and accepted seeing no other way out of it.

Even so, his expression was hazy.

Once again, they went to the courtyard but away from the laundry, to prevent it from getting dirty again.

Kosuke imitated Borudosu who was warming up.

Judging that they had done enough warm up stretches, Alice stood between the two of them.

“We’ll start in a moment.”

Hearing Alice voice, they turned around and faced each other.

“Before we start, Borudosu.”


“You should first switch your title to «Berserker».”

From hearing that title, one could feel chills.

What was with that?

Kosuke let out a confused expression.

“That’s not really…switching to that title is not a good idea.”

Perhaps he wasn’t in agreement, but Borudosu had quite a resistant attitude to the idea.

“What are you saying? Your opponent’s title is «Dragonslayer». If you don’t strengthen your defense, then you will be hurt when it could have been avoided.”

“But if I switch to that title I will definitely go out of control.”

“Then either I or Kosuke will stop you.”

“You have to stop me, ok?”

Borudosu emphasized that over and over to Alice.

“I don’t want my house destroyed, of course I’ll stop you.”


Borudosu looked up into the air.

This is probably the state one goes into when changing their title.

“The title «Berserker» sounds very terrifying. Is it really ok for him to equip that title?”

“Rest assured. You and I will certainly stop him. Did you finish switching yet? Battle start!”

As Alice announced that, she went back to Horun’s side.

She prepared some magic that could be released at any time and began to earnestly watch the battle.

She was serious and unwilling to miss a single move from Kosuke. This mock battle was under intense scrutiny.

“First, a few light blows.”

After saying that, Borudosu approached Kosuke from the front with a straight fist.

Although he had said light blows, these fists were much faster than a ruffian’s.


Kosuke cried out, barely able to dodge to his right.

Even though Borudosu’s movements could be easily read, fear is hard to overcome.

“Here comes the next punch.”

Seeing Kosuke dodge one attack after another, Borudosu increased the speed thinking it wouldn’t be a problem.

After he confirmed Kosuke had dodged his jab, he followed up with a straight right.

That punch grazed Kosuke’s cheek.

His fist grazed Kosuke’s ear, and in the instant that his attention was drawn to that side, Borudosu followed up with a kick from the lower left.

With a loud noise it impacted Kosuke.

“It hurts…wait what?”

Kosuke felt a light vibration but no pain.

Borudosu followed up with a low kick from his left leg.

This time it was dodged by jumping. Borudosu set his left foot down and used it as a pivot for a roundhouse kick. His low kick was a facade to hide his forward movement.

The kick was barely dodged by Kosuke as it brushed past his clothes.

Feints and endless attacks streamed from Borudosu.

The gap between hits and misses were miniscule. You couldn’t tell which attacks were feints and which weren’t.

Borudosu’s movements were extraordinary, the relentless assault either resulted in near hits or grazed Kosuke.

After a short period, Borudosu stopped fighting.

“Why do you only dodge? Can’t you counter?”

Borudosu stopped intentionally to incite an attack from Kosuke.

He also tried to provoke a reaction with a ‘Come on’ movement.

It may have been the provocation, it may have been because he saw a chance, but Kosuke finally threw out a punch.

In Borudosu’s eyes, the punch and preparation for it resulted in a failing grade.

He held out his right hand in order to block the first.

The sloppy punch impacted his outstretched hand.

Borudosu though for sure he could catch the fist, but he didn’t expect the impact to break through his defense.

His chest and right hand were hit directly. He was pushed by the impact and stumbled back a few steps.

He was somewhat surprised but still let out a small smile. He was admiring the power of a «Dragonslayer».

Borudosu’s attitude changed after receiving the punch.

He started releasing an aura out of his body.
(TL: Aura in this case something like Qi in chinese story, can also be the aura of a killer a bloody aura)

Although Kosuke was scared by the aura and shrunk back, Borudosu started his assault anew and ignored Kosuke’s reaction. Kosuke could barely endure it.

Borudosu’s eyes lacked rationality, only the thirst for battle emerged.

His aura also emitted an intent to kill.

Becoming the target of such bloodthirst was a first for Kosuke, he felt a strong chill hit him.

“His breathing changed! It’s like he has a cold aura around him!”

“Now it really starts, be careful!”

“Really starts?”

Alice wasn’t lying.

Borudosu’s movements did not show mercy.

Kosuke stared at Borudosu, his body was somehow able to resist Borudosu’s aura. The mental pressure on the other hand was too much for him.

But realizing his opponent didn’t have any intention to stop, Kosuke concentrated in order to observe Borudosu’s movements, making preparations to dodge.

Borudosu closed the distance between them in a speed that Horun couldn’t perceive. He used every part of his body to attack; his knees, elbows, shoulders, everything. No feints, every attack was thrown to defeat Kosuke.


“Woah, that was dangerous!”

Kosuke rapidly dodged.

Although at first he was grazed by the attacks, Kosuke slowly increased his successful dodge rate and Borudosu eventually became unable to hit him.

Just like how Borudosu had changed his attitude earlier, Kosuke was forced to do the same in the heat of battle.

Regarding physical ability, Kosuke is better than Borudosu.

As long as he was focusing on dodging, Borudosu’s movements were laid bare in front of him.

Kosuke couldn’t dodge by prediction due to his lack of experience.

Borudosu was becoming more violent due to his «Beserker» title, causing his attacks to become disorganized. Kosuke was taking advantage of his dynamic vision to dodge attacks with ease.

After 10 minutes, Kosuke could avoid any attack from Borudosu.

His movements reflected his growth. Earlier he was making big movements to dodge, but now he was doing the absolute minimum to avoid Borudosu.


“What is it?”

He still had the energy to answer Alice’s question.

“You can give him a good punch.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem, but…are you sure?”

“He has to lose consciousness otherwise he won’t stop in that state. Even if he gets some bruises, Horun can just heal him up. Don’t hesitate.”

“I’m not sure I can knock him out though.”

Kosuke knew his strength was great, but he didn’t know exactly how strong he was. He didn’t know if he had to hold back.”

“If you can’t do it, I will.”

Kosuke waited for an attack.

The opportunity came quickly, Borudosu’s movements were big and unwieldy and he lost his balance.


Kosuke took advantage of the time it took Borudosu to stand up and slapped at his stomach.

He used a slap since an inexperienced fighter could easily hurt their fist with a punch.

Borudosu’s body bent and flew 5 meters away, crashing to the ground.

Everyone was shocked speechless.

It was the first time any of them had seen a human fly like that.

“…This is…”

Borudosu seemed to be unconscious, he was laying on the ground and wasn’t moving.

“…is Borudosu alright?”

Kosuke said with a stiff expression while pointing at Borudosu.

Alice and Horun woke up upon hearing that.

Horun quickly went to Borudosu to check his wounds.

“Horun, how is he?”

“I can heal him, but the injury is more serious than we imagined.”

After Horun´s affirmation, Alice relaxed her serious expression.

“What is the state of his injuries?”

“His ribs, sternum and spine cracked. His abdominal muscles are also injured. His Internal Organs are also injured, but the injury is not severe. To be safe we should prepare something easy to digestible for dinner for him.”

“It’s my fault that I order Kosuke to attack him.”

“… I’m the one who attacked him, I´m also at fault. This power is just too terrifying.”

Kosuke`s voice was trembling.

Kosuke’s heart was heavy as well his knees were trembling right now.

Although he didn’t had the intention to kill, but the fact that he nearly taken the life of someone made him fear it in his heart.

Kosuke himself was being hit by Borudosu several times, but was unharmed.

Who would have thought that there was an overwhelming gap of strength.

“If you can maintain that attitude, then there is no need to fear that in the future you would misuse your power for violence.”

Alice’s words also implied that she “hopes that he can do it”.

“… there is no need to mention using violence, I already hesitate if I should use this power or not.”

“A hesitating attitude will let you in an unexpected situation that you won’t be able to act against it. You need to get used to this power, will it be beneficial or harmful will depend on how you use it. Don’t use it for wrong things, don’t get controlled by your own desire, and don’t let your power get over your head. You just need to follow those points, then it should be able to peacefully coexist with you, ok?”

“Just like weapons? Weapons have no feelings, good or evil it depends on how it is used. In the past I have heard such a phrase.”

“That’s just like that. I will continue to guide you on how to use your power. How you use it, you need to think about it yourself Kosuke.”

Alice picked up Borudosu which received treatment and moved into the house.

Seeing the small framed Alice carrying the big built Borudosu looked strange, but her strength was at D, so even carrying Borudosu wasn’t hard for her.

An hour later, Borudosu woke up.

Thanks to Horun´s treatment, his stomach only hurts now but it´s not that bad.

With an unsightly face he had a pondering expression, he thought for a while but still didn’t know why, then he looked up looking at Kosuke and Alice.

“In the end who stopped me?”

He asked Kosuke and Alice.

“Do you not remember?”

“As soon as I go berserk I lose my memory of it. So who stopped me?”

“I was the one that did it. I heavily hit your stomach.”

“Ah, so that’s why my stomach hurts.”

Borudosu suddenly nodded and rubbed his stomach.

“I’m sorry.”

“There is no need to apologize. I was already prepared to be hurt.”

Replied Borudosu smiling while waving lightly his hand to Kosuke.

“I also need to apologize.”

“Elder Sister too…?”

Seeing Alice apologizing, Borudosu was shocked.

“Your stomach is hurting is because I told Kosuke that there is no need to hold back and attack. I didn’t thought that his power was that strong. Fortunately, we let you use that title to strengthen your body.”

“Even elder sister has a bitter face while apologizing, then the injury which I got were that serious?”

Borudosu asked Horun who saved him.

“Your ribs and spine are cracked, your abdominal muscle and internal organs are injured. If we allow your body naturally recover, it would take 3 weeks till you can eat normally. After suffering such a serious injury, most people would already have died.”

After learning how serious the injuries which he suffered were, Borudosu couldn’t laugh anymore.

And he could understand why those two seriously apologize.

Borudosu´s constitution after strengthen are C+ at strength and C at endurance.

Even if it was for work, it was rare that he would get hurt while in the state of having that title active.

“A Dragonslayer really can’t be taken lightly.”

“How do you feel after actually fighting one?”

Borudosu tapped his forehead with his finger trying to remember.

“In my impression it was unbalanced. While his fighting style was a mess, but his power was terrifying. So even if he can´t predict the attacks of his opponent´s movement, he can still dodge with his eyes. Being tricked by feints is because he still lacks combat experience. As soon as he learns how to fight, I think he will be at between the top warriors in a blink of an eye.”

“That’s because his basic qualities are good. Borudosu, you should teach him how to fight.”

“I’m good with it, but I can´t stay too long, ok? If I don’t complete my requests, I will become poor….”

(TL: Chinese translation says that he would die of being too poor)

“It won’t take you much time. When he learned magic, he absorbed it quickly. You only need to teach him the basics, there is no need to worry about it later.”

“Anyway he just needs to find a way to land a punch then it is enough. Wait a moment I will need to first teach him how to hold a sword.”

Borudosu believes, that if a physical attack is used at a lower grade monster, Kosuke has the ability to one-shot kill it.

After determining that the talk of those two ended, Kosuke asked a question which was on his mind.

“What was that change with you while the battle?”

“You mean that? That is caused by the talent Fury. The effect is enhancing the strength and endurance by one rank and indiscriminating attacking. After suffering a certain degree of attack one will return to normal.”

“But Alice said that I needed to knock you unconscious, in order to stop it, right?”

“That’s because of the title. The title Berserker will enhance the effect of Fury. Strength and Endurance will also go up a Rank. In contrast, only suffering a bit of damage will not return one to normal.”

“Your title is really difficult.”

Borudosu nodded in approval to Kousuke.

He also thinks that his talent and title are not easy to use.

“So I usually use the title Survivor. Survivor can enhance strength and accelerate the speed of healing one’s wound. It was quite troublesome to get that title. But I’m still suffering from that blow.”

A title can be changed, but a talent cannot.

The Talent Fury will grow even more difficult, but one can learn how to control it.

So the training which Borudosu does is still lacking.

“So there are titles and talents which brings negative effects to the holders.”

“The number of them are not that big.”

After they were done talking Kosuke and Borudosu went outside, while Alice and Horun stayed in the house and passed the time.

Borudosu used an ax to cut nearby branches, then he removed the twigs and trimmed them to about the same length of a sword, he gave it to Kosuke.

Then after Alice gave the order, he began to teach the grip posture first and some sword postures, and told Kosuke to train with it.

While Borudosu watched his exercises, and also correcting where he did wrong.

Before using an ax, the weapon Borudosu used was a sword, so teaching the basics of it isn’t hard for him.

As long as Kosuke learns the sword postures, Borudosu will teach him the next steps.

Before the sun went down, Kosuke learned all the sword postures which were taught by Borudosu correctly.

And Borudosu couldn’t find an error to correct.

After that one only need to practice the posture, seeing that Kosuke´s learning ability is that strong, Borudosu was both surprised and dumbfounded, that he wore a hollow laughter.

No matter what is taught he will learn it quickly, which made Kosuke happy.

While a uncomfortable feeling disappear with every repetition of the sword movement, as if he obtained it gradually by revision, filled with a sense that is similar to as if one can solve every riddle easily such sense of accomplishment, or a sense of fulfillment.

“Today we will stop here. If we continue I will lose my confidence.”

“I´m also scared by my learning ability. The blessing of a Dragonslayer is really is a cheat.”

This is because Kosuke knows that without that the title’s support, he couldn’t learn so fast, and his endurance couldn’t cope up with it, so he knows clearly how exaggerated that effect is.

“That´s right.”

After Kosuke put the stick which should be used tomorrow against the wall he went to wash his hands.

Then he brought the collected dry clothes back to the house and asked Alice for the Anti-Wrinkle magic.

Kosuke is wearing right now are the old clothes from Borudosu.

Borudosu wanted to throw away those old clothes which he couldn’t wear anymore, but Alice kept them all.

Seeing his own old clothes from a decade ago being brought out, Borudosu felt nostalgic.

After the folded cloths were cleared up, Alice started to cook dinner.

Because of Borudosu, she planned to make some dishes which are easy to digest.

After dinner, they quietly spent their peaceful night.

When Borudosu was resting in his bedroom, someone knocked at his door.

The one who opened the door was Horun.

“How do you feel?”

“Ah, Horun? I’m already feeling better.”

“Just to be sure, I will check you again.”

Even if Borudosu felt that there was no serious problem, but he still obediently accepted the checkup, maybe by relying on the diagnosis of a doctor he can find out something abnormal which he couldn’t find himself.

After all he is making money with manual labor, so he’ll need to take care of his body.

Horun moved to a convenient location to examine him, he lifted up his shirt.

After confirming his body with magic that everything is normal, Horun told Borudosu the result.

“Thank you.”

“This is my job.”

After Borudosu set his cloths, he said:

“It´s great that you’re alright. I thought that we could never see each other again.”

“I´m also really happy to be alive. This is all thanks to Kosuke.”

“Your savior who broke your fate of dying? Maybe he is your fated one. Will you not consider to marry him?”

“Ah? I didn’t thought you were a romanticist?”

Being told by Horun or perhaps suddenly feeling embarrassed, Borudosu hide his expression as if he never said anything.

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about. My fated one huh… for me he is my savior.”

Recalling what happened in the last week, Horun knows that she has feeling of thanks and love for Kosuke, but it is not a romantically love.

Seeing the happy Kosuke she feels warm, and she also thinks that his smile is cute.

But that is not the feeling between man and woman, more like family or motherly love.

“I don’t have romantic feeling for him, but I don’t mean that I hate him.”

“After a hero rescue there is a mutual goodwill and then they will fall in love, this kind of situation is common.”

“How should I say it, before we arrived here Kosuke did not only showed his strength, but also his weak side and his behavior appropriate for his age. I’ve seen it all. So I think he is really cute. If I had a younger brother, then when we get along, then it should feel like this, I think.”

“Younger brother? Perhaps you think about him being family too much.”


If in the future Kosuke shows his reliable side, Horun´s feeling might change into love.

Borudosu silently thought about it.



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