Chapter 6 – Journey of Trials

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The next day, Kosuke continued to learn magic, knowledge, and the ways of combat from the trio (Horun, Alice, and Borudosu). This lasted for about a week.

In that week, Kosuke learned the basics of this world which he needs to survive.

Since his ability is strong, coupled with his desire to learn, Kosuke absorbed it like a sponge and memorized all the knowledge he was taught.

Whether it was an attack magic, or one designed for everyday life, it was all learned by Kosuke.

His existing knowledge is also enough to solve problems which he will encounter.

There really isn’t a need to talk about fighting.

His strength can’t be compared to a fledgling adventurer.

According to Borudosu, even if he encountered 30 bandits, Kosuke should be able to beat them while talking and laughing.

Putting it bluntly, Kosuke’s strength is greater than Borudosu.

As Borudosu recalled how much time he spent training in the past, and how all of that could not compare to the strength of Kosuke’s title, he shed a tear.

In fact, Kosuke had gotten used to exchanging blows with Borudosu.

This new, matured Kosuke was just preparing to go on an adventure.

He decided to go to a city and make his living there for a month in order to check the results of his learning.

It was Alice’s order, and she thought that him staying in her small place and learning everything had no meaning to it, so he should experience some things firsthand.

Kosuke also thought that what she said makes sense, so he agreed to it.

He was already curious about the cities in this world.

Of course he still harbored a bit of worry in his heart, but he wasn’t going to allow that to have him be under the care of Alice forever.

From a certain point of view, letting Kosuke live alone is too dangerous. Alice thus arranged Borudosu to live with him.

Alice heard that Borudosu needed to return to the city soon, so she came up with the idea that she should send Kosuke out with him to experience the world.

“Kosuke, are you ready?”

“Even if you ask that, I only need to carry the bag which was prepared and packed by those two.”

Kosuke answered while carrying a loaded backpack.

“That’s true.”

Borudosu smiled wryly.

Kosuke went from his temporary room to the living room.

Alice approached him with a few bags.

“In this bags there’s enough for living expenses for a month, and in this bag is money to buy a sword. If you can earn the same amount as this first bag in a month, then no matter where you are you should be able to support yourself. The money for the sword, see it as my farewell present. Don’t use it for anything else. Be careful not to lose it, ok?”


Kosuke placed the bags safely into his backpack.

This money was lent to him.

Even though Alice wanted it paid back after a month, she wasn’t forcing him to or taking any interest.

Her intention is that Kosuke will see that as a goal in that month and make an effort to achieve it.

This amount of money is like a drop in the ocean for Alice, and the sword could have been given unconditionally. However, she lent this to Kosuke to set a goal for him.

“After that, you can live in the city if you want, but remember to come back and visit us. Do you understand?”

“Understood. Even so, I still think I would like to continue living here. That’s something that won’t change.”

In the eyes of Kosuke, this place is like his home(town).

Perhaps it’s because after coming to this world, this was the only place he could belong.

Naturally, he was also reluctant to give up cohabitation under the same roof as two beautiful women.

“There nothing wrong with it. When you want to come back I won’t turn you away.”

“I will look forward to the stories of your adventure when you come back. You have to be careful about your safety, and make sure you enjoy the world. You can’t follow strangers either, ok? And make sure to not waste money.”

Perhaps it was because she saw Kosuke as her younger brother, Horun was like a guardian and came off as overprotective.

Kosuke was confused by her reaction, but he was still grateful.

“Mh. Anyway I don’t have any clear objectives for this trip, so I can relax and enjoy myself.”

Under the watch of Alice and Horun, Kosuke, who was full of expectation and restlessness, embarked with Borudosu on their journey.

Their destination was the city St. Beira, which was about 3 days away by foot.

Although Kosuke just needed to grab Borudosu and use flying magic and it would take a short time, they decided to move on foot in order to experience how to travel and learn some camping skills.

Although Kosuke had camped and travelled to Alice’s house, he didn’t think it was enough or proper experience.

Even after the two figures disappeared into the forest, Alice and Horun still stared in that direction.

“I don’t know what kind of experience will await him in the city.”

“Presumably all kinds of things. I hope that he won’t suffer or get into a difficult situation.”

“Suffering may also be good for him. Learning early that the world is cruel is not a bad thing.”

What both of them said were because they care about Kosuke.

Those words were mixed with tenderness and affection.

“As long he doesn’t get into some big mess, I can always help him.”

Hearing Alice, Horun showed a faint smile “Oya?”

“Are you worried about him?”

“I don’t know why, but I can’t just ignore him.”

Alice herself was also puzzled by that.

“Don’t think about it too much.”

After muttering so, Alice and Horun went into the house.


The day after the departure.

Because of the help from someone with experience last night, Kosuke had a relaxed night.

He even had the energy to enjoy the night sky, and observe the stars.

However, something happened which forced the relaxed Kosuke tense up.

Kosuke has noticed a monster.

“It seems like there’s something here.”

“What is it, Kosuke?”

When the grass moved, Kosuke confirmed that something was abnormal.

“It seems that something moved over there…?”

“Where? Ah, it seems something is really there.”

Borudosu gazed at the point 20 meters away where Kosuke pointed at, and also noticed something abnormal.

Then something suddenly stood up in the grass and revealed itself. It looked like a monkey.

“That’s a Lutz Monkey.”


“Yes a Monster-Monkey. They are more violent than monkeys and are strong. Mostly considered low-ranked. They normally act in groups, but this one is probably alone because it wants to establish its own group or was driven off because it’s too old.”

Due to being taught at a high level by Alice since a young age, Borudosu’s knowledge of monsters was vast.

Intelligence D is not just for show.

Because Borudosu lacked interest in history and literature, Alice mainly taught him survival skills and practical things. He had very little academic knowledge.

Kosuke has yet to learn how to deal with monsters.

“It should have not noticed us by now. Pretending that we haven’t seen it yet is fine, so do you want to try challenging it Kosuke? Accumulating experience early on is good.”

“Challenge? You want me to fight it?”

Kosuke lifted the wooden stick which was made by Borudosu.

The stick could easily be used to chase off dogs, but would it hold up against a monster?

“That stick will do fine. Just hitting it once should be enough. Figuring out your strength against monsters early on is a good idea, though I guess you can beat it with one hit regardless. Using magic is forbidden, by the way.”

“Mh…beating it with one hit, you mean kill it, right?”

“Thats right, but you don’t need to think too much about it. If the monster is alive it will harm humanity.”

“Even so, my heart is still against it.”

“In order to get over that feeling, you need to get rid of the monkey.”

Borudosu pushed Kosuke, picked up a stone, and threw it at the Lutz Monkey.

The stone tore past the Lutz Monkey.

The monkey finally noticed the two of them, and approached with a ferocious aura.

The Lutz Monkey is covered in bright brown fur, only the head and tail are black. It has sharp fangs and a bigger body than normal monkeys, it’s a dangerous looking appearance.

“The strong rule the weak”, this is the rule of the jungle. This monkey represented that, so its features were justified.

Against stronger enemies one must not try to avoid fighting, but to challenge it with your comrades.

In a situation of battle, only after being forced into a corner this will happen.

In this case, for example, Lutz Monkey could choose escaping, since there is no need to fight.

The reason why it chose to fight the stronger Kosuke, is because Kosuke looked weaker than him.

Even if the opponent is stronger, if he can’t utilize his strength then even the weaker one has a chance to beat him.

The Lutz Monkey know that by instinct. Kosuke and the Lutz Monkeys was set,  the problem was only Kosuke´s soft attitude.

Insisting that Kosuke should fight, Borudosu must also bear responsibility – saying it like that is not right.

After all, he only know Kosuke for a while and knowing his personality in this situation is difficult.

The Lutz Monkey fighting spirit was high.

While Kosuke´s fighting spirit wouldn’t lit.

Kosuke lifted the stick to attack the Lutz Monkey.

The stick hit accurately the Lutz Monkey, thought the stick Kosuke felt the breaking of the collarbone thought the meat.

The stick couldn’t withstand] the impact and broke into two, while the Lutz Monkey died blood soaked.

The blood sprayed at Kosuke cheeks and hands.


Kosuke looked at the motionless Lutz Monkey, and then looked away.

The smell of blood came to his nose, then he suddenly had a feeling of nausea.

Kosuke put his hand before his mouth, fought against the feeling to vomit because of nausea and in order to endure it,  as he muttered sorry.

The reason he feel guilty, is perhaps because the Lutz Monkey originally didn’t do anything to provoke him, there was no need to kill it, just because of that mischievous mentality a life was taken.

In the eyes of Borudosu and the people of this world, such a mentality is no different as hypocrisy, but for Kosuke who grow up in a japanese family it feels like he had done something bad.

Borudosu didn´t understood Kosuke´s mood.

In this world no one would feel bad about killing a monster.

Just like how Kosuke can kill mosquitoes without problems.

Because Monster’s have parts with can be sold for money, so compared to pest it still has a more valuable presence, even so, this world people will still kill.

Since if they show mercy, the one who will be unlucky will be her/himself, so there is no need for hesitation.

“Finished with one blow, just like I thought.”


Kosuke replied to Borudosu with an obviously depressed voice.

“Your mood is really bad.”

“Killing a living being above a certain size with a playful attitude, in the hometown of my world this kind of act will be punished, so I have a feeling like I did something bad.”

“You need to get used to this feeling by yourself.”

“Wanting me to get used to killing? I don’t want to.”

“Getting used to killing is not the only thing, those kind of monster tend to cause harm to human. So there is no need to feel guilt, you also need to get used to this. Betting a monster will be praised, therefore no one will punish you.”

“If.. it was an ugly monster, then maybe I wouldn’t feel cranky.”

Kosuke tried to find an excuse for himself.

“There are those very ugly monsters, but I still can only advise you to get used to it quickly.”

“… when in Rome do as the Romans do. I will give my best.”

After all, both sides have different moral value, if he continue to insist on his own common sense and not adjust, then by living here will only let him be perceived as a freak.

Although Kosuke hope´s that he can return to his world one day, but he doesn’t want to have a painful life before he returns.

So he wants to change his concept/way of thought.

“What does it means?”

“It´s a saying, which means if one follows the local custom, live will be more enjoyable.”

“I see.”

Borudosu who had the impression of hearing a similar proverbial tried hard to remember it, then Kosuke asked how to take care of/dispose the Lutz Monkey.

“What deal with? This guy doesn’t have anything which can be skinned off, ok?”

“I dont mean it like that, I mean leaving it here just like that and not care for it is that ok? Won’t it cause trouble for other who will pass here?”

“So its this question. Letting it like that is also ok. Anyway later there will be wolves, wild dogs or other carnivorous beast  coming and drag off it. If you want you can drag it off to the side of the road.”

Wanting is only wanting, but Kosuke don’t want to touch it and decided to let it on the road.

After they departed from there, Kosuke was curious about “skinning off” what Borudosu said.

“What you said before about skinning off does some monster have body parts which have value?”

“Yes, often there are requests which asks for people to get a certain part of a monster.”

Kosuke remembered a hunting MMORPG game.

Kosuke never played a game where he must go online, but he normally also has interest in video games,  so he occasionally get information about this kind of games.

(I have never thought that I would actually hunt in real life. Life is really constantly changing.)

(TL: Thought of our MC)

Kosuke shook his head, due to an incredible life experience and laughed.

“What is? Having such a hollow laugh.”

“It´s nothing.”

The two of them continued their journey.

Before they arrived at St. Beira, the two of them again encountered a monster.

This time they encountered a Killing Dog a dog kind of monster, under the fluffy fur there were several horns hidden.

And they meet four at once.

(TN: someone a better Idea for the monster name 伐犬)

This time Kosuke also fought them alone. Borudosu said it is a good opportunity to experience combat with enemies.

The use of magic is still prohibited.

As weapon just like the previously broken stick, was a twig which was broke off by Borudosu used as stick.

Kosuke obeyed Borudosu´s suggestions and ended the battle safely.

On his body weren’t any wounds.

Though he was rammed three times, but with his strong body, it doesn’t even itch.

After the battle, Borudosu told him several points which he should change.

That if under the same circumstances, most of the people would have already needed to go to the doctor for sewing a few stitches, Kosuke again understood how extraordinary his body was.

Although he still felt guilty, but compared to when he killed the Lutz Monkey it wasn´t much.

After having the experience of killing, one can feel that the shock for the heart became smaller.

Thinking that if he continue to kill he will get used to it, Kosuke had mixed feeling about that.

This battle also had an unexpected income.

The horns of the Killing Dog doesn’t have a high value, but it still has a commercial value.

The 13 Horn´s which was torn off where putted into Kosuke´s bag.

This small money is not even enough for Borudosu to fill his stomach.

Incidentally, this is enough for one person’s food cost for two days.

Beside the two battles, the journey was peaceful, the two of them arrived early in St. Beira.

This is because the two of them were energetic, so their travel speed didn’t drop. St. Beira´s main road was paved with stones, the rest of the ground was mud, the buildings were made of red bricks and wood as base, the view was western styled.

The Population was about 50 thousand.

This was not like the cities which Kosuke knew, around it there were 3 meters high stone walls which surrendered the city, in order to protect from monster attacks.

The biggest house in this city was western downtown.

This city’s aristocracy lived there.

At the entrance of the city where guards.

Seeing Borudosu, the guards went ahead and greeted him like meeting an old friend.

The eyes of the guard fell on Kosuke, Borudosu explained that he was his friend.

The guard accepted that simple explanation, and showed a welcoming smile to Kosuke.

After Kosuke bowed to them, he went into the city with Borudosu.

“This is St. Beira, which is also my base of operation. Although it cannot be compared to Ricardo in prosperity, but it has a relaxing atmosphere.”

“Does it has any specialties?”

“…there is none. However, cities with specialties are rare, so it’s ordinary.”

“That’s right.”

“Ok, where should we go first… right, let’s first go buy you a sword. This way.”

Under Borudosu´s leadership, Kosuke went to the weapon shop which Borudosu frequently visited.

Before they arrived at their destination, they meet several people who greeted Borudosu.

(TL: Well aren’t you famous)

On the sign which Kosuke couldn’t read, were the words weapon store written on it.

Perhaps they were at work, in the house next to the store one could hear the sound of beating metal.

At the Counter there was a girl who was about 20 years old was writing on paper, who looked up when the sound of customer coming in attracted her attention.

Her blond hair which was bound together in order to do things easier also swayed gently.

Recognizing that the customer is Borudosu the young woman/lady approached them with a bright smile.



“I haven’t seen you these days in the city, where did you go?”

“I went to the house of my elder sister.”

“I see. What do you need today? Does it has to do anything with the young boy behind you?”

“You’re right.”

Borudosu pushed Kosuke who was looking at the store curiously.

“This guy’s name is Watase Kosuke, he is just like my brother now. Today we are here to buy a sword for him. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t that sharp, I want one which is durable. Can you help to pick one which is acceptable in terms of the quality?”

Even if the blade is blunt, as long one put in enough strength one can also cut with it, with this kind of thought, Borudosu also chose durable weapons and not sharp ones.

“Uh. Pleased to meet you.”

“I´m Clarice.  Hello. Can you come over here please?”

Clarice waved to Kosuke.

Kosuke stepped forward obediently.

“Let me see your hand.”

“Both hands?”

“Please show me your dominant hand.”

Clarice carefully checked Kosuke´s outstretched hand.

After touching the palm, she poked his arm to feel his muscles with her index finger.

What can be checked by this action? Was what Kosuke thought.

While Clarice stared at Kosuke´s hand, she spoke:

“You started to use a sword not long ago, right?”

“Can it be seen?”

“Yes. Anyway, I´m also a blacksmith. Over the years I have already seen a lot adventurers, compared to their hands yours is quite tender. You can withdraw your hand now.”

Clarice brought from the store shelves three swords.

“According to your needs, the ones which suits Kosuke in size, will be those three. The prices are also cost-effective.”

“Which one is the heaviest?”

“It’s that one.”

Clarice immediately pointed at the right sword, to Borudosu´s question. Borudosu picked up that sword and handed it to Kosuke.

“Pull it out.”

Kosuke pulled the sword out of its sheath and took a stance.

He didn’t forget what he learned, he keep a very stable posture.

From Kosuke´s expression one could see that he was excited, from holding a sword for the first time.

“Is the weight ok?”

“No problem. It is ultra-light. I think.”

Having that powerful strength, a mere sword is nothing.

So Borudosu choose the heaviest one.

As if intending to strengthen the way of destructiveness.

“I just asked before, but is this kid really a beginner?”

“That’s right. It hasn’t even been a month since he started to practice sword arts. Today should be the first time he is holding a real sword.”

“Yes. Before I had used once a knife, but this is the first time holding a sword.”

(TL: Made a mistake in one of the past chapters since 劈柴刀= cutting knife/ firewood knife I translated it as axe but it seems like more like a knife)

“That’s a bit hard to believe. Such a beautiful posture, is not something an ordinary person can do.”

(TL: Well he is a Dragonslayer so not Ordinary.)

“It is because I learn quite fast.”

“That’s abnormal.”


Seeing Kosuke talking like it has nothing to do with himself, Clarice was puzzled.

“Is this the so-called genius?”


Because there is no way to explain her about the Dragonslayer, when she think it was a genius then it was so.

Anyway being a genius is not much different, thought Borudosu and Kosuke.

After paying the money, the sword became Kosuke’s.

Perhaps she was hoping that Kosuke will become a regular customer in the future, she also presented him a sword belt.

The increase in weight at his waist is not a burden for Kosuke, but it is still unfamiliar.

Although he already desired a sword in the past, but he still couldn’t believe himself that he can practice with a sword now.

“Ok, let´s go.”

“So fast? What about armor?”

“Later we still need to visit the guild and go back to the hotel. We can talk next time about the amour. I don’t have any money anymore.”

After the fight with the dogs Kosuke confirmed that there are no problems even if he doesn’t have any amour.

If one want to fight with higher level monsters, having no armor means
one’s safety is not guaranteed.

Apart from a particular place, one won’t meet a tough monster here.

Only if some unexpected situation occurs then it will be that.

Anyway this kind of situation don’t just occur any few days, so Borudosu decided that buying armor can wait.

“Since you said so, there is no need to worry. But don’t let him do something stupid. He should just be a newbie, right?”

000 (19)

Saying that is because Clarice didn’t knew about Kosuke, but seeing her being worried about the Dragonslayer, Borudosu was speechless.

“Don’t worry he is even stronger than me.”

“You really love to joke. No matter how I look I don’t believe that beansprout can beat you a berserker. In short we will talk about the armor next time. OK, then see you.”

(TL: well it wasn’t literary beansprout but more like small weak built boy, but I just couldn’t help but to write it like that -> D.Gray-man Allen Walker)

“Uh. Then good luck with your smiting.”

“Thank you for the sword belt.”

“You don’t need to thank me. We basically will always give it away for free for new customers.”

Clarice said with an energetic voice “Thanks for your business” to the two.

The two who left the weapon store went to their destination, the guild from which every adventurer would depart from.

Borudosu described how it is organized while they were walking, which wasn’t much different as what Kosuke thought.

For Adventurer, the guild is a place where they can get jobs and information’s.

For others, the guild is a place where they can get their problems solved.

Although there is no restriction about requests for adventurers, however if one doesn’t have the strength to solve it, they will stop them from it.

Sometimes the guild will entrust the request to one who is suited for it.

If such a situation arise the guild will take the initiative to raise the reward.

If one doesn’t have the considerable strength and reputation, the guild will not give out such a request to them.

A large cafe appeared before the two when they were moving. This was the goal from Borudosu, the Adventurer Guild.

This store was originally opened as a Bar, but because the previous owner loathed drunkards, he changed the business.

After Kosuke who was nervous and Borudosu entered the Adventurer Guild, they attracted the attention of everyone but soon they looked away.

Kosuke stepped back because of the pressure which came from their stares.

“Why did everyone turned to look at us?”

“It is because I’m quite famous here. Seeing you at the side of me they felt curious, but after finding out that there is nothing about you to boast, they immediately looked away. I guess that should be it.”

Borudosu guessed completely right.

If the newcomer is someone strong, then their jobs will be reduced.

In other words, it will affect their revenue.

After checking if Kosuke is worth to form a party with, they judged that there is no worth to work with him.

(TL: If they knew about his POWER xD)

Kosukes quality and appearance, didn’t fit together.

No one had the vision to see Kosuke´s true strength, which leaded to that result.

Borudosu brought Kosuke who was nodding to the registration counter.

At the counter there was a 25-year-old woman and a 15 years old girl.

Both of them wore the guild uniform but the girl looked like a newcomer.

The adult female staff had shoulder long dark green hair, black eyes and under it a mole, she is a beauty.

The girl had short cut blond hair, orange-yellow big eyes which are cute.

But Kousuke felt that there was something which destroyed the cuteness of that girl.

The Girl widened her eyes after seeing Kosuke watching her.

Kosuke was puzzled, not understanding why she had such a response.

Therefore, after carefully looking at the face of the girl, Kosuke discovered that the eye color from both eyes aren’t the same.

But having different eyes color´s in a different world could be no big deal, so he didn’t pursue that.

“Welcome back, Mister Borudosu.”

The Adult female bowed.

“Hello. Can you register that boy?”

“Naturally, than please fill out this paper…”


Before the responsible staff finished talking, she was interrupted by the girl.

Borudosu hadn’t seen that girl before, so he guessed that she should be a new staff member.

“What is?”

“Can you leave the work for registration to me?”

“Yes you can, but why so suddenly? Seeing that you’re especially motivated? Forget it. Don’t make a mistake. Sorry for the delay. Because it goes like that, now it will be taken over by her. Since she is still new, she might not be comprehensive enough. If there was something which offered you, please search for me or another staff member.”

“Saying not comprehensive enough and offering, I feel quite worried.”

After listening to Kosuke the staff member smiled first and then accessed:

“Because she is quite a ditz/klutz.”

Seeing that after she came here working she frequently made mistake.

But she shouldn’t be a bad person.

Although the adult staff member said ditz/klutz, but one can not hear out a harsh meaning.

“You still know how it is done?”

“Although I’m not confidence, but I have a memo, so there is no problem.”

The Girl took out a Memo out of her chest pocket.

“Don’t think that if you have a Memo there won’t be a mistake. Normally you need to memorize the method. But as long as it won’t be delayed, I need to look away from it. Since you wanted to take care of it, I will let you take care of it.”


After she stared at the girl she bowed to Kosuke and Borudosu and moved back to her place to handle other works.

“Then I Viare will take care of the registration, ouch.”

She bit her tongue.

Will it really be OK?

Kosuke and Borudosu had a hint of anxiety.

Viare opened teary eyed her memo, confirming the steps.

“Then please fill out your Information on this paper.”

After receiving the paper and charcoal Kosuke who wanted to write with japanese stopped.

“I can’t read and write this language.”


Viare let out a surprised expression.

Kosuke was confused, not knowing why she is making a fuss about it.

Borudosu also knows that not knowing how to read and write is nothing rare, so he didn’t understand why Viare was so surprised.

“Is there a need to be such surprised? Can it be that not knowing how to read and write is a strange thing?”

If that was the case, Alice and Horun would have taught him how to read and write.

Kosuke looked at Borudosu for advice, he shook his head.

“N, no, but I didn’t expect that you couldn’t read and write.”

“That is strange. You shouldn’t know me right? This should be the first time we meet.”

“Thats right, but my Talent told me that you’re a the Dragon–.”

“Thats enough. We know it already.”

Borudosu reacted fast and used his hand to block Viare´s mouth.

If Alice was present she would have praised his decision.

After that Kosuke asked Borudosu about this, he realized that he had such a foreboding, and could react in such a timely manner.

“Keep this matter confidential, ok?”

Borudosu exposed an expression as if he had met a strong monster.

That expression terrified Viare, and she nodded to that with tears in her eyes.

Viare whose mouth was blocked didn’t understand why she was treated like that.

She just wanted to tell him his Title which she saw.

From her past work experience, each guest were happy when she did that, therefore she hasn’t been reprimanded.

For Viare, a resounding Title is a honor, not something which need to be kept secret.

This was the first time she had met someone who doesn’t want his Title be exposed.

“Why”, this word constantly resounded in her mind. Borudosu´s graze where fixed onto Viares eyes, after judging that she didn’t lie he released her.

“Did something happened?”

The staff who was taking care of the documents on the other table inquired.

The other Adventurers also casted their attention to them.

“Nothing, it’s just that this girl was clumsy, so I was shocked.”

“Is that so?”

After saying that she left again.

The other Adventures also looked away.

This was a precious moment which was caused by the confusion.

“Could it be that it nearly came out?”

After understanding the situation Kosuke asked Borudosu.

“Ehm, it seems that this little girl has a talent which let her see the Title of others.”

“Then it’s completely known.”

Anxiety flared up in Kosuke, hiding the Title shouldn’t be that hard.

“It’s faster than I thought. Who knew that in right after arriving in this town we will met someone like that. Later we need to talk with her so that she will keep it a secret.”

Being stared at by Borudosu, Viare let out a soft groan.

Hearing the word Negotiation sounded like a threat to her.

“Let’s talk about this later. We should first finish the registration procedure.”

“I can’t write, so can I trouble you to do it?”

“Yes, thats ok. Uhm… can you tell me your Name please!”

Thinking that a slight mistake may cost her life, Viare talked formally.

She asked something, Kosuke answered.

Hearing a question which doesn´t need to be answered, then Borudosu will immediately interrupt it.

Every time Borudosu interrupted, Weiyales body shuddered fearing she did something wrong.

If she met some sadistic people they would be quite happy.

After the filing of information was finished, Viare printed the mark which means that one has joined the Association on the card and returned it to Kosuke, then she let out a month full of air.

As if she had finished a big project.

“Next, next I will explain how to accept requests.”

“Ah, this can be omitted. I have already explained that to him. You can explain him the part of transferring the request and the rewards.”

“Understood. Then I will explain what is transferring a request. Sometimes one will receive a request which is beyond one’s capacity or is judged as undesirable and is not in the personal areas of expertise. When such a situation arise you need to report it to the guild, we will handle the task of transferring the request. After transferring, one doesn’t have the right to receive a reward anymore.  And one must report everything which you found out about that request. Depending on the situation, sometimes you need to pay a penalty.”

“Do you have any questions about that?”, inquired Viare, after confirming Kosuke´s nodded she continued to explain.

“Next I will explain the rewards. The reward will always be written on the commission. On the Commission the fee of five percent is already deducted. So please don’t come to us yelling if the amount which is written and the amount the requester told you is not the same. But if the difference is more that five percent, than please come to us. In addition, for requests which the guild approached you we won’t charge a single fee. This is also a matter of course.”

(TL: Well 5% is not much, compared to a certain Pokemon Game with about 90% -.-’)

Viare talked up to where her notes were.

“The client will sometimes not tell everything to the Guild, which indicates that the other side is in an awkward situation, so you need to be careful.  Sometimes it can be because they can not pay the right sum of reward, the reward indicates if someone will take the request. If you think it is suspicious you can directly refuse to do it.”

Borudosu supplemented to what Viare said.

“Thats right. If one take a request, adventurer need to take responsibility for it, no matter what happens the Guild will not intervene. Be sure to pay attention to it. With this the Description is over.”

Viare let out an expression like she finally finished something.

“Was this it?”

“Thats right. Next we just need to seal up this girls mouth.”

“Ah! I forgot that…”

Viare was completely concentrated on the job that she forgot the danger.

Then she slowly slide from her chair, with a teary expression.

“When will your work end?”

“In about an hour my work will end.”

“Then we will meet in an hour in the Ouliyasi Cafe. Do you know that place?”

“I´m a regular there.”

Seeing her appearance Kosuke felt sympathy, but in order to safeguard himself she need to keep the secret.

He decided as long as she keep it a secret, he will invite her to eat something.

After they where done will the registration the two of them spent their time outside(streets).

While at it they needed to sell the drops of the Killing Dog.

The one who was in charge of negotiation was Borudosu.

Since Kosuke never had the experience of selling, so Borudosu demonstrated it to him.

On one side there is the merchant who is trying to buy at a low price, on the other side is Borudosu who is trying to sell it at the market price, the result of it was a victory for Borudosu.

As long as one have a good relationship with the merchant, they can avoid the trouble of negotiations, after Borudosu gave the money to Kosuke he told him that.

Even though it’s still 30 minutes till the agreed time, they decided to go to the cafe, because they had nothing to do.

Kosuke asked Borudosu to read the menu for him he ordered a tangerine custard pie, since Borudosu didn’t like sweets he ordered a ham sandwich and coffee.

Before the dishes arrived Kosuke asked Borudosu to read the menu again in order to learn the words.

After he memorized the most of the menu, the waiter came with the dishes.

On a plump pie there was the sweet custard cream and marmelade as orange slices.

After picking it up to bit it, a liqueur aroma went into his nostrils.

After eating and drinking his fill Kosuke found Viare walking in, so he rose his hand.